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God is Not a "religion". Visions from beyond.

Updated on February 9, 2018

Gifted Children

There are "special" gifted children born with enhanced insight, who can give a glimpse of promise for our future.

They hold the key to a better future, if man will only listen and learn from the child.

The essence of "God" is not effectively depicted through the limited interpretations of the thoughts, or mere words, of mankind itself. {d.william}

Defining contents

First we need some definitions to set the premise and perimeters for the discussion and the acknowledgement of a non-atheist who is a believer in a higher realm of existence than this materialistic world of ours without belonging to any organized religious cult, or sect:


the service and worship of God or the supernatural,

a commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance,

a personal set, or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs and practices,

scrupulous conformity,

a cause, a principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.


a person adhering to a religion, especially a religious zealot


excessively, obtrusively or sentimentally religious.


relating to, or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality, or deity; of, related to, or devoted to, fervent or zealous religious beliefs or observances.

Many Gods to choose from

Buddha | Source
light at the end of heavenly tunnel
light at the end of heavenly tunnel

Many paths to follow

In my feeble, and heretofore inadequate, attempts to debunk, demystify and reclassify modern day religions, i have fallen short of my intended conveyances.

I do not mind being labeled as fanatical in my opposition to the modern bastardizations of earthly "religions" , of which, each profess to hold themselves as "the one true" path to salvation, for they are all wrong - each and every one of them.

The Creator is not an institution, or a solitary entity seeking adoration or worship blindly by humans.

In "God" or the "Oneness" there is nothing but the everlasting sense of Love, or an abstract sense of peaceful bliss and belonging that cannot be categorized by mere words.

Only those few mortals that have experienced death and felt that peacefulness and returned can fully understand that concept; and yes, i am one of them, since the age of seven.

There is no abject, or adverse, ablation of individual spirit from the whole as some men would have mankind believe to justify these sadly inadequate attempts to quantify the inexplicable nature of "God", by instilling a fear of everlasting hellfire in the hearts of people.

We all (every single living being - past, present and future) are intrinsically part of the same whole. Every saint and sinner belongs to the essential nature, or constitution (make up) of that Oneness that man chooses to name "God". The 'values' and 'morals' set upon each other are manifestations of the human condition - not the spiritual.

Words, no matter from whence they come, have materialistic human interpretations and limitations. No human, or their respective cults, can interpret the "will of god"; though man certainly does try relentlessly to do so.

Since we are all intrinsic and inextricable parts of the whole, it would be impossible to remove any portion based on man's interpretation of "worthiness" to belong (referring to that notion of sending souls to hell for eternity).

{ to offer a more simplified conceptualization of man's inability to appropriately judge others, one can crudely equate this with a family unit that discovers one family member to be undesirable, based on the familial belief foundation, and disassociate that person from the family}.

While one can turn their backs on a family member without logical reasoning, the family "blood ties" cannot be severed completely.

A modern day prodigy

So in the essence of predicating that if {"God is love" and "God is forgiveness"}; then {"God is definitely NOT materialistic"} must be embraced by all of the spirits that inhabit a physical body, in order to create harmony on this physical planet.

You may disagree as much as you like with this conceptualization of man versus religion, but you cannot discount the reality of the existence of a "God-Child" born of atheistic parents.

Her name is Akiana and she was born in 1994.

A child prodigy that cannot be dismissed as heretic, or anything other than what she gives to the world:

  • a new perspective,
  • a new unbiased vision,
  • a new universal camaraderie,
  • and a renewed hope for humanity.

You must view the link and video following this article to understand and appreciate the esoterically fundamental basis for this article; without doing so, one cannot make consequential or substantial comments on it.

by: d.william 07/08/2012

What a Wonderful World

© 2012 d.william


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    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago


      I used the word assimilation, because I wanted to describe a very real human phenomenon. Many of the world religions, which definately includes the Christian religions, in fact practice assimilation procedures. You already mentioned "indoctrination". The essence of modern christian religions is based on faith, which for them is basically getting the converted souls to adopt the beliefs and doctrines of the church authorities. They will all say, that their beliefs and doctrines are actually not their own, but rather comes straight from the bible. This is partly true. Why? Because in reality, they do not allow independent bible scholarship. You have to go through the christian traditions and authorities. It is only through them, that the bible can be properly understood. So in fact what we can see in modern christianity, is assimilation of souls. To get them to think and conform to the standards of the christian authorities and traditions. In fact you are not really thinking biblically, you are thinking doctrinally. Why? Because the convert must see the bible through the lenses of the christian authorities, and traditions. The protestant traditions in fact have more modern traditions which tend to focus only on protestant teachings from the reformation era, up to CS Lewis.

      One can read the bible and believe and teach it. Yet if the teachings do not conform to the established traditional doctrines, or to the teachings of the christian authorities, you are treated as a heretic, (a false teacher or prophet). For modern christians, this thing is the worse kind of crime. (Its incredible! For some of the religious people, One can murder, commit armed robbery, indulge in sexual immorality, and be forgiven, and be given grace). But if one simply reads the bible and say has evidence that Jesus is not a god, that person has no grace, forgiveness, and is going to hell for all eternity!

      Religion is certainly not logical. I define the phenomenon a pure social tradition. Members of any organized social group, that just conforms and obeys without question, and without thinking. If that is not assimilation, then I do not know what is!

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Please take these comments in the spirit in which they are meant. And they are NOT meant to disrespect you, or your personal beliefs.

      You speak often of "assimilation". This is an odd word with several meanings:

      1. to take in and appropriate as nourishment

      2. absorb into the system

      3. to take into mind and thoroughly comprehend

      4. to make similar

      5. to alter by assimilation

      6. to absorb into the culture of a population, or group

      7. compare, or liken

      We often need to re-evaluate our own personal beliefs and re-assess how, and why, we have formed those beliefs in the first place.

      Beliefs are based on opinions, and opinions are often based on false, or unreliable, or intentionally misleading, information.

      This is what religions do - every last one of them.

      I have great disdain for, and speak often about, the indoctrination processes of ALL 'religious' entities that prey on the minds of young children and force delusional ideas into their heads (minds) without their consent, long before their age of reasoning sets in.

      They "assimilate" these children into their respective belief systems and leave little, or no, choice for these young minds.

      We are not born with our 'ideas', or 'beliefs'; they were given to us in order to assimilate us into whatever our teachers' belief system is, or was.

      As a catch 22, we were also taught that to question those beliefs will surely cause us eternal damnation. So logic, and common sense, is tossed aside for superstition and mysticism out of fear and/or guilt.

      You, yourself, as I, have been assimilated into our belief system as children, and embracing diversity as part of "The Creators" great plan seems like treason according to what we were taught to believe.

      But in order to deprogram one's mind, we must first believe that a benevolent creator would have little interest in restricting our ever expanding minds just to "control" us as individuals.

      We can choose to live our lives in subservience, or take our rightful place as part of the glories of creation in which diversity is an integral, necessary, and key proponent.

      My only goal in life is to help people decided whether to be an integral part of the cosmic evolutionary process, or spend our lives fighting it, in the futile belief, that we can somehow change our destiny to rise to a greater knowledge and a higher intelligence as we were meant to.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      I do not believe in any "devil" (as most of the common people of today's world see it) The word devil, for athiests is like the word santa clause. (In the sence that santa and the devil are both mere idols created by men. And idols are of course not real.) For religious people of the christian religions or islamic religions, the devil is a kind of powerful spirit creature who causes and spreads evil throughout the world.

      I do not believe what the religions believe. I do not believe what the secular governments and athiest rulers believe.

      For me, the word devil has different meanings. For me, the statement: "the devil is the cause of homosexuality" can actually have some basis of reality. Why? Because the devil for me can refer to an evil angel, (in other words for modern secularist peoples: evil propaganda). Or The satan can refer to "evil internal animal inclanations" (for secular folks: a dark and immoral basic instincts of ones own ego)

      However, I have a feeling that we both might agree that old religious terminology should have no place in modern medical practice, phychiatry, phychology, etc.

      I concluded my last letter with: "no force in the universe will ever get me to believe..." I feel I should correct something here. If I see evidence, (eg for the existence of a gay gene), I will become a believer. I just seriously doubt that any gay gene exists that's all.

      Williams, believe it or not, their are many things about religion that I hate, probably as much, or more, than even you do. (example, the assimilation of people, by forcing beliefs upon them). As I said before, I say again, I believe in the rights of different social group nations, to exist. I believe in the rights of "the sodomite" (gay) nations and peoples. I just live under a different kingdom, with different laws. In my kingdom, sodomy is defined as a sin. According to my God, I can not intermarry with "sinners", (be their partners, freinds, make alliances with them, live with them in the same property). I defend my rights to soverignty and freedom from gay sin, just like gays defend their rights to marry, and flurish, etc) I strongly believe that segregation or conservative social policies can in fact be good things for everyone. We are different, so why should we be so social? If a man likes black, and another likes white, they should not each his own!

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your candid personal assessment of the way things are. If only they were that simple. Personally i have not witnessed anyone actually in the act of same sex interactions (physically that is), but when people (both relatives and friends) tell me that they are anything that cannot be seen, who am i to disbelieve what they tell me. So, yes, my accounts are from personal testimonies not any perceived ideas i had of who and what anyone is. I could not have any insightful knowledge of another person's thoughts without them sharing with me on a personal basis. It is like denying that air is real, when we all know that it is necessary for life. Just because we cannot see it does not mean it does not exist.

      Rather than go into the specifics in detail on this venue, i have included another link to an article that i also wrote on this subject.

      It is sort of a rant at people who say dumb things without knowing what they are talking about. Passing judgments on others based on false beliefs and so on. So, if you decide to read it, please do not take it on a personal basis, as it is written from the perspective of a medical person who spent over 40 years taking care of people, both in the psychiatric and other medical venues.

      I can assure you there is no evil involved in any birth anomalies; whether they are physical, emotional, or psychological.

      When asked by people during his readings, Edgar Cayce gave several reasons why people are born gay, and none of them had anything to do with the devil.

      There are kazillions of unusual things in our lives that have no explanations, so we simply assign them to the devil. This is only a cop out for those who think they know everything about everything, but will never admit that they just might be wrong when it comes to things they do not understand.

      It is O.K. for you to maintain what you believe as long as it does not impact on the lives of others. The greatest 'sin' that people commit against each other is to pass judgment and interfere in the life journey of others. Most of us have a difficult enough time managing our own lives without thinking we can manage someone else's.

      My goal is not to change a person's belief system, but to point out how acting upon those beliefs to injure another person is wrong and inappropriate.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Ok I read that article about the gay issue, and how you describe the gay gene that is in your family. I must admit to you the pure truth. For me, this is a very disturbing subject. However, I think it is very important issue: The nature of gayness. You seem to be convinced it is genetic. I hold that it is social and a matter of choice.

      My criticism: What is the proof you have, that these relatives of yours are in fact gay? What made you come to this conclusion? Did they testify or confess this to you? Is that what you think or suspect? Apparently, if the individual is in fact born gay, then their ought to be a sign right? I mean if their is a "gay gene" their ought to be physical evidence of gayness right? What then of the phenotype? As every biologist knows, every genotype (of a gene), has a phenotype. In other words, all genes have external expressions. So I suppose then if their is a gay gene, their must then be a biological characteristic which characterizes every single gay person. So williams, can you explain this then? Example, do all male gays have female voices, because of the gay gene? Do female gays have male facial hairs, (mustaches, beards, etc).

      Williams, you really got me into this subject. I wish to reveal, what I really think, is a major cause of the homosexual phenomenon: (that is besides the things we allready mentioned in our dialogues):

      To make it simple: I believe hell is a major cause. But wait! Before you start saying how much I am ignorant or intolerant......allow me to further explain.

      When you subject human beings to suffering, I am telling you the truth, they adapt and change to their "hellish" situations. For instance, if a man is starved to death, he will get so hungry, that he will kill for food. If man is pushed far enough, they are capable of doing the most outrageous things. What if a man is sexually deprived? or sexually mistreated? These things have huge phychological affects. If a man is put in prison, is subjected to hate, is made to believe he is inferior, that he is scum, that he is gay. That man can loose his morale, and start to believe what his tormentors said about him. I am telling you the truth, if a gay person adopts a child, and that child is made to believe that he or she is gay, that child will very likely in fact identify as being gay. Just as christians can baptize and convert "unbelievers", and give them new christian names, in the same way, can people convert and baptize people as born again gay believers. Picture a gay jesus trying to convert a straight nicodemus. Convincing him that he must be reborn. Obviously my story is pure fictional, my point however, I hope is seen.

      Any person who suffers from a weak mind or from any type of mental illness or fits of insanity, may in fact be the most vulnerable type of person who can be socially engeneered and convert into homosexuality.

      Williams, I do not believe anyone is gay. (as if they can never choose to not to see the same sex as attractive, and switch to like the opposite sex). While it is true that the past can not be erased, the future is not set. People unfortunately are so biased, that they say: once a sinner allways a sinner, he or she will never change". This is such a lie. But social pressure is so strong, that the sinner can in fact come to believe that he can not change. He gives up all hope in changing and accepts what he has allways been doing. I have seen children who where told they where stupid and would never amount to anything, actually grow up being underachievers with low IQ scores. I have seen people who had any type of reputation (say of being a thief), actually take up a lifestyle of stealing. Your beliefs, and societies beliefs make it real.

      I have even heard a few believe that if one is black, or jewish, one has a big nose, and that these people have a natural inferior gay gene, as a "racial" characteristic. You know what, as the nazi's well knew, if you spread these kinds of stereotypes enough, people can in fact start to believe it. The cvictims themselves may start to believe it!

      No williams, no force in this universe will convince me that gayness is a genetic determinism.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for the pleasant, and adult, response. I believe that a part of the essence of our creator is in all of us, we are all equal in the eyes of the creator.

      I can assure you that what i wrote is the truth. However, my brother is not gay, he had 3 children that were born gay.

      We were brought up in the Catholic church, without abuse of any kind, and without being subjected to the spewing of hatred toward others. We knew no gay people in our community (if there were any).

      I wrote a hub chronicling my family tree and the prevalence of the gay "gene" in our family. I am not sure where in our history this was gifted to us, but it has not been a pleasant journey for those who were born "different" in an unforgiving society. The following is a link to an article i wrote in 2010 about this prevalence of homosexuality in my family, and these are factual. Please take the time to read it, and try and understand why i choose to believe that diversity is given to humanity for a reason, and that reason is not of an evil intent.

      I do understand the hatred people have for those who are born different than the average person. My problem with expounding on my disdain for the spreading of that hatred is not with the individual who does the hating but the organizations that brainwash young children into believing that this is a choice that people make.

      These teachings are done out of ignorance, misinformation, and the promise that the religions are actually speaking for the creator - when in fact there is no one man, religion, or government that has ever heard the word, or the voice, of God.

      We must remember that all those in the ancient past that professed that they got their ideas straight from God, can never be verified, and in the off chance that their words might be true, don't you think it odd that God only spoke to certain people for this period of time in our history? We have all been duped into believing that anything that we cannot understand must be the working of the Devil. That too, can not be further from the logical truth.

      I am not trying to make you believe anything that you do not want to believe, but it is important that we recognize the possibility that we might just be wrong after all. I will always err on the side of love, understanding and tolerance rather than on the side of hatred and intolerance that organized religions teach unsuspecting children.

      Every single gay person that i have ever known in my life time all recall that they knew they were different as soon as they were able to discern the differences between being male and female. It is a crushing realization for any child to have to face alone in the dark shadows of their mind and soul, and compounded even more so by the knowledge that the society they are born into hates them and always will for something they had no part in creating. God makes no mistakes. Nature takes care of itself.

      We must never judge another person unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.

      Peace to you too, my friend

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Your story touched me. And I suppose it captured what I meant by: "potential curse".

      I am actually a bit upset at myself, for stooping so low, into the name callings and attacks. My flesh is weak, and the fires of hell at times are near, when my mouth goes out of control.

      As for this story about your brother. (It sounds fantastic, but I shall assume it to be true).

      I still do not believe that one is born gay. I believe one becomes gay. Also, this becoming gay, is actually a long process, and not an instant thing.

      Any number of factors could have contributed to your brothers gayness. Perhaps he hung out with gay freinds who suceeded in converting him. Perhaps he was just influenced by them, and took up their tastes and habits, and "religion" (beliefs and customs). Perhaps, he had some biological phenomenon, as we spoke earlier about, such as hermaphroditism, or hormone imbalances. Perhaps, he grew up near a gay community; or among sexualy active people who practice or support homosexuality..... who knows......their are countless possible explanations. One explanation that for me is irrational and non-sence, is.....a person is born, a determined adict and slave to sexual vice.

      I agree with you, that other peoples prayers are powerless to change others. If people are determined to do things, no force in this universe will stop them. I believe that God gave free will to all. No sorcery or magical prayers will change people's power of choice.

      I will cease to judge any stranger. I never had any intention to interfere in the affairs of other strangers. I just wish to stress, that my interest is in my own life, not in others. As it was written: "why are you concerned with the speck in your brothers eye. First look at the log in your own eye, before looking at the speck in your brothers eye" (not an exact quote from the gospel).

      Anyway, Peace be with you then williams. You shall get no more attacks or name callings from me. Nor shall anyone else. I desire peace not war.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for so graciously conceding to agree to disagree.

      I always enjoy a good discussion and a great conversation, and prefer to have them without judgmental, abusive, unreasonable, unrealistic dialogue, unwarranted accusations and/or name calling.

      I have found that it is much more rewarding to learn how other people think than to try and change their convictions.

      My articles are not meant to attempt the 'assimilation' of others into my beliefs, but to merely offer a different point of view. If your views work for you, and mine work for me, then we will both be all the better for it.

      I truly believe that God makes no mistakes, only people do, and we all must learn to adapt and change our attitudes towards others in order to create a more peaceful society.

      You mentioned " might bring a potential curse". To share a brief story with you - i have a brother that was totally obnoxious about how disgusting and sinful homosexuality was to the point of him making people avoid him altogether. My last comment to him was: I pray to God that you never have any gay children. After he married, his first born was gay, and he threw that child out of his house to fend for himself. After shunning the first born, he had 8 more children - of which, one boy and one girl was born homosexual. I would never have wished that upon him, or anyone else, for no one in their right minds would choose a lifestyle that is doomed to be filled with hatred, torment, societal ostracism, emotional isolation, inner turmoil, constant psychological pain and anguish that lasts their entire lives.

      And no amount of prayer can cure what you are born to be.

      Even though we have not spoken for over 40 years i still feel great pity for him for what he did do his children. The first born made a great life for himself and his life's partner, the second committed suicide, and the third joined the army to get away from him, and she turned out to be the one that finally made my brother realize how wrong he had been in his false beliefs about what he perceived God's intentions are for each of us.

      The pain that we cause to others because of those false teachings is upon each of us, for we will not be judged on what we are born to be, but rather the harm we do to other people when we judge them unjustly because we think we know what God's intentions are for everyone else.

      Good luck to you and God Bless.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      To clarify my official beliefs: I believe in equality. I do not see myself above others.. But you know what? You may be right about one thing. I sometimes do have a bad habit of damning others who do not share my beliefs. Perhaps I still carry some repugnant old religious traditions of intolerance. Anyway, let us then end this dialogue as you wish.

      In the future, I think I will avoid even mentioning gay politics. I do not even want to mention these things. Who knows, it may bring a potential curse.


      To you your religion and beliefs, and to me my own.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      You are a sad and confused individual. Perhaps some psychological counseling would benefit you and your disjointed beliefs. You speak of all the things that you believe "I" hate, and yet you know nothing about me, or anyone else outside your small circle of like minded obsessive personalities. I am as much a part of God as you are, but the difference is that when God speaks to me, it is with intelligent thoughts that I can comprehend. If you received the insight that i do, i doubt that you could understand their meanings since you have such a closed and narrow minded point of view.

      It sure is going to be crowded when we all pass over and every single one of us will be sitting at the right hand of God with you all alone sitting on the left with your judgmental thoughts being only in your own mind.

      Your beliefs are meaningless, and quite useless, in the world of reality. We cannot live our lives in superstition, supernatural fantasies, and fairy tale make believe, as though it was truth.

      For truth is different for all of us. God is diversity. I receive my thoughts directly from the universal oneness, and it is my calling to speak of them, so troubled individuals, such as yourself. may have the opportunity to accept that what you have been taught is incorrect, and perhaps give yourself permission to enjoy the rest of your days peace and harmony with the universe.

      You put yourself above others in your sense of pride and superiority, and damn those who dare to defy your beliefs.

      This will be the last communication i will have with you. You are free to believe anything you wish, and so am i. We will meet in the same place after death, and i will expect an apology from you when you find out you have been royally duped in this world.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      I love listening to people like you. I get stronger every time. It is people like you who give me power. My mind is one with God, and he will glorify me above your vain beliefs and philosophies that you impose on the world. It is people like you that actually raise me up by your very attacks against me. So I have no complaints. Your accusations against me, and sins against me, only serve to raise me up into the right hand of my heavenly father.

      Every single arguement you lais out is just a manifestation of your own biased and ignorant mind. Have you ever considered that you should look into your own thoughts and see your own flaws? You are much to concerned about my views. Am I a threat to you? Do you think that my views are being imposed upon you? Come on Williams, wake up and see that you simply can not tolerate people like me, because you hate religious "do gooders". You hate god in reality. You hate religion, you hate tradition. You want modern sexual freedom and hate any puritan who even preaches about chastity and holy matrimony. If it where up to people like you, the whole nation would be overrun by sexual perverts. We would all be naked. Marriage would be done away with. Peoples everywhere would assimilate into homosexuals, prostitutes, bastards born out of wedlock, and may other such immoralities.

      You clearly believe that homosexuality is NOT a sin. Fine. Just do not impose your abominations on anyone else. Go join a gay community. go become a prostitute, do what ever you want. just do not impose your culture on people who are not interested.

      You mention god as if you believe. then you mention a mother nature. then you mention some hindu terminology. You sound like a mixture of an athiest and a polytheistic hindu believer. Fine, I do not care. Just do not impose your abominations on others.

      You accuse me of being obsessed with the lives of others. Would you stop being so dumb. Are you deaf williams? I said many times I DO NOT CARE. (I capitalize not because I raised my voice, but so that my views can get through to your thick head. Stop bearing false wittness against me! I do not care...... I care about my loved ones, I mind my own bussiness. You ought to do the same, and not get involved in the lives of non-homosexuals. Keep to yourself. let the gay communitiy and everyone else also segregate and keep to themselves. Why do you need to inter-marry the nations? Why must hetero sexual people become gay? Why must they live together and intermarry? Why must people give up their old traditions and adopt a newer gay tradition?

      As for my beliefs, of course they come from my mind. However, I believe in God, and he also gives me divine revelations, ideas from heaven that enter into my mind. I do not expect someone like you to be able to understand that. As forr the bible. I see it as a valueable authority. But again, I am not like other religious communities who see the bible as a god to be imposed on the world. The bible is for me, not you. I also see the bible as a human product. I am also not dogmatic. In other words, I am not limited by bible thinking only. I get my wisdom from many other sources. My ultimate source however, is God. (not your gods, my God).

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      I was not going to further indulge your intolerance, but your questions are way too easy to ignore.

      First you must understand that what ever you deem to be 'immoral' is only a manifestation within your own mind. You can not superimpose your beliefs on others simply by saying "it says so in my reference book" (bible).

      Your ''rejection of gay gods and gay religion'' is ludicrous, there is no such things other than in your closed frightened limited mind.

      There are no sins of the flesh (sexual) other than in the minds of people like you who think that every word in your bible is factual. You ranted earlier about "fornicators". This word references the physical love making between man and woman; and sexual pleasures are gifts from our Creator, not to be taken out of context. There can be no physical sins in your heaven, because spirits are set apart from anything physical as known in our material world.

      Homosexuality is NOT a sin, other than in the minds of your brainwashed cultus and others who fear the pleasures of the flesh, because someone who probably was not getting any action some thousands of years ago, said so, to appease their own anguish at missing out of a little nookie in their lives. Probably because they were poorly endowed, or ugly as sin it self, and unable to get any action.

      God makes no mistakes, and cannot hate his own creations.

      In the matters of mother nature taking care of the earth, our populations is expanding out of control, so mother nature (god) has put in this genetic "deviation" to prevent the world from being overrun by bigots and fools who think that anything of the flesh matters to our Creators.

      The "evils" that you perceive to exist in our society are manifestations of the human mind. The only Karma bad enough for universal spiritual retribution are the sins of doing harm to others, and getting in the way of their personal journey on this planet. So take care, my son, for yours are the words that invoke bad karma, and bad cosmic Dharma.

      Gay is not contagious, and people cannot be 'turned' into anything they are not already inside. Those who protest the loudest are most certainly the ones who have the most anguish inside their souls for what they fear they might be.

      Your distraction and obsession regarding the sex lives of others will be your own undoing. We must learn to live our own lives in peace and harmony and let others do the same. We are born to be what we are meant to be, and no amount of religious protesting will ever change that fact.

      I may, or may not, be gay, but i always live my life in accordance with the karmic flow of the universal oneness. I am at peace with myself and with the world around me. We are all God's children, and one is never held in higher esteem than another in the eyes of our creator.

      So, you can believe to be sinful anything that you wish, but those sins are only in your own mind. There has never been a man born that could see the soul of another, and when you judge others by your own standards, you are an affront to the Creator, and you have to only answer for yourself, not for others you think are beneath you.

      Live in peace, my child, and let others do the same. Judge not the hearts of others lest ye be judged as well.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Part 2: I will explain these things, and clear up any missunderstandings:

      Why is my call for freedom from sexual immorality an act of bigotry and hate? Please explain this to me, I do not understand your logic.

      Why is my rejection of gay gods and gay religion wrong? Do you propose to take away the freedoms of any religion or people that believe that sodomy, or acts of homosexuals is a sin? I think you are the intolerant one. You can not stand people who think this way. Must all people think like you then, and love gay acts, or become gay? Explain your logic if you can!

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Allow me to explain then. You are the very one who preached that one should have an open mind! Well then, do not contradict yourself, and have an open mind.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      You are truly amazing.

      ...." I believe that non-gay people have the right to be free from having to be exposed to gay filth".

      If this is not a statement of hatred, and judgmentalism i will never know what is.

      ...."how to defeat your gay religion, and your gay gods."

      And this is certainly not a statement of acceptance, tolerance or love for other human beings.

      ...." I believe non gays have the right to express any feelings of intolerance towards sexual immorality. I am not condoming hate towards gay people! "

      Your thoughts are fragmented, contradictory, and illogical. You call gay people immoral, condone public humiliation and degradation of a part of the population that you have no understanding about at all, and then have the audacity to say you are not condoning hatred toward these people? My writings are not propaganda, they are based on scientific facts, logic, reality and the sense that all men are created equal. Yours are propaganda based on your religious brainwashing.

      I think there is not much point in continuing any conversations with you as you are one of the delusional bigots that will always be filled with hate and disdain for anyone not of your persuasion, what ever that may be.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Your negative portrayal of me shows that it is in fact you who does the judgements, and it is you who is in missunderstandment. It is you who does not know me.

      Let me correct your mistakes about me.

      First, I was not ranting against the gay community. Your attempt to portray me as a villain is laughable. Do you think I hate the gay community? Let me repeat yet again, for the third time. I believe in the right for the gay nation to exist and prosper. I believe that they are people like anyone else, and that they have full freedoms under the law as anyone else. What I am saying, is that no gay person, or in fact any other person defined by the government authorities as a minority with special privliges has the right to assimilitate other people with their ways of life. The crime as I see it, is if gay people impose their ways on non-gay people. I believe that non-gay people have the right to be free from having to be exposed to gay filth. I believe such sexual immorality should be kept in private, and not go into the open public places. I believe non gays have the right to express any feelings of intolerance towards sexual immorality. I am not condoming hate towards gay people! Only against any immorality which they do that offends non gays in full public exposure.

      2) I am not interested in converting anyone! I do not care about the affairs of heathen peoples. You are right about christianity though. They are concerned about world conversion. As for me, and my own flock, we are not interested. We believe in freedom, and the full rights of heathen nations and organizations of peoples to exist. I am all for the right for gay people to exist and form their own communities. I do not believe in empire or in any form of religious empire, such as christianity, which is determined to assimilate all.

      I have no evidence that you are a sinner. And even if I did, I would not care, what you do with your life is your bussiness, not mine.

      I am not calling for help foolish human. I was merely making some dramatic points. I do not think you understood at all. Also, I have no rage against you. I do not even know you! Is it not foolish to get angry at someone you do not even know?

      As for the whole judgement issue. Yes it was disrespectful. I merely began to treat you as you treated me. You judged me as a bigot, full of hate, and many other horrible things. Your painting of me was clearly way off. You do not know me, and you lie. Why? Because you claim that "you judge no-body. Yet you certainly judged me. I will watch your pathetic videos in order that I may criticize your propaganda and get knowledge in how to defeat your gay religion, and your gay gods.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      I am so sad at your outrage against the gay community and your misunderstanding of your 'holy scriptures'. You have much hate in your heart and you are living in a world of supernatural delusions.

      The story of Sodom is grossly incorrect, as well as the mythical story of the tower of Babel; and i, in no way said or implied, that Jesus was gay.

      You are over reacting to what i wrote, and taking it in the wrong context. I can not imagine anyone wanting to "assimilate" you or anyone else into any particular lifestyle as opposed to the religions who are hell bent on converting everyone they meet into their demented little worlds of deception and delusions.

      We can agree to disagree, but your assertions that i live in sin, and you do not, are perfect examples of how religion brainwashes people with their indoctrination of susceptible and gullible children.

      Your fear of being harmed by "sinners" is also a call for help. No-one can be dragged into any lifestyle that they object to.

      You cannot justify your beliefs to anyone by quoting from your government made holy books.

      Here is a short video that will help you understand the delusional ideas of organized religions and how they are truly banes to society, not benefits. Although this video profess atheism, i do not, but the negative concepts are certainly the same in response to how religions brainwash people into a delusional state that lasts throughout their lifetimes.

      Your rage and ranting at me, is inappropriate and uncalled for, and disrespectful to say the least. You have no idea who i am or what i stand for, and yet your have judged me as you assert i am judging you. I do not judge anyone, but it is my duty to enlighten misinformed people who are brainwashed and need help in their personal lives.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      part 2:

      3) You say jesus never showed any hate or hints of hate? You have been brainwashed by the sodomite and government controlled christian media. The christians are mere tools of "babylon", (the pro-fag government and the sodomites and fornicators themselves). But let us look at the evidence for the views of jesus: "...think not that i came to send peace, but rather i came to bring a sword" (Mat. 10.34) Now according to you, jesus was a happy gay person who came to bring a boner into your sodomite bum. Clearly you are wrong.

      4) Accusation against me: I am intolerant, full of hate and bigotry. You are clearly wrong and are using my name in vain. I do not claim to be perfect, as if I where a god, but I am certainly not the criminal you portray me to be. I seek only justice. I desire peace if possible. I wish we could all get along and somehow co-exist. I do not desire the harm of any gay person. I just do not want to be harmed by the sinners, I am for diversity as I said before. Remember the story of babel? The story is not just a stupid fairytale as you believe. Their are great moral lessons. God desires the existence of the nations and to promote freedom and diversity. Assimilation into one kingdom of the christians, as in the middle ages did not last, as we all know. Such tyranny inevitably collapsed, and with good reasons is resisted today.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Very interesting comments.

      However, you really do not know the kind of person I am, since you totally missrepresent me, and accuse me of very horrible things.

      1) Gay people: You portray all gay people as if they are righteous saints who are victims of society and bullies like me. Your heroe gay people you say suffer persecutions like the ancient martyrs once did a very long time ago. That is foolishness. Fact. The province of ontario is being lead by a openly homosexual person. Fact. Gay people have more attention and rights than non gay people. In fact, if a straight person and a gay person was to seek employment, the gay person would get the preference, because the laws favour persons deemed as minorities. Fact, the sex industry generates billions of dollars, and they are dominated by fornicators, most of whom are either bisexual or gay. so the homosexuals today not only have the power over our laws and governments, they also have the money as well. Did you know that if a gay person rapes you, and you defend yourself, you could be charged with a crime? Homosexual culture has even penetrated our schools, and in areas of employment. Children are being brainwashed by the secular government and by athiest or agnostic gaylords like you. I bet many of these people dream of analy assaulting the young virgins, and would love to persuade them to turn over their souls to the gay devil. Pornography is actually encouraged by the pro-gay government, many of them are in fact bisexuals and gay perverts who love to promote all forms of sexuality. (eg government sponcered gay parades). We are living in a new age of the glory of sodom. The sodomites have imposed their culture on the world. They are recruiting more converts into their sodomite lifestyles. Even the christian churches and religions today consist of millions of openly gay evangelists, politicians, preachers, and bible teachers. Like i said before, I do not care what the peoples of this corrupt world do. (I have no say or rights to interfere anyway). But no sodomite, or pro-sodomite like you will ever assimilate me, or make me into a slave of the sinners. My salvation is my primary concern, and also the salvation of my loved ones. You will never send me to work inn hell for a sodomite boss, who will probably sexually molest me. God hates tyrants. they are going to hell, praise the lord.

      2) You say Jesus did not speek about homosexuals! Or that Jesus would never hate! You are an ignorant person. The biblical jesus was not some queer who preached everlasting gay love to the world. Jesus judged millions of souls. Read Matthew 11.20-24 for instance: note these words in particular: "...but I say unto you, that it shall be more tolerable for the land of SODOM in the day of judgement, than for you..." Sodom was an ancient civilization on the dead sea, which was notorious in particular for all kinds of sexual freedoms and immorality, in particular homosexuality. Sodomites, like much of the modern western cultures today, promoted sex in every form that is imaginable. It was an ancient city state devoted to a sex economy, as in our modern sex revolution and industry. Every one knew the story of how God judged the homosexuals with fire and brimstone, and Jesus reminded the people of his day of this fact, many of whom where very likely secret perverted homosexuals without a hint of shame or guilt. They probably thought it normal to anally destroy the asses of little children, and to rape virgins.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for your in depth comments.

      Although i do not believe in the validity of the bible for multiple reasons, i respect your right to your own beliefs.

      The bible was compiled by picking and choosing similar articles, psalms, parables, metaphors, etc.., written many years after Jesus died. These articles were meant to give the impression of one particular dogma that would help the lost people of those days to accept them (those chosen articles) as one holy book written exclusively for mankind (and give the illusion that they were 'inspired' by god); but rather, they were born out of the minds of men with limited knowledge, limited insight, and tainted by their indoctrination into their religions; to have as a guide to living, and in turn scare them enough to keep them in line.

      Over the centuries, and after multiple "corrections" made to those texts to fit the times, those translations were modified to reflect the translators' belief of what the original writings "actually" said, or what they believed they "should" have said.

      You think that gay people actually choose to live lives of physical and mental abuse by government, religions, communities, their peers, and their own families.

      I will never accept that as truth, rational or the least bit logical.

      Here is another article i wrote on the subject, and it is the truth without censoring any of the facts. I can assure you that my family was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church; are good, decent, honest, god fearing, people without any agenda of hatred toward others. They all live wholesome, productive lives and respect what others are born to be. But mostly they are above average intelligence, and understand the religious needs for control over their flocks, but have enough common sense to know that what they preach about hatred is simply out of the realm of logic or rationalization.

      God makes no mistakes, only men can do that.

      Jesus never spoke of homosexuality - whether it was a sin or not, and certainly never said ANY person was an abomination to God the Father.

      There were also many other articles written about the life of Jesus, books on mysticism, the supernatural, and devil worship, that were hidden from view as they conflicted with what the Roman Government wanted their government religion of embrace.

      Jesus was a Gnostic and his beliefs were deemed heresy and banned by the roman government and the roman catholic church.

      Saying you hate the sin and not the sinner, is a cop out for your intolerance, hatred, and bigotry (no insult or disrespect meant to you on a personal basis, but these are learned behaviors and beliefs, they are not innate at birth).

      You can never say you walk in the steps of Jesus while hating anyone or any part of human nature.

      We are lost in our journey to spiritual growth, and stuck in the ancient past of misunderstandings, "lack" of understanding, mistrust, ignorance of physiological makeup, inability to correctly understand human emotional makeup, unfounded guilt and fear of a God that will punish us for being born different that others. ?

      The bible is only the truth to those who want to believe it to be. Our Creator is not vindictive, cruel, filled with hate, or filled with wrath for its creations (humans). Would any decent father hate any of his children? Send them to hell to suffer for eternity? Turn his back on any of his children? Not in MY world, or the Creator of MY world.

      Jesus also never said he was God - all of his references were to the fact that he had the 'holy spirit' of god within him, as do we all. Man put him on a pedestal because they needed that ''saviour'' to "lead them" out of the despair of the rut their lives were in.

      Not much has changed over the past 2,000+ years in the growth of spirituality, when the organized religious leaders live in opulence while the people suffer from starvation, neglect, physical diseases, social dis-eases, and lack of proper medical care, and all the while they continue to preach the hatred toward a significant portion of any society, or the global society.

      When one lives their entire lives strictly within the confines of words written in the ancient past, they are cheating themselves out of their own spiritual growth, for our Creators' intentions was not to stagnate in ancient beliefs, but to evolve in our intellect through learning, and expanding our minds with knowledge of all things.

      The many passages that people quote of Jesus saying that the only path to heaven is through him - those passages were misquoted, misinterpreted, and grossly abused by today's clergy.

      The gist of those passages meant not that Jesus is God, but that the only way to salvation was through a path that includes God as the end results of each or our individual journeys (as Jesus has chosen).

      Billions of people passed through this world, lived lives of goodness, and righteousness, without hate or malice, filled with love and empathy toward others, all never knowing who Jesus was as a person. These wonderful and spiritual people all reside in the afterlife by the sides of the deceased of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Protestants, (all other religions), as well as those of your Christian faith. There is no ONE path of Nirvana. All roads lead there if they are followed with a loving heart, mind and soul.

      The "physical" distractions of mankind, have no bearing on those paths. There is no 'physical' actions that have any importance in, or impact 0n, the spiritual world.

      I am not disrespecting your beliefs in your bible, but what i do disapprove of is trying to justify one's beliefs by quoting from the very words that make them closed minded in the first place.

      We must all open our minds, open our hearts, and bare our souls to the world, as them all being gifts from the Creators that make life on this place bearable, exciting, pleasurable, and equal in the eyes of the spiritual universe.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Part 2:

      1) You state or sugest that you think I am jesus. Do not missrepresent me or bear false wittness against me. I am obviously not some jesus god, and I am obviously not a jesus who has returned. Get the demons out of your head and stop being silly.

      2) You say the bible does not preach hate? Or that it says nothing about homosexuals? You are definately wrong here. The bible teaches that homosexuality is a serious sin plus abomination. The bible also teaches that God will judge all sinners who refuse to repent. God's grace eventually is taken away and replaced with wrath. God gets eventually sick and tired and gives up sinners to the judgement of hell. (I am merely stating the bible's views here) I will not judge any gay person! Is that clear? I am not here to play god!

      3) My role is not to judge any one. I am not here to assimilate anyone into my views. I am not here to persecute gay people. I believe God is God of even the biggest of heathens, and he makes his light shine even on them. My jurisdiction is only in my survival and self defence against the kingdom and presence of the sinners.

      4) I do not believe in any incarnation doctrine.

      5) I do not believe that their is only one way to a one heaven. In other words, I do not believe in any one true religion. I believe that God actually gives grace to all nations and peoples. Even the sodomite nation. God desires free will not assimilation and slavery. I believe that any people, whether religious or not, christian or non-christian, gay or straight, anyone who sins will pay the price eventually. I see judgement as a divine thing, which manifests itself by government authority, or by angelic interventions. Did you know the governor of ontario is in fact a lesbian? Do I hate the person because of this? no. Why? I fear God. I do not mess around with any person, unless they attack me and persecute me. (I believe in the right to self defence).

      6) the bible. I respect your views. If you wish, I will refrain from quoting from the bible, for your sake.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      Williams: sorry I took a while to answer. ...but anway, now that I read your other article, plus this recent letter, I shall respond.

      You clearly believe that being gay is not a choice. You believe it to be a matter of genetic determinism. If I understand your faith correctly, you argue that in the natural world, one can see the phenomenon of hermaphroditism. You then apply this to the case of human beings, which you connect with the whole gay issue.

      While it is true, that their have in fact been documented cases of hermaphroditism in humans. (people with characteristics of both genders), I do not link this with the gay issue.

      Hermaphroditism is indeed biological. But the belief and attitude of gayness is in fact pure social. One chooses to be gay, but is not a determined gay person with out any choice.

      A hermaphrodite can choose to be strictly heterosexual and have surgery to correct their conditions, if they wish to. Just like a man born with 2 heads, or symese twins, can have surgery to help these poor victims of deformity and desease.

      I used the example of murder, merely to illustrate the point that a murderer can not say, that murder is in his genes. Even if a murderer has parents who murdered. Even if the murderer has high hormone levels that promote aggression. The fact of the matter: One chooses to murder. It can be said that one is under powerful influences that push him to murder however. Modern law actually treats murderers who are legally insane as something different that sober murderers.

      I believe that the gay issue is similar in this respect: Their are some who choose to be gay. Others have things such as social pressure, or chemicals that influence their decisions and behaviours that are gay.

      My position to gay people: It has evolved through the ages. I used to hate, but now I do not. (I do hate the sin however, and I will defend myself against all forms of tyranny). Listen williams. I personally do not care if you are gay or what you do. I do not care if the government is gay. But know this. I will never allow sinners to assimilate me. I will never intermarry with any kind of sinful culture. I will resist all gay people who try to assimilate. I will preach death to those who wish to assault me and impose their abominations and evil lifestyles on me. So long as sodomites keep to themselves, all will be well. But I warn all sodomites, who attempt to rape and assimilate non-sodomites. You will go to hell, and God hates you.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Frankly i am surprised at your response to my comments. There is definitely a genetic consideration in homosexual births, just as surely as there are hermaphrodite births. I am from a medical background and can attest to you that being gay is NOT a choice. See my hub:

      You seem to fashion yourself after Jesus, and yet Jesus never spoke about same sex attractions, or hating anyone. This was a judgment made by man against mankind.

      When i speak about hate in respect to religion, i speak of the passages in which there is supposedly written such things as: God speaking about things being an abomination. These are also words of man making judgments against other men.

      When i speak of religions preaching hate, it is in the news almost on a daily basis how preachers continue to promote hatred for the gay community, even being bold enough to state that these people should be killed, and so should those who accept this "life choice".

      Anyone who equates homosexuality with murder, or other atrocities certainly is not preaching anything from the life of Jesus and those teaching attributed to him.

      I realize that anyone's personal beliefs are only valid to those who believe what they do. Just as Christianity is only valid to those who practice that particular cult activity.

      I cannot believe that any man has been, or ever will be, an incarnation of the creator. That kind of belief is only valid to those who choose to believe it. To ridicule, judge, condemn, or punish another human being for not believing as the person judging others, is certainly not an act that would have been condoned by Jesus either.

      Believing that there is only one path to heaven through one human that lived over 2000 years ago is not only illogical, it is unfounded, unreasonable, improbable and irresponsible, to say the least.

      But if people choose to believe those fairytale stories, it is their prerogative, and theirs alone.

      The stories of Sodom and Gomohorra, Samson and Delilah, Moses parting the sea, or Noah and his arc, are merely fairy tales, and it amazes me that people of today still cling to those old mystical, supernatural superstitions.

      The first paragraph of this hub sums up my sentiments regarding any and all writings of, who God is, what God says, and what God wants or thinks; for there is no man who has had contact with God that can interpret its intentions with any kind of certainty at all.

      I do appreciate your sharing your thoughts and beliefs with me, but they do not invalidate mine in any way except in the minds of those who choose to think they do so.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      This is a very fascinating issue for me: hate. You disscuss this also as if from a religious or theological point of view, which surprizes me. I guess I somehow did not picture you like that.

      I understand that their is great evils involved with the spread of hate. I understand that in the not to distant past, hate lead to great atrocities. For example, their was racial hate. Then their was even political hate generated by governments and states. (example the nazi state) They promoted hate, and also spread much misery and sufferring to people who where objects of their own hate.

      But focusing on the bible, and on "truth" (by truth I mean from a philosophical concept. example socrates and his disciple plato saw true philosophy as a quest for truth). What is the truth about hate? Or another way to put it: how does "God" see hate?

      I think the answer is complex. It can be bad, yet it can also be good, it all depends.

      I do not see fornication or homosexuality as a genetical determinism. These actions are mere decisions that humans decide to make. One chooses to be gay, in the same fashion that one may choose to murder. Now I admit, that some people have issues of the mind that is very difficult, and perhaps seem as impossible to deal with. Others get attached to things as a vice (a drug, or alcohol let us say).

      God is concerned with any good thing. But certain things are considered bad and are defined as sin. This is very complex. Let me just put it this way. I believe God allows nations and diversity to exist, even if he defines their lifestyles as sinful. (Just look at the story of babel. It was not good to unify all peoples and nations into one big borg empire) God wants diversity, and plurality. he wants the right for many different nations to exist, and yes even the sodomite nation too. (their was a prophecy in Ezekiel saying Sodom is to be restored). I think God is concerned and deems something an offensive sin, only if one individual or nation, interferes to some degree in the affairs of another. In other words. If sodom imposes its will on another nation which is oppossed to sodomy. This was what happend to lot, and why sodom was destroyed and hated. Before this, the sodomites where allowed to prosper.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. It IS an oxymoron to say God is Love in one breath and then state: God hates gays, fornicators, or anything else the translators want to censure.

      God cannot be a god of love and hate some of his own creations, because other humans do not understand them, their genetics, or their inability to change themselves by saying a prayer.

      This is not only illogical, it is the epitome of ignorance. There is nowhere in the original bibles, that state God hates anything. These are man made emotions and attributes placed on a creator with far greater intelligence than any human that has ever walked this earth .

      I cannot believe for one single second that any God would ever be concerned about the sexual activities of human beings. When God gives the pleasurable experience of sexual activity and man deems it a sin, this diminished the concept of 'god is good'. If God is both good and bad then he certainly does not merit any false admirations by fearful humans just to suck up to his mercy on them in the afterlife.

      The illogical and childish ideas accepted by grown adults is quite disturbing in themselves.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      The concept of truth, is baffling. You used it when stating the words: "their is no true religion which is the saviour of all humanity". I totally agree with these statements.

      Religion is actually connected with tradition. People follow older customs, created by special people from the distant past, who in turn, reformed traditions created by their own pre-decessors.

      I have high respect for the original thinkers who actually also went on to found the reformed or newer traditions of religion.

      I think it is the blind followers of the original founders of religions who produce all the bad things about religion, that many today just love to hate, (and for good reasons too!)

      You know what is ironic? The fact that the guys who created the religious traditions did not see things the way their blind followers see them, many generations afterwards. For instance, the salvation of the authors of the new testament in no way matches the modern notion of salvation as held by christian believers.

      I suppose that we both agree that chaos is no good, and seems to be bad for human civilization. But what are we to make of "god hates"? (which you brought up). Is this justice or tyranny? One can take away the "god" and just focus on the word "hate". Can their be any good to hate? Is their such a thing as righteous hate? Many religious and non religious people see order and goodness in hate. And vice-versa... but this is a very complex issue....

      Anyway, it was a pleasure to read your thoughts and to give my own in responce as well.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for your comments, and my apologies for the delayed response.

      I suppose that i do agree with you in the very basic context that religions may indeed have been founded on concepts that were moral and just for their times. However, that is where the agreement stops. If the first religion was the correct one for all people, there would have been no need to create thousands of others with varying differences to counter the basic beliefs that the new founders disagreed with. So, there is NO true religion that is the savior of all of humanity.

      The major religions (as with all those that followed) were not designed solely on altruistic principles, or even on principles of individualism, fairness, or equality. They were designed to impose the founders' version of morality, and judgmentalism, which in themselves were not entirely wrong.

      Making laws against murder, stealing, abuse of others, etc.., all set a tone for society to be kind to each other. But where the dilemma comes in is when these basic rules were expounded on to include behaviors that have nothing to do with these basics at all, but rather were simply the reflections of the personal beliefs of those puritans that followed in the footsteps of the founders.

      And here we find ourselves in today's world when religious fanatics have interpreted their bibles in their own images of dim wittedness. That being to interpret their bibles to, not simply suggest, but to outright state that "God hates...." whomever they want people to turn against.

      And as far as the universe goes - yes, there is order in that chaos as well. When we try to equate the orderly chaos of the universe to the societal views of an imperfect world of human beings, we fall short in that comparison. We cannot compare the concepts of chaos and order to inanimate objects - that is illogical.

      We also cannot survive in a world that sees life as a contradiction in facts. We can never have an orderly society when we believe that our world is founded on a war between good and evil. This concept in it self is counter intuitive to peace and tranquility.

    • profile image

      John King IV 

      6 years ago

      All I have to say, is that God is great.

      You have such a beautiful mind.

      I think that the greatest religion, would be a religion which has individuality and rational philosophy as its foundations. Ironically many founders of the ancient religions, (such as Judaism, christianity, and Islam), where just such individuals. The followers, and the traditions of the social institutions of religions stink. (example: synagogues, church's, and mosques). But the contents of the philosophies which founded the religions I found to be quite pleasant and intellectually fullfilling. (As I am sure do millions of others).

      Do you see chaos in the universe or order? Or perhaps can it be that their is somehow both order and chaos? Can one describe chaos or order? If their is chaos, then is communication just a bunch of sounds without meanings? Perhaps choice is just a chaotic random thing. Perhaps their is no life. A rock and a rat are really two chaotic things. They can not be the same since this would be order, yet they can not be different since this sounds like a rational statement which must therefore be destroyed in order to have chaos.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

      I was captivated by her, her talent, her wisdom,and her visions of God. I am surprised that she is not more visible in the public eye. It is truly sad that our news stations prefer to publish the negative while this wonderful prodigy is simply ignored.

    • The Green Lady profile image

      The Green Lady 

      6 years ago from Australia

      WOW! I am blown away. Akiane paints like Rembrandt and Holman Hunt the way she captures light... so amazing and beautiful I am in tears.

      She was given a gift and is herself a gift to the world.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree, she is a true prodigy.

      And as you say, all those thousands of religions must have at least an iota of universal truth hidden in them somewhere, but in today's world it is hard to discern exactly what that iota is.

      Most of them seem to preach God's words but act just the opposite.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      6 years ago from England

      Hi, I am so glad you found her! I have been looking for her for ages! I saw her on TV a while ago, and totally forgot her name! what a talent! she is awesome! I believe in a force or God, but as you say, nobody really knows exactly what it is, thats why I respect every religion really because I am sure they all have a bit of truth in them, great hub! thanks!

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your profound comments. Man limits himself (and herself) to their own confined beliefs forced into their brains by a dispassionate religion, biased communities, and misinformed parents.

      Until we learn how to view ourselves as part of a whole and diverse community instead of thinking our own personal and small community is all there is, this apathy and judgmentalism will continue generation after generation.

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Indoctrination and conditioning tends to limit the mind and prevent what is naturally arising like love, kindness, compassion and the like. More often than not lip service just does not cut it. Walking the talk is more useful and illustrates well that knowing and not doing is really not knowing.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading and your comments. It is odd that before i wrote and posted this article, i scanned everywhere in hub pages to see if anyone else had made a hub on this particular person. I could not find any.

      As i stated in the above comment, it amazes me that most people who belong to organized religions cannot see beyond their childhood indoctrinating, and grossly limiting, visions of life, and how little the wonders of love kindness, compassion, tolerance, and sharing actually mean to them in our lifetimes. Greed, and the lust for power and control are far beyond my understanding of just how self serving and hateful our society has become. People preach about how much they believe in God and yet practice anything but god-like behavior toward one another.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading and you kind comments. I felt the exact same way when i viewed her pictures, heard her comments and the video. It sort of made many things clearer to me also. There are so many mysteries in life that people tend to get caught up, and lost, in their respective "religions" without realizing the wonderful experiences beyond those limited and confining views of life on earth and beyond.

      As a child when i witnessed the afterlife with my brief death experience i saw the beauty and wonders of that place we all will go one day, and have never forgotten it. It certainly has taken the fear of death away and gave me a new perspective and respect for my life and the journeys of others as well.

      That single incident i experienced at the age of 7 was probably what motivated me to go into nursing in the first place. I could not think of another profession that would have given me more pleasure and contact with as many people in such a kind and intimate way, as i am sure you certainly understand as well. Peace to you.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for reading and comment. It is obvious you did look at the link and it is also obvious that the commenter before you did not. I appreciate you comments, thanks for stopping by.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Suggesting that Satan could be the source of spiritual enlightenment is rather harsh. If one gave this answer it would have been in a sardonic vein.

      I have been accused of many things but i think equating me with Satan is probably the most amusing of all of them. I promote spiritualism and denounce the facade presented to man by modern day religious businesses who are not in the "business" of promoting God, but rather themselves, and their pocket books, but especially their control over the people.

      These negatives are not confined to Christianity, they are the mainstays of 99.99% of religions on this planet.

      Note: i did not say 100%, because there may be some obscure religion hidden somewhere on this planet that actually unites their congregations in peace, harmony, love and tolerance; without using guilt, fear, hate or judgementalism to do so.

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      I stumbled across Akiana some time back and her work is so...majestic. I enjoyed your article and relate well to what you say. Very well articulated! Thanks

    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 

      6 years ago from South Carolina

      I had never heard of Akiana but followed your link to her website and was absolutely amazed and touched by her art work and story.

      My mother recently passed away and the pure spirituality and innocence of Akiana's art work and poetry was deeply moving and comforting, as if I were meant to "discover" this incredible young woman tonight.

    • Lady Summerset profile image

      Lady Summerset 

      6 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      An very interesting story and an extraordinary child. I followed your link to her pictures and was intriqued! Looking forward to researching more about this young lady.

    • ARSHAD MAJID profile image


      6 years ago

      d.william-- I appreciate your constant efforts and have great respect for your curious mind. It reminds me of how I was so puzzled by the extra-terrestrial powers of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce to predict the future. Both very well recorded and preserved till today. Edgar Cayce infect gave the clue about his remarkable ability. To a question regarding who helps him to know all those unseen things, he replied "may be Satan helps me". Even this is told in Islam that both Satan and God can convey information to humans. If God wants to simplify the way to reach Him-- Satan on the other hand would use deception to misguide us. Such deceptions may come in different forms to suit the requirements of the targeted pray (human). The Satan or Lucifer is no stupid according to Islam and knows best how to deceive us. It was just my opinion with


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