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Valuing The Pigs In Your Life Over Jesus As A Christian

Updated on January 26, 2016

Valuing The Pigs

Mark 5:1-19

The Pigs are a set of dirty animals. They are known for their dirtiness just as the Cheetah is known for speed. Though they could be a source of happiness, income and serve as meat to others, they are still dirty.

In our lives today, there are so many things that represent pigs in our lives. It could be the things we do, say, think, and our reactions. Some of those things are morally right, but spiritually wrong. Because most of these pigs have given us pleasure we find ourselves holding on to them and struggling with God.

What does it mean to value the pigs in your life

You may have heard the saying. You can bath a pig, train a pig, dress a pig in fine clothes but it forever remain a pig. What that means is you should never expect pigs to be clean or neat or presentable. No matter what you do, the moment they have their way, they will want to go back to their normal dirty ways. You can find reasons and logics to back up the pigs in your life with fine points, you can make them attractive and harmless, you even can explain them away or blatantly ignore them, but somehow they will soil your relationship with God

How valuing the pigs in our lives have hindered us

In the above passage, the people were probably happy with what Jesus did, but because they valued their pigs, they asked him to leave. This is Perhaps they thought what if to heal another person he sends another swine into the sea? But is the life of a man greater than that of an animal? No!
Today we would say those people were a stupid bunch, how could they ask Jesus to leave their community; the same Jesus whom many were travelling miles to see so he could touch their lives? You could say ‘I can never do that’. But you do. In our everyday relationship with him there are things the Lord wants us to let go of so he can come in and manifest himself, but we struggle, not because we don’t know we should let go, but because we have found pleasure in the pigs and would rather hold on to them and ask Jesus out. Therefore, God cannot come in to prove himself, because he is a holy God and cannot share your heart with the dirty pigs.

Do you have pigs in your life?

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How you can change

We find that Christians today are limited and cannot manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that’s why they move from church to church, pastor to pastor, searching for what the Holy Spirit would have shown them.
Examine your life today. Do you still hold on to the pigs? Maybe yours is not the big ones like murder, fornication, stealing. But what about the little foxes that spoil the vine, those ones you don’t really pay attention to like gossiping, backbiting, partial obedience to God’s word, not wanting to restitute, a little pride here and there, stubborn, a little exposure of your body (just to look good like others) and so on. Check out the life of King Saul, he only disobeyed partially twice, right? But that was enough to land the crown on another’s head. God cannot share with pigs.
Are you trying to make God dwell with the pigs in your life? If heaven is your goal, then the pigs have to go. The answer is to let go and completely surrender to him and watch him manifest himself.
Don not value the pigs, they are not worth it!

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      A beautiful hub. Very insightful....