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Vastu for Toilet

Updated on August 20, 2015

Toilet is an important unit of a building. This is the place where we fresh ourselves and feel rejuvenated and light. The major problems in Vastu Shastra are caused because of the wrong placement and orientation of toilet like placement of a toilet in Agnikone (Southeast), Ishaan (Northeast) or Brahmsthan (Center of the building.) Apart from overall placement of the toilet, the placement of Sanitary fittings, cosmetics, detergents and washing machine etc are also very important. Following information will give you a fair knowledge about the overall placement and orientation of a toilet according to the principles of Vastu Shastra and help you bring a happy living.

Placement of Toilet According to Vastu


West, West of Northwest and West of Southwest are proper directions for the placement of a toilet in a building.

Placing a toilet in the north-east corner of a house is a severe Vastu defect. The Northeast is a very pious place, owned by lord Shiva and occupied by the Vastu Purush's forehead. The northeast is a point from where electromagnetic energies emanate, and the entire building is imbued by this energy. If a toilet is placed here, it contaminates these energies. Hence, placing a toilet here can cause disastrous health issues, accidents, and problems with progeny as well as unnecessary tensions.

Placing a toilet in the south-east area is also a problem as per Vastu principles. This is because this area is occupied by the Fire element and owned by lord Agnidev. A toilet here also shows disrespect to lord Agnidev. The residents of the building with a toilet in the south-east may have to face unexpected losses, legal issues, taxation problems and electricity related mishaps.

The toilet should also not be placed in the center of the building because lord Brahma resides in this pious location. Moreover, the central area is the point from where gravitational energy emanates, and a bathroom here would infect this positive energy.

The toilet should not be visible while entering a building.

Toilet should not be adjacent to the kitchen or a temple. The negative energies emanating from the toilet will contaminate the sanctity of the kitchen or temple.

Placement of Sanitary Fittings in Toilet according to Vastu

The shower and water taps should be placed on the northern wall. eastern wall is also acceptable.

The first preference for placing the wash basin is east direction, however north is also acceptable.

Commode should be placed along the north-south axis preferably in the northwest or southwest zone of toilet.

Placement of Cosmetics in Toilet according to Vastu


Northwest is a good direction for the placement of beauty products in a toilet. This is because astrologically beauty and beauty related products are attributed to Moon which is the ruling planet of Northwest direction. In the Northwest direction you should place them in such a way that while using them, you use the North direction.

Southeast is also a good Idea for the placement of beauty products in a toilet. This is because astrologically, luxuries, romance and feminism are attributed to Venus which is the ruling planet of Southeast direction. In the Southeast direction you should place them in such a way that while using them, you use the East direction.

Placement of Detergents in Toilet According to Vastu


South is a good direction to keep detergents. This is because detergents are hard chemicals and somehow attributed to fire element. South is the direction of of Mars which is a fiery planet and also the strongest of all planets and can withstand the harsh nature of chemicals.

Southwest is also a good idea to keep detergents in a toilet. This is because this is the direction of Rahu and Ketu who are well known in Astrology for their capability to withstand almost any kind of objects.

Placement of Washing Machine in Toilet According to Vastu


Astrologically, the overall functionality of a washing machine is very interesting. It is an electricity driven item so it is a manifestation of Fire element but at the same time Water is also required to use it, so it is a manifestation of Water element also.

So the best direction is Southwest because this direction is a combination of both South and West. South can withstand the fire element as this is the direction of Mars and meanwhile West can withstand the Water element as the lord of West is Varun Dev, the lord of water bodies. The combined Southwest direction is ruled by Rahu and Ketu who have a very good affinity with machines and almost any kind of material.

Hope this gives you an adequate insight into the subject, however if you have any queries you can post them in the comment box, I will answer them to the best of my knowledge and experience. I wish you a happy living.

© 2015 KRS Rathore


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