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Vedic Astrology Yogas

Updated on March 22, 2010

Yogas caused by Moon

If birth of a native takes place during the day, Moon is placed in own or friendly navamsa and is aspected by Jupiter or



for a night birth, such a Moon is aspected by Venus, then such a native is wealthy and happy..


 Adhi Yogas :

If the sixth, seventh and eighth house from the Moon have  benefic planets situated in them then they form an Adhi yoga..

Adhi yoga can be formed in seven different ways. These are

1. All benefic planets in Sixth from the Moon;

2.All benefics in 7th from the Moon;

3.All benefic planets in 8th from the Moon;

4.All benefic planets in 6th and 7th from the Moon;

5.All benefic planets in 6th and 8th from the Moon;

6.All benefic planets in 7th and 8th fom the Moon

7. and all benefics in 6th, 7th and 8th from the Moon.

These are the seven ways in which Adhi yoga is formed.

Someone who is born in this yoga is destined to be a person of substance, with all kinds of prosperity, happiness and acheivements. Of course the strength of the planets will determine the heights a person will reach.


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