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Venus Enters Her Lover's Sign of Aries

Updated on March 7, 2018
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a passionate astrologer and numerologist, who continues to study and expand her knowledge of astrology with the purpose of educating others.

Venus has just entered the zodiac sign of Aries, where she will reside for the next three weeks. This is home to her lover and Aries ruler Mars! Following her previous transit through Pisces, we can expect a very different disposition from Venus here as the planets take on the energy of the sign they are travelling through. What can we expect from this transit? Aries ruled by Mars, the God of War is fast paced, loves to take charge and lead the way. Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and creativity.. Venus in Aries is very strong, seductive and attractive, and closely pursued by desirable Mars. She is quite the feisty lady who knows what she wants and what she needs to do in order to obtain it! Here with Venus, you will push the boundaries and take on the initiated, action orientated pursuits of the Aries traits. Venus in Aries means the lovers of the zodiac have united! This is a time for igniting the flame of passionate love making, in both sensually (Venus) and sexually (Mars). It is the expression of your true desires in connection with another, be it your lover, partner or special someone as Mercury (the messenger) is travelling with Venus.

“Make love, not war” is the message from these celestial bodies, Venus can be direct and to the point, much like Mercury who can deliver his message straight up, without a thought to tact of his delivery. Venus attracts it and Mars actions it.. They are playful spirits with no time for game-playing! Their energy will cut you free rather than beat around the bush. Venus is the ruling planet to Taurus and Libra, in Aries, her energy emanates confidence and self worth, here she wields the balance between the masculine and feminine energies by being self-sufficient. She will meet up with Uranus in Aries during this transit, expect the unexpected as anything goes within partnerships/relationships with these two celestial energies. If you are in a relationship with another, think outside the box, be spontaneous, have fun and flirt with your partner. If you are single and willing to except love into your life, you could meet someone completely different to what you expect. Be unique and authentic within any of your relationships, allow yourself to be seen in your truest form and set yourself apart from the crowd. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac represents a reset, a new beginning within your personal relationships and new creative projects with the Venus energy.

Venus and Business

This is a favourable time to pursue any creative and entrepreneurial ventures within a new business or hobby. “Just do it!” Is the Aries motto! Venus will make a square (challenge) aspect to Saturn in Capricorn (business) over the next week. Saturn will ask you to thoroughly test and examine any new projects or partnerships that you are working on before proceeding, Saturn is the master commander of one’s own destiny and his teachings include building a strong structural base and foundation, creating great wealth long term. It’s all in the timing with Saturn. While this is a challenging aspect and may slow down your progress, once Venus is in a separating aspect to Saturn, you will thank him for the delay.

Venus will also square (challenge) Pluto in Capricorn, with this aspect you may experience manipulation or power plays within your relationships. I do warn you though, Venus has little tolerance for this behaviour whilst in Aries. This could possibly see partnerships go through love-hate themes as the intensity builds. Recognise where the behaviour is coming from! Is it coming from within you or the other person? Once determined, proceed to work through it. Pluto takes you into the depths of all that is unspoken, taboo and forbidden. Again, as Venus separates from Pluto, you will have gained great insight into something that was buried deep under the surface within a partnership/relationship, allowing for transformation or letting go, either way, growth will be realised and integrated.

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