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VeriChip: A Precursor of 666?

Updated on December 16, 2009

VeriChip and Mondex

It all seems rather harmless and it serves a real purpose-having a small microchip implanted just under your skin that can be scanned for ID or medical record information. The chip called, VeriChip, is just one that has been in use since 2005 or so.

The current new health bill that will pass in some form, has buried in it, a section that will allow the government to use these chips and to implant them into citizens for medical and related reasons. The stakeholders for this part are the manufacturers such as Novartis and VeriChip, two such companies in the bio-med arena.

At this stage, it is harmless and completely voluntary. VeriChip of Delray Beach, Fl., has an even bolder idea: an implanted chip that links to an online database containing all your medical records, credit history and your social security ID. The chip and its database could form the basis of a new national identity database lined to Social Security. About the size of a grain of rice (7mm), the microchip is inserted just under the skin and contains only a unique, 16-digit identifier. The microchip itself does not contain any other data other than this unique electronic ID, nor does it contain any Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking capabilities. And unlike conventional forms of identification, the Health Link cannot be lost, stolen, misplaced, or counterfeited. Novartis wants to produce a microchip implant called “Raisin” that will text your mobile phone when it’s time to take another pill, or monitor your well being.

A few businesses are starting to require some employees to be implanted and a nightclub in Spain actually offers the free implant to patrons to use so they can pay for their drinks simply by scanning the chip, which can only be implanted in your right hand or arm. So, the concept and system already works on a small scale. People with the implant can buy with no cash or credit card, debit card. A simple implant chip is all that is needed and scan deducts the amount owed. Just think, no more cards to lose and no identity theft is possible!

So, the foundation for some sort of wide control is actually in place and parts of this are continually being developed and improved upon. The VeraChip is not the dreaded Antichrist told of in the Book of Revelations, however, it is a tool that can and will be used by an entity of some sort, a government or a world leader that wants world domination. Perhaps some sort of H1N1 virus pandemic, far worse and more deadly is coming. This sort of world event could be used as a pretext, whether deliberately by sinister forces or benignly, to force all citizens to have the chip implanted just under the skin (a very quick process) so health authorities can access records. Maybe once it occurs, then the Antichrist appears, so it is too late.  Maybe a series of bad world events trigger this. Of course, those who refuse to have the chip implanted, may at first, have no hardships but as time passes, the government issues new laws that force compliance of businesses forcing shoppers to get the chip in order to buy things or sell things.

Think of this: What if all gas stations were to force you to use only a debit card. How? simply by refusing to accept cash or credit cards. The rules would be issued at the governmental level and then down to all gas stations. No doubt, you would comply and obtain a debit card, unless you were happy with a bike or walking. You would have no choice but to get it. The same could happen at grocery stores, even if they do not want to at a corporate level because the Federal government would be forcing it on them.


There is a lot of junk info about the Verichip and Mondex super card. Mondex is a physical credit card with a small computer chip (Chase Bank offers their own version free to its customers) on it. The chip can be literally programmed like a regular computer. Similar to a debit card, the smart card, is loaded with an amount of money set by its owner, which uses a PIN to access it via their small docking station, like an Nintendo DS with a keyboard. It only works ( I think) at businesses displaying the Mondex  MasterCard logo. Since you set the limits of the cards value, you will never go into debt using it because overcharges are denied. The big plus this card has over a debit card is that data cannot be stolen from it and if lost, the chip cannot be hacked into, this is NOT the case with a credit or debit card. The downside is that if the card is lost, it is the same as losing the amount in the chip in cash and is NOT refundable. If you lose it, you lose whatever balance remains. The only consolation is that you know your data in the chip is impossible to hack into by a thief. The smart card or Mondex could never be part of the Antichrist scheme. It is physical and can be lost. Period.

The bottom line to all this is simply to watch world events and how they impact you in subtle ways. Don't freak out like others do on the net. When the corporations or government begin to offer a free implant and over time, it becomes not so optional due to tough choices of having or not having, that is the time for faith. If those events begin to happen on a large scale, you know, the Antichrist is laying the ground work, at least per the Book of Revelations, whether the government etc. are fully aware who they are accommodating! (they may not, due to some major event).


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