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Video Evidence For The Vermont Spirit Detective Agency

Updated on March 15, 2011

We're the Private Eye for those who've Died

 I went on my first investigation with the Vermont Spirit Detective Agency in April of 2009. But before I came along they were all ready well established as a paranormal group for the North Eastern Kingdom.

On June 12, 2008, Matt and Gloria our team founders caught their very first EVP at the Rolling Hills Asylum.

In this EVP session you will hear Gloria ask, "Are you hear with us?"

At .18 seconds you will hear a very clear voice respond, "yes."

Farmhouse in Jeffersonville

 In September of 2008, Gloria and Matt were on their way to a client's house in Jeffersonville, Vermont. They thought it would be fun to "document" the trip on the way up in the spirit of Ghost Hunters.

On To the Next

The Weeping is heard around :14 seconds.

Back Inn Time

 In November of the same year the VSDA was invited to do an investigation at Back Inn TIme, in St. Albans. In edition to hearing footsteps and seeing vaporous apparitions, the team caught this EVP of a man weeping in a room where a gentleman had supposedly commited suicide.

Vergennes, Vermont

 In July of 2009 Matt, Brian Halliet, and Larry (The new guy after me) went to a house in Vergennes that was very active. The claims centered around the spirit of a young boy, whom they believe was the source of a lot of activity.

The first video is a K2 session in which Larry asks the boy if he wants Matt to come back upstairs.

Direct response on a K2

Voice Recorder Goes Of

At the end of this next video you'll hear Brian asking the boy if the device with the little red light scares him. The recorder can be seen right in the IR as well as the K2 device.Brian asks the boy to light up the K2 and he'll turn it off, but almost immediately after he asks it, the recorder turns off.

They checked the batteries and everything. The voice recorder was fully functional and when I was reviewing the audio for this investigation I could hear a child's voice, very clearly saying, "I'm scared" right before the red light goes off.

Regretably they did not post this EVP session for me to display here. However this video shows you just how valuable every single piece of your equipment can be on an investigation. Had it not been for the IR camera being focused on the K2 and the recorder this would just be a story.

Watch the red light across the floor from the K2.


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    • NateSean profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Salem, MA

      Yes. VSDA is based out of Burlington. I don't want to give away his name on the hub but I'll PM you the web address.

      Paranormal investigation is a free service, for two reasons:

      1: If you charged money for it only the people who could afford your services would be able to use them. Plus, about 80 percent of all claims of paranormal activity are either false or otherwise explainable and therefore people paying a fee for it would expect certain results.

      2: The idea behind paranormal investigation isn't to make money, it's to help people. Some people are genuinely scared of what they may or may not have in their homes and it's our job as investigators to provide a concrete scientific explanation for what's going on.

    • profile image

      Sue Real 

      8 years ago

      Vewe Scarwe!

      You are all over the place with your stories.

      Is there really such an agency? Can I get a job doing that?

      Sue Real


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