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Virgo Full Moon

Updated on March 6, 2018
Sheryl Willetts profile image

a passionate astrologer and numerologist, who continues to study and expand her knowledge of astrology with the purpose of educating others.

This Virgo full moon is the third consecutive full moon lunation at 11 degrees this year. We entered an 11 numerology year on January 1st! What does this mean to us on the planet? It’s a major shift in the collective consciousness as the number 11 is a master number in numerology. It teaches us about partnership and how two people come together as one in unity. The number two being the lower energy of the 11 represents duality, when we are not living and working together we split of into two polar opposites. Up until now, the consciousness of the collective on the planet have just accepted and dealt with it, for the majority! The minority, the sensitive souls have struggled severely, knowing full well we are here for so much more. Well here it is! The celestial line ups and number codes have said enough and are shifting us now whether we are ready or not. Resisting and living in fear of the change will only cause you more grief. It’s time to drop the past, its done leave it where it belongs, “in the past.” Coming together in unity means forgiveness and acceptance, you set yourself free when you “forgive and accept,” I have a very dear friend of mine to thank for recently teaching me the value of acceptance. Be absolutely present when you are in the company of another. Synchronicity is all around you, are you paying attention?

Virgo and Pisces, duality or unity!

In astrology we always look at the polar opposite signs. The full moon in Virgo also represents its counterpart energy of Pisces. Virgo/Pisces can be viewed as duality or unity depending on your perspective and where you are with your journey. Virgo is a practical, meticulous and grounded, it rules our physical body, health and our day to day activities. Governing the sixth house of work, it likes to be of service to others. With this full moon we are being asked to be fully engaged in the present moment! Take particular notice of how you are feeling (Pisces)? Does your physical body (Virgo) feel tired and need rest? It has been an emotional start to the year with so much lunar energy and the eclipses, so if you need time out, take it! Listen to your body and what it is asking of you.. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself allowing some healing to take place under this full moon. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, who governs our intellect and how we communicate, if you find the self talk in your headspace being quite negative and critical as Virgo can be at times, acknowledge the voice and give yourself permission to self care. Give the inner critic recognition, not permission to run your life, awareness of this enables you to change the neurological pathways to a positive mindset with constructive criticism, working in tandem to integrate the polar opposites. This is not a time to self abuse or self criticize, Virgo/Pisces are healing energies, engage in activities that are healing your mind, body and spirit. Full moons are a great time to learn and release what is no longer serving you. That includes partnerships/relationships.
Chiron in Pisces is the master teacher of service, metaphysics, healing and where our wounds run deep. He is being activated during this full moon along with the stellium of planets transiting in Pisces. Chiron is flushing out pain! This can surface in the physical body due to unhealed negative behavioural patterns or limiting beliefs. If you are caught up in a duality relationship where your needs aren’t being met or you feel you give and don’t receive, perhaps you need to check in with yourself as you have gone against your souls birthright. You don’t need to prove that you are worthy to another, that is an old pattern or mindset on a continual turntable. Set strong boundaries, don’t participate in power plays or tolerate unacceptable behaviour from people who are hard work. Walk away, change your mindset (Mercury) you are worthy and deserve to be loved, abundant and successful in all areas of your life, including partnerships. The veil between Heaven and Earth is much thinner.. Evolution in human consciousness is calling us to change!. There are currently no planets in air signs encouraging us to listen to our intuition and physical body. Move towards the healing energies of Virgo/Pisces and improve your quality of life. What are you waiting for?
Jupiter in Scorpio will trine (harmonious) with Venus in Pisces, this is the most optimistic transit in astrology, a truly beautiful aspect when these two benefic celestial bodies come together. It brings with it love, abundance and harmony, you will feel great, magnetic and attractive, it’s working together with Virgo/Pisces to align you with the healing energies of this full moon.

© 2018 Sheryl Willetts


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    • Amanda-Anderson profile image

      Amanda-Anderson 2 months ago from Marquette, MI

      I am a Virgo and my husband is a Pisces. I look forward to this evolution of spirituality. Thank you for sharing this article :)