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Virgo's 3rd Decan Influence: "Health" (Sep 12th - Sep 22nd)

Updated on September 14, 2014

The Picture of Good Health...

...brought to you by carefully planned marketing and advertising. Buy some stuff today!
...brought to you by carefully planned marketing and advertising. Buy some stuff today! | Source

Health - What It IS, What It ISN'T, and How To HAVE It

Virgo's 3rd Decan Influence (Sept. 12th to Sept. 22nd) is "health", a noun defined as "soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment", and as, "vigor; vitality". When we think of health today, we call to mind vigorous vitality indeed, along with manic energy and the blindingly white teeth pictured in gym ads, diet commercials, and health food store posters. By definition however, health has less to do with how much energy we have, and more to do with how efficiently we use it. Contrary to what advertising tells us, if all this dieting and exercising doesn't extend the time we spend in an easy, relaxed, worry and anxiety-free state, then it is not contributing to our health. Only an accurate assessment of where our uneasiness lies can bring us more ease, free us from "dis-ease", and bring us health, now.

Jot it Down!

Give your distractions a tangible form so you can work on putting them to rest!
Give your distractions a tangible form so you can work on putting them to rest! | Source

What It IS

More than energy, health is ease. To have it, we must use our energy to create it. If we are not at ease, then we are literally dis-eased: irritated, annoyed, sad, anxious, impatient or otherwise uneased. These states of uneasiness keep us from having ease, or health, presently. They do this by distracting us from the ever-present now, which is always here and present and whole and well, with disappointments from the past or worries of the future. And by understanding that these distractions are not taking place now, we come to realize they don't even exist! By keeping our attention on what's here, what's real, what's now, we can more effectively channel our energy towards keeping our minds at ease.

Instead of letting ghosts of memories past or vampires of worrisome futures unwittingly cross our present thoughts, we can consciously notice these distractions. By writing them down as we notice them, we give them tangible form by defining them specifically. Then shining the light of our awareness on these thoughts that have nothing to do with what is happening now, we can see them well enough to work with them, resolve them, and put them to rest. This simple process of writing down our distractions and facing them head-on with the light of our own awareness literally frees it from disease, instantly increasing the amount of ease or health we have right now.

"If you are depressed you are living in the past.

If you are anxious you are living in the future.

If you are at peace you are living in the present."

- Lao Tzu

What It ISN'T

Notice that this self-assessment of our past worries and future anxieties requires only honesty and a little bit of writing - not compulsive exercise or money. We may go to the gym five days a week, and deny ourselves the taste and nourishment of certain foods, but an addictive habit for anything, even diet and exercise, is not a sign of a relaxed, easy mind. Gyms, diets, and supplement stores may convince you their products and services increase your health, but if we've never defined "health" before, then how would we even know?

Vibrant energy and self confidence are only some ingredients for creating health. To have it and sustain it however, we must then use this energy in a way that serves our now more complete picture of what health actually is. To have health, we must direct our energy willfully and wisely to fuel an awareness of the present moment, and rid our awareness of distractions to the contrary.


How To HAVE It!

In America alone, we spend BILLIONS of dollars each year trying to attain this idea in our mind's eye of how health looks, thinks, and feels. But we can increase the health, or ease, we have more efficiently simply by steadying our awareness to the present moment to accurately asses how we look, think, and feel NOW - no money, diet, or membership required. So if your body is up to the task of paying attention to what's happening now, then physically you're strong enough to start putting all that body-sculpting you've worked so hard on to good USE.

It's time to move on to the next step in having health - using our vibrant vital energy to increase our amount of ease in the present moment. When we increase our ease, we increase our health. It's that simple. There's feeling good from the temporary high of a self-induced state, then there's feeling good from the well-being that is born of a relaxed state. The latter more closely resembles our new understanding of health.

To achieve this relaxed, healthy state, we first have to find it. We can use our energy to locate where this state of being is found, here in the present, and in turn grow awareness of our actual, present reality. When we use our energy to pay attention more keenly to what's happening now, we clear distractions that clutter our thoughts with worries and anxieties of events not actually happening - distractions from the ever-present, ever-well now by things not even real.

We in turn grant ourselves the opportunity to begin learning how to use time functionally as a tool for actually improving our health. Our awareness of now helps us find where our uneasiness lies, and if we can find it, we can work with it. As we relax into the present moment, we can begin to see more clearly for ourselves that most of what has us uneasy is not actually happening. As our awareness lights up more of our present moment, and we pay attention to what actually IS, now, we come to find more and more that in this present moment, all is well.

Leo Teaches Light for Use in Virgo

and enhances the lessons of all zodiac decans by dispelling dark shadows and illusions, illuminating more of what is, now.
and enhances the lessons of all zodiac decans by dispelling dark shadows and illusions, illuminating more of what is, now. | Source

So if all is well, what is keeping us from peace now? What is it that has us so uneasy, so diseased, now? We use our energy to take notice of the thoughts crossing our minds trying to distract us from the ever-perfect now. We'll find this thought that has us worried, and that thought that makes us angry or sad. Disappointments that cause anger or grief come from tinged memories of our past. Worry, panic, and anxiety, come from half-thoughts of what we suppose our future might hold. None of these exist now, and as such, none of these exist - only the thoughts about them we carry into now.

There is so much now to explore, why would we burn our vibrant, vital energy to fuel an attention to things not even real? Think of the riches we'd find, the resources we'd discover we have, if we got caught up in an infinite loop of paying attention to things here now! One right after another right after another in a timeless state of consistent appreciation. We decrease our sadness, anger, worry, and anxiety, our dis-eases, by centering our awareness on now - an ever-perfect place of well-being. Health requires our attention on the present.

Now THAT'S Quality Health Care for EVERYONE!

We may not have money for gym memberships or diet plans, but we can all pay attention. The more attention we pay to the present moment, the more we see that all is well, and we begin to relax. The more we relax, the easier life flows, and the more health we have. With our newly refined concept of the essence of "health" as a state of ease, we can relax knowing that having and sustaining health is less about how much energy we have and more about how we choose to spend it.

Spend it well.

Virgo Bearing Wheat

Virgo is the part of the cycle where we focus on  celebrating harvest and the abundances we already have. The Autumnal Equinox reaches us during this 3rd Decan in preparation for Libra's lessons of balance.
Virgo is the part of the cycle where we focus on celebrating harvest and the abundances we already have. The Autumnal Equinox reaches us during this 3rd Decan in preparation for Libra's lessons of balance. | Source


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