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Virgo's 1st Decan Influence: "Discrimination" (Aug 23rd - Sep 1st)

Updated on September 5, 2014

A Word with Heavy Weight

Virgo's first decan influence (about Aug. 23 to Sept. 1st) is "discrimination", a noun defined by as "an act or instance of ... making a distinction." As it pertains to people, discrimination typically refers to intolerance based upon group or class affiliation instead of individual merit. This type of discrimination is typically a prejudice rooted in fear, not based upon shared experiences within our actual reality. As a fear-based motivator, it does not allow for the concept of discrimination to help us function or empower us in any real way. The story of human history is heavy with sad and sickening accounts of the unfair treatment of individuals due to discrimination, and most of us are upset and angry when we learn of the unfathomable violence carried out in the name of prejudice ignorance. With synonyms like, "bigotry, favoritism, hatred, inequity, injustice, intolerance, partiality, prejudice, and unfairness", it's no wonder we take adamant stands not to be affiliated with discrimination. In fact, did not lend one positive substitution for the word "discrimination."

Studying the Pieces

Like a puzzle, each piece we define has its own shape, its own place, its own importance in the whole.
Like a puzzle, each piece we define has its own shape, its own place, its own importance in the whole. | Source

The Unbiased Concept of Discrimination

When applied to everything else, discrimination simply means to distinguish something particularly. By defining one thing apart from everything else, we in a sense call it into existence. Think of "everything that is" as a ball of play dough. If you plunk a piece off, you've defined it as separate from all that is by giving it its own form. Further detailing it with your abilities, tools, time and attention will only add to the form it's taken on here in the present moment. So even though "all is one", you have to distinguish chunks of the all if you want to be able to work with them. In this way, conscious discrimination enables us to be functional and capable when interacting with our reality.

And to be functional and capable when interacting with our physical reality is to empower ourselves to actually have a hand in creating our reality.

I Exist!

Now where do I go from here?
Now where do I go from here? | Source

"I Am"

For us to understand each other, it helps to have common ground - shared experience we can each relate to because we have each experienced it. And as it goes, there is no more universally found common ground which we all have personal experience with than in the statement "I am". So long as we're living, we can all claim "I am", most closely relating to the fact that "I exist." "I exist" in the present, in the now moment, the only place we have the power to be, and so the only place we are empowered to act.

Anything we say after "I am" is a discrimination, a distinction, from the "all that is". "I am hungry", "I am happy", "I am an office manager", "I am crazy" ... (heh), whatever follows "I am" is one step away from the now moment, for your awareness shifts from what is to what you are identifying with. There are infinite steps we can take to move from the now. What meaning an experience, "a now moment", has for you changes based on how you are distinguishing it from the "all that is" in that now moment, which is always here and present and whole and well. And the meaning of that experience changes and evolves as your further define it, and again, then again... in this sense time is only a measure of the rate of which our judgments change.

Whether intentional or habitual, whatever follows "I am" is a discrimination, a distinction, from all that is which we've chosen to define based on personal perspectives and biases. It is how much play dough we've plunked off the whole and how we've shaped it. It is common to do this mindlessly and habitually, but possible to do so willfully and with conscious intent. Because of this "I am" the creator of my own reality.

Here I Am!

I think I've been here before...
I think I've been here before... | Source

"When you want to be free, your righteousness and anger are much less interesting than they used to be."

- Ram Dass, "Fear, Anger and Love"

Discrimination as a Tool

With a solid concept and unbiased understanding of "discrimination", it is possible to use our ability to discriminate as a tool for shaping our reality. For example, we can create and enhance the presence of peace within our awareness. To promote peace in our lives, we use discrimination to:

  • Pick our battles - If peace is our goal, we can more easily decide which conflicts are worth our energy, resources, abilities, time and attention, and in which instances these things might better be reserved for something more worthwhile. Which battles do I fight to create peace? Will participating in this argument alleviate suffering or lead to more?

  • Determine our motives - Are our calls to action impulsive or pre-planned? Is our behavior based off what IS, or what MIGHT be? By discerning the present from the past and the future, we allow ourselves to be motivated by actual happenings and to function from our place of power - the now moment - not from old memories or worrisome presuppositions.

When we organize time into past, present, and future, we recognize the idea of the "present" - the only place we exist, and so the only place we have the power to act. This use of discrimination empowers us to forego distractions and obstacles keeping us from health and happiness, by turning our focus away from that which distracts us and towards that which nurtures us in the ever-perfect now. The past holds sadness, which can result in the depression - a powerful distraction that takes our awareness away from the present moment and likes to drop it in the middle of a maze of old memories. The future can create anxiety and nervousness in our present as we fear worse case scenarios of what has not yet happened. Attention on these renders us powerless to change our actual circumstances. Our power for action is only available in the present moment, and if our awareness is not here as well, our actions will not make much sense in the context of our surroundings. This makes these types of distracted actions not conducive to reaching our goals.

To achieve our goals, we must again discriminate, first in order to define our goal and then again in the process of making it so. When working towards anything, we must first define what that thing is, apart from the "all that is". The more distinctly and simply we define our goal, the better the chances we have to reach it (for more on setting goals you can actually attain, visit this step-by-step article at Giving our goal form, calling it out and distinguishing it apart from the "all that is" makes it tangible, graspable - and once we can grasp it, we can work with it. And the process of methodically achieving our goal is perhaps only on big lesson in discrimination, as we compare and contrast processes that have not yielded progress in order to correctly identify those which bring us closer to our defined goals.

"If you are depressed you are living in the past.

If you are anxious you are living in the future.

If you are at peace you are living in the present."

- Lao Tzu

Discrimination with Purpose

Though the word has heavy and negative connotations, "discrimination" is a useful tool in shaping our reality. To cultivate peace, promote healing and reach our goals, discrimination is necessary to organize the distractions that clutter our path to well-being - and a realization of all that is, and that all is right, now which is always. As we shine the light of our awareness towards a realization of now, towards the place of peace, health, and abundance, let us use the tools we're given, like discrimination, to clear the way for our light to reach there. If we can light the path, we can find our way.

I'll see you along the sun beaten path.

It's Only a CHOICE - between Fear and Love


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