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Virtues will vanquish vice!

Updated on October 12, 2014

Non dual and nobel prize for peace

What a girl has achieved by her selflessness?

It was really a wonder how the illusory world was sustained for such a long time spanning many crores of years comprising of various yugas as per Hindu scriptures. The Monist or Advaitins always assert that there is nothing like creation or cosmos and everything is a grand illusion of the mind. They assert that only the SELF alone exists, which is hidden by the power of Maya or the illusory aspect of the mind. This is the non-dual philosophy. Whereas the dualists or practitioners of Dwaita thought, emphasize that God is separate from the creation. The two can never merge. There is one more group called ‘qualified monism’ which asserts that there is a possibility of merger when spiritual practices such as ‘meditation’ is undertaken!

First of all, let us examine why there are three schools of thought or philosophy? These philosophies arose since people are of various types in creation. They are the ‘materialistic, spiritualist and the one in the middle. For the beginners, alphabet and numerals are taught in the schools. When they advance sufficiently, words, figures, addition, substraction and multiplication etc. are taught. When they advance still, they are led to more advanced studies which may lead one to Doctorate level. We may say that the Doctorate levels correspond to Adwaita or Monism, and the middle level to qualified monism and the basic stage is equated to Dwaita or dual state.

It is easier to start with alphabets and figures to teach children. They cannot understand much advanced theories or studies. Once they become capable like Post Graduate, they are led to research in specialized fields of discipline. Any Tom, Dick and Henry cannot understand the concept of God. Hence to cater to the various levels of understanding, these philosophies arose. Hence, in the initial stages, man thinks himself as separate from God and creation. When he realizes the Omnipresence of God, he slowly understands that the differences perceived are due to his illusory mind! Hence all these philosophies are not contradictory, but rather steps and complimentary to one another. Man has to progress from animal qualities to human qualities and then rise to the stature of Divine.

Since man has evolved from animals, a residue of animal qualities is bound to remain in his psyche. Hence we see in the world, many wicked people who have no feeling of sympathy or love towards other beings of the world. Hence, they inflict injuries and even kill other beings without any remorse. They are all most wicked categories and we can classify them as of demonic nature. One thing we can derive from our own experience is “None is absolutely pure and perfect except the Almighty! Likewise, none is wholly cruel and wicked! Yes, even the worst terrorists love themselves or their children. This love which arises in each human being is nothing but God’s love towards his creation! Though it expresses itself in a selfish manner in man, Love is always pure and people use this quality to gain from the external world. This is the mistake of our ‘selfishness’. God teaches man through the world, ‘how everyone should move with one another? The crow teaches ‘comradeship’. The crow, when it finds some food, caws and calls other crows! The ant shows how one should work selflessly for the sake of community. The honey bee flies many miles to gather pure honey from flowers and gathers them in the honey comb. It will never desire for any other thing except pure honey. The trees give shade to the very wood cutter who axes its branches. The rivers flow ceaselessly to appease the thirst of human beings, cattle and plants.

Once, man observe the nature, he can learn hundreds of lessons! The swan will drink pure milk and it will discard the water mixed in it. There is one bird named ‘sadhaka’ which will drink only pure rain water as it falls and before it reaches the earth. When some ferocious animal like tiger and lion is on the move to catch the prey, even birds, monkeys and other species alert the unwary prey by many calls of warning. Listening to those warnings, the deer and other docile animals flee the scene in haste. The ocean will never allow the dirt and dust in it. Hence with the roar of waves after waves, it deposits all such things to the shore and hence the ocean remains pure even after millions of years. But due to the greedy nature of man, even the ocean gets spoiled by oil spill and other chemicals transported through ships when they sink! The wind ceaseless blows and removes the dust and dirt and the rain settles everything to the earth. Can we term the tree as selfish or the cow as selfish? NO. It is the man, who is utterly Selfish and destroys nature’s ecology by systematic decimation of forest cover! He pollutes all the river systems in the world by discharge of effluents and sewerage in that pure river water. Fishes die in masses due to the pollution caused by man!

Why man behaves in such a mean way in spite of all his intelligence? It is purely due to his utter selfishness and Ego. He wants to enjoy everything himself and hoard everything for his own use. He never cares for his fellowman. When people are dying of hunger, the rich people hoard bags of grain for their future use! It is really deplorable. God provides one with wealth and prosperity so that he can utilize it for the sake of poor in society and not for his own consumption!

Man must ruminate about his life and the aim of human birth. It is not for eating, drinking and merrymaking. Man must serve all in society. He must love all and he must not hurt any by his thoughts, words or actions. But nowadays, we watch terrorists without any feeling of remorse kill many who cross their way! It is the brave act of Malala who survived the bullets of terrorists, which fetched her Noble Peace Prize. She wants respect and dignity for all girl children of the world. But the terrorists were utterly selfish and of narrow mindedness, they could never see the purity and holiness of a selfless girl. Women must be honored and then alone the country will prosper. Many sages and saints have observed that “where womenfolk are honored and treated with respect, the land will prosper and gain peace! What the terrorists wants to achieve by gunning an innocent girl?


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