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Vision of New Jerusalem

Updated on October 15, 2017

New Jerusalem coming down as the beautiful Bride

The beloved city of God
The beloved city of God | Source


Sovereign God, in accordance with his eternal purpose, in the past eternity, planned to build a unique city called New Jerusalem and He will present it to His Beloved son Jesus Christ as a glorious and spotless Bride. Creation of this human race, selection of Israel, salvation of mankind, formation of the universal body of Christ and the entire works of God have been progressing for all these years towards a single specific goal, that is, New Jerusalem. God’s mind is set forever on this beautiful city.

Abraham was the first man who saw the vision of this city and longed to enjoy the city. The vision has affected his life style, so he started dwelling in tents, although he was rich. He demonstrated that his life on earth was temporary and he was waiting for the permanent city of the Lord. He sincerely conveyed this vision to Isac and in turn Isac conveyed it to Jacob, which caused them to dwell in Tents – declaring that they were sojourners and strangers to this world. Later on, prophet Ezekiel, when he was under Babylonian captivity, saw the vision of New Jerusalem. Apostle Paul had this heavenly vision so clearly that he was writing about it to the Churches in his Epistles. Finally, the whole picture of New Jerusalem was unfolded to Apostle John, when he was in Pathmos

Book of Revelation, indeed, expounds the complete picture of New Jerusalem.


God began the work of building New Jerusalem from the days of Abraham and He saw the city in distance. Over the foundations of this city, the names of twelve tribes of Israel and the names of twelve Apostles are inscribed, which indicates the Israel and church are part of this city. God’s precious work through the ages from the days of Abraham to the second coming of Christ, in the lives of his chosen Ones, will finally result in producing this fine Masterpiece, The New Jerusalem.

It is neither a literal place nor a matter of doctrine. It is, indeed, the corporate Bride of the Lamb, which is composed of all the chosen- transformed -overcoming ones of the Father. It is the cream portions of the Israel and the Church. Salvation is the beginning of our spiritual life, but the destiny of spiritual journey is New Jerusalem. The entire Body of Christ’s now going through a deep travail in order to bring forth a corporate overcoming man child, who would bear the likeness of the glorified Christ and ultimately turn to be the holy bride of the Lamb. The city will reflect the beauty, perfection and fullness of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ; It will be illuminated by His glory and the Lamb of God is the Light of the city. There shall neither be day nor night. It is the city of blessings without any trace of the old Adamic curse. It shall be a walled city, which indicates the perfect protection of the Lord and the dimension of the wall is 144 cubic feet high, which is the multiplication of 12. The number 12 in the Bible refers to God’s Government. Hence the Government of God is the Absolute security of this City. The city is mainly constituted by pearls, precious stones and gold. These materials are spiritual-imperishable-divine virtues of Christ himself.

God’s mind is set forever on this beautiful city.

To be a part of this city is not a matter of mere salvation; but the matter of overcoming life by following the lamb wherever he goes. Many are called to be in the Body of Christ; but few are chosen to become the Bride of Christ; it is not the human efforts that build this city. But God himself builds, according to his design and the perfection process includes sovereign grace, His predestination, His election, His high calling, His eternal salvation and continual work of the Holy Spirit. These over comers are being transformed through the crucifiction, death, resurrection, ascension, enthronement and glorification of Christ under the unfavourable – pressurizing – burning – uncomfortable situations of their personal life. This city is full of unsearchable-unfathomable-immeasurable-abundant riches of Christ - in which the essence, life, ingredients and characteristics of the Lamb alone are found and over flowing.

All that of old creation has no way to be a part of this city and everything in this city is of new creation. Henceforth this city is known as New Jerusalem. God reveals this vision progressively to His chosen ones and this heavenly vision demands our absolute obedience and commitment as Paul says, “I am not disobedient to the Heavenly vision."

The state of our life forever -- in eternally blessed New Jerusalem -- will be far higher than what we can imagine.

And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God.And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4, 5

© 2013 victor


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