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Voice Behind the Serpent

Updated on January 8, 2022
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Sometimes writers distance away from religious subjects because it is taboo to speak about. Read about it. Hard to argue with an article.


Christian and Islamic traditions have a foe of humanity. The Christians call him the devil or Satan. Muslim call him Iblis. Most Christians believe the devil to be the foe of God and the source of all that is evil. That, however, is not the truth. Satan is not the opposite force against God since he is one of God's many creations. Opposite of necessity means equal. Believing that evil would not exist without the devil is misunderstanding who the devil is and the power of God and His eternal nature.

Muslims have it right in that Satan, Iblis, is a tempter of humanity. Iblis is not the source of evil since it existed before he became a fallen angel. Because of his rebellion against God, Iblis became a devil, the face of all that fights against the will of God, Satan.

Evil and righteousness are choices sentient entities make based on their adherence to the laws of eternity established by God, the Father. Cultural tradition influenced by adherents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints supports the idea of Iblis's enmity. God placed enmity between the seed of Adam and Satan and his followers.

Directly, Satan is the enemy of humanity. Jesus is the champion of humanity. God the Father is the Father of us all--Satan, Jesus, everyone! This makes us all brothers and sisters. Yes, that includes Lucifer, a. k. a. Satan.

Is it so odd that the drama in this universe is based on a disagree started among family? As a way to get revenge against his brother, Jesus, and snub his Father, Lucifer tempts away the people of the world to rebel as he did in heaven. All humans born chose God at least once. From the vilest sinner to the innocent newborn babe, all of humanity born chose God. Satan's focus is to tempt them away from choosing God in mortal life so that humans cannot become glorified like God is--a promise extended by Jesus to those who follow Him.

Beware the voice behind the serpent. Fangs of a viper may puncture the skin and poison the body until death. The voice behind the serpent kills the soul.


Viper Speaks

The serpent was a very subtle animal and easy to entreat. Satan discovered as a spirit he could convince embodied creatures to allow him access to their functions and he did so with the serpent.

Adam and Eve could communicate with the animals. It is not clear, to me, at least, if the communication was in speech similar to language, but during the Edenic experience, Adam and Eve possessed the knowledge to speak to the animals. And, at least one animal could speak in turn, the serpent.

Science rules many aspects of my life. Pretending this makes sense in a scientific manner is beyond ridiculous! Therefore, I won't! Within the realm of science is the truth that not everything is known. So much more to discover in relation to God and nature leads me to consider it is in the realm of possibility that humans could speak to animals in a limited capacity. Otherwise, how odd would it have been for a snake to approach Eve, and she listens!


Sweet Revenge

Curious; Adam and Eve spoke to the animals. Curious that Satan went to speak to Adam first, according to Church doctrine and tradition. Adam is Michael; the great archangel and general of Jehovah who presided over Lucifer's removal from heaven. Satan knew Adam would not remember him, sneaky. So, he tried it!

He went to Adam and tried to convince him to partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Being unsuccessful, he went after Eve as she tended the garden. Eve came across the serpent that Satan possessed and spoke to it. Tradition and history compels the rest.

Interesting that the one person who opposed him head-on, Adam, would be the first person he approached attempting to destroy God's plan of salvation for the human family. Revenge is a driving force of Lucifer. Not against God the Father does he seek it because there is no such thing. Against God's other creations can he seek it, hurting God by tempting them away from Him and confusing them about what to believe!


Truth about the Serpent

The serpent's not the creature of which people should be leery, but the voice behind the serpent! The serpent's an innocent creature used by a malevolent force in the garden and not evil itself, though the damnable creature yielded to Lucifer's will.

Moses used a serpent on a rod for his people to gaze upon to be healed from the serpents who attacked them in the wilderness. Could this have been Moses' attempt under the direction of Jehovah to show Israel that the serpent is not the enemy of God? The serpent gets a bad reputation because one of their kind yielded aid to a demon. It is Satan who is the enemy.

Satan used a direct approach to speak to Adam and failed. He learned from that experience, however. He knew that if he instructed Eve to partake of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil she would NOT comply, so he used stratagem.

Lucifer went to Eve and suggested he was a brother of hers. She did not see this as odd having the trusting mind of a child and the association of Heavenly visitors such as God and others--providing the speculation that maybe the serpent appeared similar in form to human, or an extinct species of serpent.

Using this title of brother, he built a relationship of trust so that he could introduce the idea of partaking of the fruit of that tree when her guard was relaxed. It's undetermined how long Lucifer familiarized himself with Mother Eve before he implanted the seeds of discord in her mind. It could have been hours, days, years, or millennia!

Adam and Eve were not alone in the Garden. God made Himself available in person and sent others of their heavenly brothers and sister who were yet to be born. It should come as no surprise that Eve gave ear to the serpent who spoke the voice of Satan.

She was open to all who spoke with her and was deceived by the serpent. The concept of dishonesty had not yet presented with understanding to Eve until Lucifer deceived her as if he were her friend. It's not clear what the other spirits did that followed Satan. Satan would get his revenge by stealing the minds and hearts of Adam and Eve. If he could not get to them, he would get to their children as they came to mortal life.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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