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Vrat (fast)

Updated on July 8, 2015


Vrat is a specific period of not eating voluntarily , but it becomes connected to god because it is also a period of sincere praying . This helps you and your loved ones to receive the blessing of god . This surely brings you closer to the almighty .

Vrat is a Hindi word and it is translated as Fast in English . A week has 7 days and Vrat can be obtained any day of any week so basically it can be done any day . Different days of the week are dedicated to different lords and can get you different things you need .


The moon rules Monday . Monday fasts are dedicated to lord Shiva . Lord Shiva is also known as Mahadev , Rudra , Bhole Bandari etc . Monday fasts are done when facing problems in married lives . Monday fasts can also get you your desired partner for marriage . Monday fasting is very simple there is not much rituals attached to this fast , but hearing " Somvar Vrat Katha " is an important part of this fast . You can also chant " Om Namah Shivay " . When talking about food , you can have one time meal without salt and fruits . White is the preferred color of the day and pearl is the preferred gem .


Mars rules Tuesday . Tuesday fasts are dedicated to lord Hanuman . Tuesday fasts are undertaken to overcome the difficulties of life and help make a way for happiness . Tuesday fasts are also obtained by people who desire a boy child . Tuesday fast is a whole day fast and is little difficult . On this day one can hear " Hanuman Chalisa " and other songs of Lord Hanuman . Red is the preferred color of the day and Moonga is the preferred gem .


Mercury rules Wednesday . Wednesday fasts are dedicated to Lord Krishna and also Lord Ganesha . Wednesday fasts are undertaken for peaceful family life ,good intelligence , wealth , education for students and success in business . Wednesday fasts are not difficult , if followed with rituals . Wednesday fasts are undertaken for 24 hours and the observer eats only single meal in afternoon . Moong Dal is the preferred food and so green is the preferred color . Devotees listen to Krishan Bhajan and Ganesh Aarti . Emerald is the preferred gem .


Jupiter rules Thursday . Thursday fasts are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati . Thursday fasts are undertaken for removing obstacles of married life and strengthen the financial condition of an individual and also for desire of early marriage . Thursday fasts Pooja has to be performed in a systematic manner . Pooja is done by offering yellow colored items like yellow sweets , gram dam , yellow rice etc . Devotee can chant " Om Jai Jagadish Hare " . Yellow is the color of the day and Sapphire is the preferred gem .


Venus rules Friday . Friday fasts are dedicated to mother goddess and is incarnation of Shakti . Friday fasts are undertaken for long life of son , peace of mind and harmony in the family . It is a very popular fast , generally obtained by ladies to please Santoshi Mata . Santoshi Mata is another form of Durga or Parvati ma . Devotees eat white food like kheer only once at night . Sour food is avoided . Devotees listen to Durga Aarti , Kali Aarti and Santoshi Mata Aarti on this day . White , Orange and Purple colors are preferred and Diamond is the preferred gem .


Saturn rules Saturday . Saturday fasts are dedicated to the fearful god Shani . Shani is represented with a bow and arrows and riding a vulture . Devotees worship a black iron idol of Sani . Some worship Peppal tree and tie thread around the bark . Saturday fasts are undertaken for avoiding the adversities and misfortunes . It is believed that people who have blessing of Lord Hanuman are protected from Shanis wrath , therefore devotees also pray Lord Hanuman also on this day . Devotees pray in the evening and take single meal , usually containing black colored items like sesame til , sesame oil , black gram etc . Blue and Black are the preferred colors and Blue gems and Black iron of Horse shoe are preferred gems .


Sun rules Sunday . Sunday fasts are undertaken to get your wish fulfilled and to get rid of all kinds of skin problems . Sun god is worshiped with red sandalwood and red flowers . Devotees take a ritual bath and clean their surroundings . Fast is obtained throughout the day and food is eaten only once a day . Salt , Oil and Fired items are avoided . Red and Pink are the preferred colors . Ruby is preferred gem .


All the fasts are equally important and useful , if done with pure heart and good intentions .Its all for the clearity of the division of days but in reality God is one . GOD BLESS ALL .


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