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Why I Know God Exists.

Updated on August 12, 2019

This is a true story.

It was a Sunday afternoon, the temperature was in the eighties, and the Voice of the Gospel Mission Church had just ended its Sunday Service for the day. After saying our goodbyes to our fellow church members, we got into our vehicle for the trip home. Today, we decided to take a different route to get to our home in Middletown NY; we drove down Wisner Ave, and at the Ontario Hose Company No.5 firehouse, we turned unto upper North Street.

The Police vehicle was inches away from my bumper.

We were enjoying the ride as we approached the North Street, Wickham Ave intersection. The traffic light was yellow, and like so many drives, I believed I could proceed before the yellow light turned red. Well, I was wrong, halfway through the intersection, the light turned red, which in itself was not a problem; the problem was the police vehicle waiting at the same intersection but on the Wickham Ave side. As I exited the intersections, the Police officer pulled his cruiser in behind me; you know you are in trouble when the Police vehicle is inches away from your bumper. Suddenly, the very thing I was anticipating happened. My interior mirror lit up like a Christmas tree with red flashing lights.

I did not pray verbally.

As I begin pulling my vehicle Over to the curb I did not pray, but I was speaking to the Lord, not verbally, but mentally, and I thought, ok, God, the police caught me red handed driving through a red light, how are you going to get me out of this mess. How can you keep me from receiving a traffic ticket? I answered my own question thinking, Ok Lord; I guess I will have to take my traffic infraction up with the Judge. I was being sarcastic with the Lord thinking; I was caught red-handed breaking the law, how are you going to get me out of this mess Lord? There is no way possible that I am going to walk away from this traffic stop without receiving a traffic ticket.

The police officers approached our car.

As soon as my vehicle came to a complete stop, two police officers approached our car, one at the passenger side, and the other cop stood at the driver side window. Since I was driving the officer asked me for my license and registration; as he glanced at my documents another automobile drove by as the officer was looking at my license. I do not know if this passing vehicle was speeding or not, but the two officers looked at each other over the top of my car in amazement. Suddenly, the officer who was checking my documents dropped all of my papers work into my lap, and said, have a nice day.

We are thinking what happened.

The officers calmly got into their police vehicle turned off their red flashing lights and drove away. My wife and I sat there for five minutes, and although we did not say anything to each other, we were thinking, what just happened?

In times of trouble, call on the Lord.

I cannot speak for anyone else but, for me, I believe God heard my plea for help and intervened on my behalf. I did not receive a ticket or a warning from the officers. (Psalms 107:28).

You shall be My witness’s.

I am sharing my true story with you in hopes that you too might believe that even today, God is still intervening in the lives of believers. He is still showing signs and wonders, and performing miracles on behalf of those who love the Lord (Heb.2:4).

Jesus said to His Disciples, for you will be My witness to all men of what you have seen and heard (Acts.21:14-15). This is my story, my testimony, to tell the world about my God whom I serve with a passion, and who continually moves mountains on my behalf. How about you, do you have a story or a testimony you would like to share with our readers.

© 2019 Rev Dennis L Johnson


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