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Inner Guidance cont...

Updated on May 3, 2011

Eureka! Intuition is Not the Same as Inner Guidance... or Is It?

To continue my ponderings on inner guidance and intuition, I, at this point in time have come to the conclusion that intuition is a part of my inner guidance, but not the highest level of inner guidance. But that perception of difference is my unique understanding, because I perceive things the way I perceive things. So, now I understand that intuition can be an important component of learning to recognize and allow inner guidance, and that particular people may use the word "intuition" and mean a higher level of inner guidance because they have not encountered another system of words for perception of levels of inner guidance. !!! (I have to take a break and laugh at this, just because it is so zen ! Writing can be really fun !!)

Anyway, back to my begining point; how wholeness is developed through inner guidance and inner guidance is developed through seeking wholeness through a WLP (Wholistic Lifestyle Plan). Please check out previous hubs for clarity. Yes, it can be developed...on both counts ! And here is a tidbit of how to begin developing your wholeness and inner guidance.

Wow, where do I begin? Well, back to square one: believeing that you are a being that was created with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awarenesses and capacities, consider this;

  • going to your highest level of inner guidance (just believing you are doing so will get you started, even if you haven't considered it before) develop a belief system. (Well, actually you know, you already have one, you just may not recognize it as such).

The example I gave in a previous hub of the Christ aspect and the Chart of the Divine Self are two components of my belief system that I found after a few years of seeking through several spiritual paths. In a nutshell, here is my story:

I had never considered a spiritual life after being raised in a rather dry and unfulfilling Christian household. In retrospect, I had assumed there were only the choices of human defamed religions; but I was raised in a small town, in a large family. I was the youngest and I felt, the most unconsidered.

I began a life of what seemed like random experience with too many wrong decisions, trials, temptations and storms. My soul was quite desolate, and I had become far too accomplished at misusing my various powers in desperation to find comfort anywhere. Well, I wasn't totally nowhere, I must have been doing somethings right, because I meet a man that became the love of my life. Oh, the joy and ecstasy! It lasted less than two years before he died an accidental death. I was devastated, and totally gave up on my perceptions of life...and that is when I began my spiritual awakening!

Pretty typical story, but as all the others, so uniquely individual and personal, most of which cannot be put into words to give the full comprehension. But it has been twenty five years since, and what seems like lifetimes of experience. I feel it is so important to say to everyone, that a person can change, in every way, inwardly, while looking pretty much the same as usual outwardly. My life before was a blessing, in that, if I hadn't experienced that, I couldn't have come to appreciate what it is now.

That is one self defining "piece of the pie" that has occurred for seeking the understanding of a belief system as a spiritual endeavor for fulfilling wholeness... creating the whole pie. But I still can't say I am a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Morman or any such label. But I can say I appreciate the unity behind all the diversity. To me, that is more important than any badge of specificity. I can also say that choosing a specific mystical path to follow, within whatever religion or philosophy can get you where you want to go as well, but you may have to break the bonds of the humanly created dogmas and doctrines. Even on the path I follow there is great diversity of how it plays out in the practical aspects of day to day life.

But there is a definite divine design to be found and there are tools for attaining and maintaining that divine design, with plenty of room to fill in with human aspects... of a higher order. I mean attributes like joy, kindness, compassion, health, healing. Of course in the pursuit of those attributes I do encounter the unpleasant character traits I try to overcome. After all, I am a spiritually divine soul having a uniquely human experience. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I am willing to learn to be divine, and accept when I am not!

Most Truly,


P.S. The comments section is way down at the bottom of the page, I hope at least it is there when I publish. I can't figure out how to get rid of the space between the picture and the comment section...I did way too much fiddling around trying to figure it all out. I feel lucky I got the text and picture on the page at all !!! I think the space in the photo area is where I tried to download another picture but it wouldn't come onto the page and somehow the space for it remained...HELP!!!??? I am really inept at technology...where are more instructions for the capsules and ordering and picture making, beyond what comes up in the initial windows, which actually has very little help instruction ?


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