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Woman: A Man's Glory

Updated on July 25, 2017

In 1 Corinthians 11 the bible says that a woman is the glory of a man. This makes me want to understand what it means to be my husband’s glory.Let’s define ‘Glory’.

According to Oxford dictionary glory is;


Proverbs 18:22 says: He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from God.”

A wife is not just a gift, she is a reward! Adam was the first man that God gave responsibilities to and because he was lonely God made him a woman out of his own ribs to be his companion.

If you read the story of creation you will realize that it was after Adam took on the task that God had given him that he got himself a wife. Dear bachelor, I know you’ve been praying and waiting for a wife but what are you doing as you wait? Are you positioning yourself where God will see your loneliness? Are you doing things that deserve a reward of fame an honor?


In my Bible 1 Corinthians 11 is headed “Propriety in worship”. Propriety comes from the word proper; propriety in worship therefore is the correct and the proper way to worship God. Praise and worship is not singing fast and slow songs in church. It is not lifting hands or bowing very low as you sing these songs. Worship is a lifestyle, the way the people of God live. Yes, I said LIVE, not just how they pray, sing or act. Paul in verse 4 and 5 wants us to understand that it really doesn’t matter what roles we have in the church or how good we are at them. If we don’t respect the authority above us, we are worshiping wrongly.

A woman can’t be a proper worshiper if she has not submitted to her husband, a man can’t be a proper worshiper if he has not submitted to God. This is simply the order of worship. If then a woman is a man’s praise and worship of God (Glory), how he treats her is an offering/sacrifice to the Lord.

Dear husbands, have you read the story of Cain and Abel? If you have then you know that not all sacrifices are acceptable to God. I would advise you to find out what kind yours is!

Dear wives, are you a worthy sacrifice to God?A man who loves his wife has a deep understanding of God’s love for His (God) church and he is therefore able to directly reflect it in his (man) life. He knows it is his responsibility to head a family even when the option of ending it seems easier.


If you see a glamorous man walking around, you will be curious to know who his wife is. Your curiosity is not malicious. Your sub-conscious just sees things as they should be. Do you know why many people associate the success of a man with his wife? It’s because God made it a woman’s duty to prosper her husband, (Genesis 3:16 b). The virtuous woman in proverbs 31 understands this role well. She lives it. It’s because of her that the husband is respected in the community.

Dear husbands if I have just described your wife, treasure her. She is a rare gem, even Solomon despite having so many wives knew that a good wife is hard to find. Her worth is incomparable.

Dear wives, strive to be his soft spot, his apple of the eye and his best friend. The result is far more than you can imagine!


Dear wives, how does he introduce you in public? What’s the tone of his voice when he does so? If you have never felt a certain pride in his choice of words, respect for what you have done in his life and in the community or have never sensed the delight in his voice when he talks about the years you have been in his life then you now know what you need to work on.

One thing I would like to add is: IT’S WRONG FOR YOUR HUSBAND TO FEEL INTIMIDATED BY YOU! You may be stairs higher than him academically, financially or even socially but you MUST respect him since he is your head. This is a God given position and there is nothing you can do about it! Abigail had every reason to disrespect her husband Nabal, he was a fool and everybody could see it, but she chose to make him look good. She turned away David’s anger and saved her husband’s life.When a family is running as it should, it brings a sense of fulfillment and pride to a man. You are his helper, help him achieve it!

FOOTNOTE:I may have no real experience being a wife but I believe in what I read in the Bible, I believe in every word that God puts in my spirit. This is why I boldly say this; every woman has within her a certain power to influence a man. There is a button you can press and he just can’t say no! The sad bit is that when most women press this button, they bring forth destruction.

For instance, it took a few words for Eve to convince Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, it took Delilah a few days to know Samson’s top-most secrete, Ananias was not a thief but Sapphira turned him into one. David was a happily married man, but a woman bathing in the wrong place at the wrong time made him an adulterer and later murderer. Herod had no use for human heads, but Herodias made him obtain one.You can choose to be a wise woman; you can influence him in a positive way.



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