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Walk The Plank

Updated on November 26, 2015

4x4 Plank

Imagine you are in a pirate ship and everybody is telling you to “Walk The Plank!”

And as if you have a choice if you didn’t, what with that pointy end of a pirate sword up your read end pushing you forward.

Walking The Plank

Anyway that might not be the kind of plank I am referring to today and nobody is really pressing a pointy sharp sword up your back forcing you to do something that you do not want to do, but there are strange similarities between that plank and the plank I am referring to.

And it is that 4x4 plank of wood that we have in our own eyes, the same plank that we hardly notice while we incredibly could catch sight of and comment most times harshly on the tiny splinter in the eyes of everyone else.

And yes the same plank of wood that we walk to and often times fall off of… into the depths of freezing shark invested waters… metaphorically of course (I hope).

But you see, we do it every day yet we are oblivious to it. And for some of us, this has been the kind of life that we have been living.

Because, how can we explain where we are in our lives right now?

Let us look at what has happened to us, so far:

  1. Why is it that everyone in your household or all your old friends hate your guts and you absolutely do not have a clue as to why?
  2. Why is it that you do not have a best friend or at least made one that lasted for a few years since you were a teen?
  3. Why is it that every neighbor that you ever had was and is an arrogant fool? Or at least you cannot get along with them.
  4. Why is it that you dislike every single teacher that you had since the first grade? Some more than others of course, but you never really liked a single one.
  5. Why is it that you have never held a job longer than a year, well a few not even up to six months and mostly some not even a month? One or two, for not even a day. Some of you haven’t even worked a day in your life.
  6. Why is it that every time you have an argument with someone, it is always the other person’s fault? Well of course, many of them are irrational, but come on, all of them, every single one of them?
  7. And why is it that you moved from school to school or from church to church or from clique to clique and never really got along with everybody there? And then it just seems like it’s the same where ever you go? Aren’t you tired already?

You do get the picture now, don’t you?

If it’s still a little hazy, let me clear it out for you.

The Problem Might Just Be You

The problem might not be on all 'them bumbling simpletons, all 'them nitwits and all of 'them blockheads.

  • Don’t you think it’s time to think that there maybe, just maybe, there is that tiny little chance that it might be you who is the problem?
  • Don’t you think it’s time to take down that 4x4 that is blinding your eyes? (You think!)
  • Don’t you think it’s time to stop walking down and falling off that same 4x4 plank?
  • Don’t you think it’s time to stop trying to scrutinize every tiny speck of dust in other people’s eyes while ignoring that big chunk of wood in yours?
  • Don’t you think enough is enough and that you have hurt yourself and many others more than enough?

There is still time.


Matthew 7:3-5 (MEV)

“And why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank that is in your own eye?

Or how will you say to your brother, ‘Let me pull the speck out of your eye,’ when a log is in your own eye?

You hypocrite! First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.



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