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Was Once Lost But Now Am Safe In God's Hands

Updated on October 5, 2011

A few years ago when I was a single girl, not married I had this carefree attitude about the world and more so about God my Creator. I had no regard for Him. I never prayed, never went to church.

Life was sweet to me, it was fun, I mean what more could I want, I was in campus, had a loving boyfriend, my days were filled with partying and my mornings were filled with hangovers. I was not really obedient to my parents and I really did not like the so called people who said they were born again. Despite the fact that my parents were Christians who brought us up in the best way ever as Christians, prayers were such a waste of time to me though I made an effort to say a word of prayer before I slept while I was already in the blankets but funny enough my amen’s would come when I woke up when I realized that I had slept before finishing my prayers. But deep down within me, I knew that there was a God up there who cared for me, who kept on knocking at my door but I was too busy with life and kept telling Him to come another day cause I wanted to enjoy life first.

My life abruptly changed when I fell pregnant with my daughter and soon enough I got married. Pressure to abort from my friends was too much but I decided to keep it because deep inside of me I knew abortion was murder.

Anyway the nine months flew and soon was already a wife and a mother. My daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me since after she came into my life, I become humbled by the experience of being a mother. my life had changed as the baby totally depended on me for everything and though it was too much I took on my responsibilities well. then came the periods of my daughter being unwell, my husband indulging in alcohol, other life issues and heavy uncertainty hanging unto me, I slowly started seeking solace in God’s word. I committed my whole being and my family into his hands and relied on his Word of being steadfast in love, abundance in faithfulness and daily renewals of mercies. And He never disappointed me. Soon enough I fully went back to God.

God is the best loving father and friend one could ever have. During my darkest times when I fear for my daughter or family I found total peace and faith in Him that all will be ok. He never at once rebuked me for sinning a lot or for not giving Him a chance the many times when He knocked on my door. Slowly but surely God drew me to Him through His saving grace and unending love.

I have come to experience unexplainable peace and joy in his presence. through his word I have come to lean on his promises alone that have helped me grow more spiritually and also made me a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend to many.

I came to reconcile with some family members and friends after this God inspired change happened to me.

I no longer hold grudges on petty things, I have learnt to forgive and forget. I daily pray that the Lord will help and guide me to lead my small family to Him. Cause in Him alone there is life, there is joy, there is love and peace.

God is real and He is love.

He drew me from a hole, He saved me, changed me and I will serve Him till He calls me home.


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