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Was she murdered?

Updated on June 27, 2009

Haunted since Childhood

 I was about seven years old when I was with my mother and her best friend and we were "pilfering" - a term used to explore old, forgotten houses, long since left empty.  Looking back, I am sure this practice was against the law and would now be looked upon as trespassing and thievery.  But life was very different in 1966, than it is today.  We came upon an old house, grown up with weeds, sitting in the middle of what appeared to be a field.  My mother parked the car beside the road and we began to walk to the old shack.  Suddenly, we noticed an old woman standing several yards away. "Was ya'll looking for me?" she says.  My mom's friend, startled, said, "We were wondering if you set eggs?" (a southern term meaning do you raise chickens and sell eggs) She tells us not to come any closer, because she has a hot wire running around her property to keep people out.  She says people are trying to kill her and take her property.  She tells us her name, "Ol' Arie".  Arie goes on to say that " the one that she bounced on her knee as a baby would dip his fingers in her life's blood."  She burned up in a house fire three weeks later.  It has troubled me for 40 years.  Do you have a similar experience?  Does something haunt you from childhood? 


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