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Way Out of Guilt

Updated on October 1, 2014

Guilt is an emotional and spiritual feeling that either comes from godliness or a bad attitude. The first type of guilt that comes from godliness do not leave the person sad or depressed. It usually just instructs and corrects and because of its gentle effect on a person, one can easily recover. The second and worse kind of guilt is the depressive and hurtful type. This guilt is from a spirit of hate. It causes one to hate oneself and feel worthless to be loved or accepted.

I, personally, have experienced both types of guilt. It was not until I learned how to pray and confess my sins without holding on to the past that I overcame the guilt that brings depression. Here are five things that brought me out of guilt that you could also apply to yourself:

1. I admitted to myself that I was not perfect. By admitting to myself that I was not perfect, I was allowing myself to make mistakes.

2. Every time I did something I thought was wrong, if I felt convicted, I prayed for forgiveness. By praying for forgiveness, rather than feeling overwhelmed over a sin, I was giving it to God; this caused the burden of guilt to come off of me and to my Savior, Christ Jesus.

3. I read the Bible stories on God's love for me. Every time I read scriptures like, " Christ died for me while I was still a sinner," or " God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son," I felt like there was nothing I did that God would not forgive. Before Christ died on the cross, humans did the worst things, even worse than today, but while they were still sinning, Christ died for them.

4. I forgave myself. By forgiving myself I was accepting God's forgiveness. I was telling the enemy that I am aware that Jesus loves me. This step is very important because it is usually evidence that a person is free from guilt.

5. Lastly, I turned from my sin. It is very important to understand that guilt will only get worse if repentance is not evident. If a person is not repenting then they are only going to feel guiltier and this article would be a waste. Repenting by the way means turning away from a sin, not doing it again.

Guilt that produces righteousness is from God; so after overcoming the guilt that produces sorrow, righteousness should follow. This article is about the overcoming the guilt that produces sorrow. I have experienced this type of depressing guilt a lot in my Christian walk but through studying the Bible, and taking these steps above, I have overcome it; and you can too.


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    • profile image

      idiyatu 2 years ago


      I am a servant of God and our Lord and savior. Thank you for your comment. God is great, all the time.

    • profile image

      Latoya 2 years ago

      Wow Idiyatu! God is really moving powerfully in your life. Thanks for all you do.