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We are the ones that write our own story. There will always be time to turn a new page.

Updated on March 1, 2016

You are the author and add the words to your book.

In my own personal life, I am personally looking forward to a short trip out to California.

For me this has been a long time coming because I worked for a very long time to achieve this possibility for my little adventure.

I have had ups and downs in my life. I have people who have taken advantage of me and it seems like anytime in my life whenever I was happy with anything I have done for myself, in the past there were always people who were either envious or upset that I have some happiness for myself.

I know it had taken me awhile to learn that if people are not happy for my happiness with myself, they didn't deserve to be around me.

Of course I could not see this and people use to try and break down my happy moments in my life with words from their own mouths and I never understood why people would do that.

I realize the simple answer is because people that are not happy for other people and other people's own happiness are miserable with themselves and get envy of happiness of other people and no matter what they will never achieve the things that people who achieve happiness and will never be people who are content with themselves.

So in my own "book" (book which represents my life) I learned I can always start a "new" chapter.

I also learned to try to thrive and not just survive where in a time period, all I seemed to do is just "survive" and wanted more out of life.

I learned that being a "real" women and is getting to know myself.

So having a chance to leave everything behind and just getting up and moving and knowing
that I could live without materialistic things that could have held me back and I would have never have gotten to know the real "me".

I learned how strong I could be to follow go through life to try to be as independent as I could be without the aid of a mother or father or a boyfriend or husband and also not to have the aid of government support.

Though there have been tough times and learning how to live a simple life which I have been living mostly anyway has made the strong women I am today.

Yes of course. I can not forget. Along the way I did have helping hands but the helping hands helped me to "believe" in myself.

Even in the times that got real rough, the people that wanted to see me succeed just told me to keep going and I am glad I listened.

Everyone does have a story to tell.

We all go through so many things and I am no exception but everything I personally have gone through in life only helped to push me to add more and more chapters in my own "book".

I kind of feel like a little girl because my little adventure that is going to lead me out to California where I have never been for a couple of days will turn a very big chapter in my life.

The event I am attending in California I have been networking with people for over ten years so I will be finally happy to finally meet these wonderful people.

So I know that on the event that happens to take place in July 9, 2016 will be the start of the
next chapter in my life.

July 9 is such a huge chapter I can not wait for the chapter to be written.

Of course in knowing in my own book some chapters I try to close faster than others because in life experience with lessons which have always seemed to involve people, I just had to learn that not everyone that had come into my life was for my benefit but for others.

Sometimes people will try to enter your life only to take and the best thing is not to take revenge upon anyone that has done you wrong but knowing that with building any type
of success for your own life, those that did you wrong or taken advantage of you will not deserve to be around with your success.

I learned in life those that are happy for my happiness are always going to be connected in my circle and probably always be characters in my book, hence again "book" meaning my "life" and shall be around with success in my life.

I don't need anyone that is jealous or envious in my life and have learned to severe ties with anyone that can not handle my happiness.

I believe people should be able to live their lives any way they want and support what people do but that has not always been the case in my life, but of course that is the past and once again like chapters in a book, turning the pages in the book is overcoming and distancing myself from my past and anyone that is truly miserable.

Every day I get up and can do what I want without having any miserable people in my life that will try to use words where they will try to make me feel guilty for my own happiness.

I learned that I am not responsible for miserable people who are torturous souls that spit venomous words from their pained hearts that continue to wallow in their own self hate.

It is good to turn pages and continue a book of my own life.

I have many chapters and look forward once again to the biggest chapter in my life.

July 9, 2016 just can't seem to come fast enough.

But I know there is a saying good things come to those that wait but reality is
I made it possible for something to happen in my life.

So waiting I shall and will take the bull by the horns on July 9, 2016 and start the BIGGEST CHAPTER OF MY LIFE.


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