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We can experience God but cannot know HIM!

Updated on July 31, 2017


God is unknown entity!

God is unknown entity; neither mind nor intellect can define or describe him. Words will fail any description. In the scriptures, it is mentioned that god could be defined as ‘not this, not this’. This is the only way to describe god! Ramana Maharishi, a great sage who practiced Advaita philosophy practically in life has said, “after negating god as ‘not this; not this’, one reaches to the end. What is left is ‘pure consciousness which cannot be indicated by words or deduced by the intellect! What is left is a ‘pure witness state’. Hence in many philosophies, god is mentioned as a ‘witness of all’. A witness simply witnesses without any judgment or reaction. In a way we can term god as a ‘mute witness’. Many people complain ‘why god does not act, looking at banal cruelty of most of the persons in this world? Why he is not punishing the evil doers instantaneously? Why he allows the pious to suffer at the hands of evil doers? Why young ladies, women and children are tortured in many regimes? Why the terrorists are not controlled? Well, on the face of it, these questions seem correct! But we are looking at one part of the story only. In the justice system of the world, no judge pronounces his punishment when a culprit or criminal is brought to the court of Justice. There are several layers of procedures laid down in the criminal laws! First, the crime committed by any individual has to be proved beyond doubt! There must be sufficient witnesses corroborating the crime. The presence of the criminal at the site of crime has to be proved beyond doubt. In some cases, we find that even hard core criminals escape punishment through the loopholes or flaws in the justice delivery system. We have heard that certain criminals, who were undergoing rigorous imprisonment in jails comes out with the help of jail staff, commit a murder and sneak back into the jail before their absence is noticed. We have seen that the criminals are in possession of mobile phones and even weapons like revolvers to execute some enemies who are outside.

Wise thoughts!

The corrupt systems everywhere!

Before India obtained Independence from the yokes of British Colony rule, many honest pious freedom fighters had undergone torturous jail terms in distant islands like “Andaman Islands”. There is no chance of escape for any of those freedom fighters. They were treated ruthlessly as though they were criminals and murderers. Unable to bear the tortures, many people succumbed to the cruelty met out by the British jailors. But it has become a common feature that Jail administration after Independence is no more sacrosanct. Political leaders, wealthy criminals and toots are enjoying jail life more than when they were free. All facilities obtained elsewhere is freely available inside jails with the connivance of jail staff! When a wealthy criminal is lodged in jail, all facilities are brought in through many channels. The media depicts such stories threadbare. Still the concerned authorities turn a deaf ear to such complaints. In this Dark Age of Kaliyug, morals have been given the go by. Corruption is rampant in all corners of the world. Terrorism is ruining the lives of many innocent citizens. Unnatural deaths are on the rise everywhere. Neither the political leaders nor the authorities in government are concerned with the flight of the poor indignant lot. None feel shame to follow immoral ways of living. Even if the entire media cries fowl, they care a hoot for the public opinion the media create! Wealth seems to be the only criterion of human life. People want to earn by hook or crook. When the leaders themselves behave in such immoral ways, how the people will adopt goodness or morality?

Jesus said...

What goes up will come down on its own!

There is a proverb. What goes up will come down automatically. Throw a stone up and once the momentum is lost, it comes down with great speed. Hence the evil forces that surround the earth cannot remain for an indefinite time. The evil in the world has reached the highest peak and it has to come down automatically. Even in our body, when some bacteria affect some part of our body, antibodies develop within out system to fight the external germs. Hence there is swelling, redness and pus formation once an infection affects us. This is the inbuilt defense mechanism within our body cells. When the world created by god descends to abysmal levels, will He keep quiet doing nothing? No, already in proportion to the evil generated in the globe, there arise many good forces which are hibernating and wait for an appropriate chance to destroy the evil engulfed. Hence many affected people starts fervent prayers to god for his timely intervention. Many sages who are incognito now are planting holy vibrations all over the earth. Many revelations in the ancient religious scriptures are happening heralding the manifestation of supreme avatar (call it any name) This particular manifestation will fight those evil around the world ruthlessly and send them to the netherworld. Various religious scriptures have indicated many events prior to such manifestation. There will be floods everywhere, devastating floods, frequent earthquakes, loss of life in many areas around the world, wars between many countries. Even the present situation everywhere does not augur well for any country. China is flexing its muscles. North Korea is threatening even USA. There is no cordial relation between any countries with their neighbors anywhere. India is threatened by several powers bordering the country. There is restlessness everywhere! No days passes without some serious news somewhere in the globe! In short the world is in pell-mell.

Thought of Socrates.

Who will bell the cat now?

The next question is ‘who will bell the cat? Definitely no individual or world leaders or even forums like United Nations could bring any resemblance of peace and harmony among nations. It is purely in the hands of the creator alone who abides His time! This Dark Age should end soon to herald the Golden Age written in many scriptures!


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