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We can learn from Nature, birds and even insects!

Updated on September 15, 2015

Ants teach us cooperation!

The world is a best Teacher!

The world is a great university. A keen student will learn well in this university. One need not pursue education in famous institutes. If he had an observing mind, he will gather pearls of knowledge from every event of the world. There was a great saint in ancient days. He told the disciples that one can learn from the ocean, from the tree, rivers, honey bee, ants and from even insignificant things. How these things illumine our knowledge?

The ocean never allows any dirt to accumulate in it. Hence the ocean remains pure even after lakhs of years of existence. The ocean waves relentlessly chase the dirt and other foreign materials including dead aquatic creatures. Hence the shore is full of waste materials. Whatever impurity we notice on the ocean surface nowadays is due to the foolish acts of contamination by the ships and vessels which criss cross the surface all the twenty four hours.

Let us see, how a honey bee teach invaluable lessons to man. Sometimes, the honey bee flies for many miles to locate honey bearing powers. It collects the nectarine honey and bring it back to the honey comb! It never drinks the honey itself. It is stored in the honey comb for the use of entire colony. Hence, it teaches hard work, sacrifice and sharing. The honey bees and ants are best example for ‘co-operation. Sadly, man acts in a most selfish manner to day. The honey bee won’t gather any thing other than the pure honey. But man has become a gourmet and he eats all things in the sky and earth except the aero plane and ship!

The ant teaches us the value of labor and perseverance. Though the ant is tiny, it moves long distances to gather food for the colony. The ant is capable of carrying food particles several times bigger than its size. It toils in many ways to bring dead creatures by carrying it with the help of several ants. Watch the ant colony to understand the values of co-operation, self sacrifice and hard labor.

The trees give shade to one and all and feed the birds and tree dwelling animals, squirrels and many insects. It gives shade to the axe man who cut the trunk. Finally, the rivers are the life force for man, animals, birds, plants and other aqua creatures. The pertinent question is why man refuses to learn humble lessons from nature and insects?

The fundamental flaw is in human thinking. He feels himself superior and he considers that nature and other species of life is created to serve him. His big ego never allows him meekness. But the sages and saints have followed such nice lessons from nature, birds, beasts, trees, river system and the great ocean! The passing clouds teach us the best lesson. It asserts the impermanence of mortal life. Every being and every thing will be consumed by time. Even strong iron structures constructed some hundreds of years back crumble to day. The monuments and mighty palaces have been destroyed due to the forces of nature. We are left with some pillars, some sculptures of ancient Greek and Roman empires. Only Egypt boasts the huge pyramids at present!

Our life on earth is fickle like the lightening in the clouded sky. Hence never spend your entire energy in self seeking, gathering tinsels! Yes, all we value today become worthless in due course of time. Human life is meant for evolution into Divine. This can be achieved only by cultivating human virtues of Truth, Love, Tolerance, non-violence and righteousness. Only through sacrifice, man can achieve Self-Realization!

The honey bee!


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    • B Brian Hill profile image

      B Brian Hill 2 years ago

      This is fantastic. There is nothing more important than learning from nature, it is natural, just like it is natural for people to cooperate. What a great and inspirational read!