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We can truely learn from past mistakes!

Updated on June 18, 2013

Immortal teachings of the Lord!

Learning from mistakes-a true begining!

Every experience in this life must ensure wisdom. Everybody is prone to commit mistakes in life which results in loss of money or reputation etc. But we should learn lessons from the past mistakes and we should never repeat the same mistakes. Dale Carnege was an unsuccessful salesman in the beginning. He fumbled upon irate customers more often. He thought that the sales career is the most unsuitable one for him. This set him to think about the blunders he committed every day. But he chronicled his experiences and resolved not to repeat the same mistake again. He created a folder called “Fool things I have done”. The files grew in volume but Dale Carnege attained more wisdom. He avoided the mistakes already committed. Then came a time that he became a perfect salesman and successful too. This prompted him to write two best sellers “How to stop worrying and start living and how to improve public speaking”. None has attempted such beautiful experiences before. He became a most successful author with these two monumental creations. He started lecturing on the above concepts throughout the western world. He started courses in public speaking which will develop the self-confidence of those who attended the courses. He appreciated even small things he found in others. This improved the self-esteem of many customers which boosted their confidence. But he said that we should not pay lip service. Be genuine in your appreciation!

There are many books on self-confidence and public speaking. But many of them adopt devious ways to praise the other which are not genuine. Hence those books could not attract the public. Many of the methods adopted by Dale Carnege are spiritual Truths. If we prick or hurt other Ego, we will be hated most. Swami Vivekananda has said, Try to lift others and help them to improve by their own efforts. All are embodiments of Divine. But they are ignorant of their great heritage. They feel that they are limited to this vesture called ‘body’. Remove their ignorance slowly. Give food to the hungry but do not preach sermons to him. He is hungry and he needs food to satisfy hunger. Give water to the thirsty. Give a blanket to the one on the road side. These things will really help them. Hence prioritize what is needed. Give medicines to those who are ill. Only after removing their immediate problems, you can teach them about God. Otherwise they won’t mind your words. This is also the teachings of Jesus Christ.

When Priests visited new places, first they undertook service activities in the form of food, clothing and medication. They established schools to educate the deprived people. Hence they were successful. Afterwards, they taught about Christianity and Jesus Christ. With the willing cooperation of the locals, they founded many churches in those new localities. Even now there are many service oriented activities undertaken by some Christian Missionaries. Mother Terasa is one such example. Hence it is evident that all activities should be people centered and it must benefit the society at large.


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