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We do not know anything about creation or god!

Updated on November 17, 2015

Truth and Lie quote!

The mind or intellect can not conceive about God!

God is….This is the only possible explanation about God. While indicating human life, we indicate all the three tenses. But regarding God, we can indicate only in Present tense. This is the main difference between God and Man. God is ever present but human beings come and go. One is supreme reality and the other is passing cloud. It is really a great wonder that with little standing, man breeds big ego whereas God is ‘selfless’ and shower His supreme grace on one and all. For God, all are his own children, whether one is a devil or demon. He loves them equally like his pious children. In fact, god wants that the child who has turned evil must be transformed to good one. Hence god waits for the stranded one than looking at the good one. At times, it may seem that he is indifferent to good children. But actually, it is not the case. Outwardly he may not exhibit any special affection to the good one and seems to be more concerned with the arrogant one.

I will tell the real reasons behind this. God is the ocean and we are the waves. Waves always rise and fall on the surface of the ocean. When the ocean accommodates all types of waves, the roaring, and the calm, why should he discard the roaring one? In fact, all the waves emanate from the selfsame sea and falls into it. Likewise both positive and negative aspects of creation have arisen only from the selfsame God. Hence we cannot conclude that the positive is better than negative. It is conceptually incorrect. Without night, where is day? Without heat, where is cold? Without pain, where is pleasure? Without poverty, where is prosperity? These are the twins in creation. But God is beyond these dualities? It seems that god pervades everything, but at the same time, he transcends them too. Hence we can never assert that god is not in evil persons. He is the indweller of all. In pious persons, he will be more patent than in evil persons. This is the only difference!

How to resolve this anomaly? In fact, there is no anomaly at all. It is natural for dualities to exist in creation. Otherwise, creation can’t be sustained. If there is only one color, none will relish it. It is the multiplicity and variety which makes human life tolerable and possible! For example, today we have many contraptions to aid movement like the cycles, scooters, motor bikes, cars, busses etc. If you investigate the basic principle of manufacture of all the above, opposing forces aid movement of the vehicles. Imagine that there is only forward movement, how can we manufacture all this conveyances. The engine is based on strokes and movement of piston in both the directions. The strokes are based on up and down movement and the piston moves in the forward and reverse direction. Then only movement is possible. Hence the opposite forces aid the movement. Hence the creation is based on symmetry, harmony and equilibrium of forces. There is electrical energy which generates magnetism and magnetism in turn generates electricity. This is the basic concept of power generators. Hence duality is the reason for creation. Everything in the created world exhibit dual nature!

People talk that evil should be eliminated from the world. But if the world is to be sustained, there must be balance of good and evil. If everything is good, then there is no need for creation itself. Those who research on light know that there is only one color which is split into seven colors due to prism effect. Sunlight is white only but when it travels through the atmosphere, it gets reflected in several colors due to the presence of water particles in the atmosphere as well as gases. The sea and sky is white only but due to vastness and immeasurable depth, they are seen as blue colors. Take the seawater in your hand and examine. It will have the color of water only and the blue is the reflection we perceive. All things which are immeasurable are seen as blue or deep blue colors. If we do any research in Physics we will learn many truths about the universe. Now scientists aver that there is no ‘matter’ at all. It is the vibration of energy particles which are seen as solid matter. Everything or matter contains atoms which are subdivided into protons, electrons and neutrons. Now scientists are engaged in splitting the atom further and they give new names for such inventions. Nano technology is based on the premise. Hence with our limited knowledge we can never ascertain the origin of the universe or the power behind this miraculous world and cosmos. Since we have no knowledge about this, we cannot assert that we know everything. Our knowledge about the universe is just a handful of sand compared to the huge mountain ranges. Hence remain humble and do not prat that ‘man knows everything!

Great revelations!


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