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We need a corruption free administration everywhere!

Updated on February 8, 2017

Change is the only constant.

Change is the constant thing in the world!

Everyone in the world is aware that ‘change is the only constant thing in the world’. Planets move around the Sun, the earth rotates around itself as well as orbit the sun. The weather system is never stable. When there is heavy rain in one location, other area experiences heavy snow fall. In many of the arid places, the scotching sun is felt. There are floods, earthquakes and volcanoes. Depression in the sea causes rain and thunderstorm at the nearby places. When the cyclone crosses the land, heavy damages are inflicted on residences, people, trees and other infrastructures like the power line and towers. Many people are carried away in swift floods along with cattle. The farmer loses his precious crop raised on his lands with lot of labor and money! When things are like that, can anyone boast he is the master of situations and he could manipulate the strings as per his whims and wishes? Sadly it is not possible

Dr.Abdul Kalam thoughts on corruption

Sometimes God allows people to play their pet games!

Sometimes, god allows people to play their games. He watches them with amusement when they claim, ‘this area is mine and that area is yours! How can they claim the earth surface as their own? Have they created the piece of land? Someone clamor ‘I must occupy power and this is my legitimate due’! What power and pelf in front of fate? It is our own actions which recoil on us at a later date! Selfish games, nihilistic religions and greed have made the world, a veritable hell. This condition has been brought about by human ignorance. The ignorance arose from illusion that the body is me! How the body can be you? You are the occupant of the body and how can you claim the residence as ‘me’. Likewise, the dresses we wear cannot be our selves. The Atma or self, occupy different bodies in each incarnation, to work out the effects of past births. In one single birth, none can account for the various births he had undergone. In fact, both good and bad effects have to be gone through by every individual. We cannot claim that we were perfect in previous births nor can we claim that we were very bad guys throughout their various births. It is a mixture of sort. We ourselves are aware how much pollution is there in our thoughts in the present birth? If we had been perfect throughout, then also we need to undergo the good results thereon. We cannot attain salvation even if there is a small desire in the corner of our mind! When all past effects are undergone, we become eligible for Self-knowledge which will lead to self-realization.

Nothing is permanent.

Aim of human life!

As I have pointed out in several of my hubs that the aim of human life is to gain freedom from bondage! First, we must understand that we are bound. Many people feel that they are free. But the ego and selfishness always follow us as ‘bodyguards’. Hence we are really imprisoned in the body shell. Unless we break open the barriers, we cannot claim real independence! People say that India is an Independent democratic Republic. Well, it may be so in records. But, are we free to choose our leaders without any coercion? Do we exercise our franchise without fear or favor? I feel, something goads us to favor one candidate over other! For instance I performed my duties to the satisfaction of my conscience. Everyone can say so. But the lure of money will always obstruct our ways. Today, the clamor of each citizen is ‘corruption free administration’! Can we honestly say that ‘our leaders are honest’! Sadly NO. Politics is the breeding ground for corruption since “Power corrupts”. On attaining Independence, Mahatma Gandhi counselled the leaders to dismantle Congress. But the Congress party has not heeded to his sage counselling. The results are evident now. The selfless sacrificing leaders have gone and selfish individuals occupied the corridors of power. Today, we are witnessing power struggles in several states of India. Even within close relatives, there seems to be unending feuds.

Greed is the culprit.

The laudable goal of present government!

Politics has become ‘cesspool’ wherein only viral bacteria can thrive! The term ‘honest leader’ has become a rarity. Everywhere, there is mudslinging and leg-pulling takes place. Many stalwarts and honest individuals have occupied the seats of power and they have contributed much for education, water supply and agriculture etc. Shri Kamaraj and Shri Kakkan are the names that come to my mind. Utterly selfless, they never used their position to improve the condition of their relatives or friends. Those leaders were impartial and transparent. But today, politics do not accommodate such honest selfless persons. Cunning, cutthroat culture is very much prevalent everywhere in India as well as in some Western countries too. In India, corrupt politicians can go ‘scot free’ with his enormous unaccounted money. But, the bold step taken by the present Prime Minister Shri Modi has enabled to clean the financial system to an extent. Though Elections are taking place in five states, Modi risked his popularity to introduce ‘demonetization of higher value notes” The budget presented subsequently detail concrete steps towards cleaning the system of black money and corruption. He has taken the first steps to clean the financial system of the country. Let us hope that India achieves the goal in three to four years!

Corruption is the pest that eat the vitals of India.

Can we eradicate corruption by selecting honest leaders?

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