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Weakness and fear arises from body consciousness!

Updated on December 11, 2012

A sublime view!

Value the base!

Weakness and fear arises due to body consciousness. For one, who is always aware of the self within, nothing disturbs his calmness. He witnesses everything as a passing show and ignores them outright. This reminds me the Sun, which is not bothered by the dark thick clouds that hide it often. The wonder is that the clouds are formed due to the heat of the sun that evaporates the surface water of the ocean and the air rises above and forms as clouds in the sky. In a way, the clouds are the of springs of the Sun. The very same clouds dare to hide its master in a way. To the outsider, who look at this phenomenon, the sun seems to be hidden by the passing the clouds. But none can hide the sun longer. The blowing winds scatter the clouds and lo! The sun shines as before.

In a way, the above anomaly resembles the Self that is hidden by the mind principle. The mind arises from the self but it hides the very self which is its origin. People always look at the phenomenal world outside since the sense organs are externalized and they are not capable of focusing on the Self. The mind will lose its power once it merges back in the Self. The self is like ‘fire’ and the mind is like the ‘fly’. The fly will sit on all things except on fire. It will flee away from the fire. Our efforts should be to annihilate the mind to escape from this miserable ocean of earthly life. The only boat which will cross this ocean is the name of god dancing on the tongue of the devotees. Though the name of god is two or three lettered, yet its efficacy can not be comprehended by the human mind. The name “Rama”, Krishna, Jesus, Allah and Nanak should evoke great love and feelings in the heart of the devotees. Then only it can take us across the mysterious ocean of life.

Adhi Sankara, the great exponent of Advaita(Monism) has indicated in a song that people undergo births and deaths continuously. One who die again takes birth in a different place and different environ. We should try to escape from this cycle of births and deaths by following the teachings of great seers and Prophets. The only way is to hold on to the immortal SELF within each. Our attention is often drifted to the worldly pleasures. Have we ever pondered how long these fleeting pleasures of the senses are last? Put an ice-cream on your tongue. In a moment, it dissolves and gulped inside. The taste too lingers only for a few moments. Have anybody retained the taste for ever? We go to a cinema show. The show may last for two hours. You are deeply engrossed in the show, forgetting yourself. You feel the emotions expressed by the players of the cinema. The show ends! Can we enjoy the show any further? We may recollect a few impressive scenes but that also may fade. You hear a beautiful song! May be for few minutes. You enjoy the song, its melody and the depth. But the song has to end. Likewise, all the pleasures enjoyed by the senses are momentary.

There exists eternal happiness and peace in the realm of the Self. The fact is that we are part of the Self but we never believe in this theory. We feel that the body/mind complex and the world around is the only reality in life. One day, the body dies. Can the body enjoy anything anymore? No. It is inert. The life force has ebbed away. Only the life force has enabled the man to enjoy all this. The body is just like a log of wood. I can give one more example. Today, we live in the information age. We have all the gadgets, man can conceive of to connect to the world without moving away. For instance, the power supply goes. Every thing is dark. The costliest gadgets connected to the main go dead. Only the mobile and laptops can function for some time till the battery charge lasts.

The energy which activates all the electrical appliances is “electricity”. It acts as the life breath for all the appliances. Without the electricity, they are all as good as ‘scrap’. They are all the inventions of bright minds. Yet, they need electric current to function. Likewise, the life breath is vital for a physical entity. Hence the fundamental force should be valued rather than the gadgets! Likewise, everything in this world is activated by an unknown source but for which the creation is null and void. But we forget the base but value the structure which stands on it. Without the base, the structure can never exist.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Sir! Your thoughts are nice.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting hub. I just worry about folks that seem to only want this notion of Nirvana. Yes the flower only lasts for a season and then the season and the flower are gone. But then there is a new season with it's wonders, and so on and so on. I hope you find time to smell the flowers because they are glorious to behold, even for a moment.


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