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Wealth must be utilized to alleviate the sufferings of poor in society!

Updated on April 18, 2017

As you think...

Attractions causes desires which leads to attachments!

Attractions cause desires which cause attachments. We are fascinated by some colorful advertisement in the media and desire to possess the thing. Once we possess it, attachment develops in us. This is the vicious cycle. If our desires are not fulfilled, we become frustrated and angry! While attachment causes grief in the long run, detachment relieves us from depression. This is the theory behind happiness and sorrow. But this kind of happiness, which is the result of acquiring something, will not last long! All material things crumble over time. Even the strongest concrete buildings become debris once a bomb hit the building or earthquake reduces it to mere debris. Once a wealthy man constructed a very beautiful and attractive palatial building and he invited a recluse to inaugurate the palace! Somehow the recluse accepted the invitation and on the appointed time, he reached the venue and the wealthy man invited the recluse with due respect. Even the recluse praised the team who took so much pain to erect such a nice building with attractive and pleasing frontage as well as the colors and lighting arrangements. After going through the main hall and adjacent rooms, the recluse was seated comfortably and the wealthy man thanked the recluse for accepting his invitation. The man praised the recluse and prayed him to reveal any defects he noticed in the building!

Attachments leads to...

Nothing is permanent forever in this material world!

The recluse smilingly told him, “apparently there is no defect but there is one defect, which nobody can rectify! The wealthy man was astonished and he again prayed the recluse to reveal the particular defect. The recluse told him, “Neither the building is permanent, nor the occupants! He added, “Don’t you know that even famous emperors have departed after ruling the kingdom for many years? Have you not noticed remnants of ancient kingdoms reveal just a few pillars or dome? What happened to those beautiful palaces and the inmates? Time is the destroyer of everything in this universe! This is the main defect I perceive. Hence do not become proud that you were able to construct such beautiful palace! The rich man saw the reason and he became humble thereafter! We have studied in history books, the great Roman Empire, the great Pyramids in Egypt, the Greek Kingdom etc. Excepting the gigantic pyramids, nothing much is left in the Empires baring few ornamental pillars with some human or animal figurine. Hence time reduces everything to rubble! Once monolithic earth surface has got divided into seven continents due to onslaught of time and natural forces! This is the truth behind this material universe. The life of human beings is still worse. At least the palaces built of stone and rocks longer than the human body. Hence it is essential that we must ask the vital question! What for we are here? What is the aim of life of human race on earth? Is it for building vast empires and palaces? Is it for enjoying sensual pleasures with beautiful maidens of yore? Even dogs and pigs enjoy carnal pleasures! Why this human life with superior intelligence and discriminating powers? Is it for hoarding and acquiring vast wealth in the form of gold and silver? We cannot carry even a grain of sand from this earth when we depart! Everyone possesses sufficient intelligence to raise such queries but none seem to find out answers. There is rat race everywhere for earning money. People crisscross the sky every day to finalize billions of dollars of worth business! What for? They are earning for generations and not for their immediate family alone!

Sai service projects.

What is the value of unutilized money?

I was wondering many times, what is the value of money in human life. Even a beggar earns every day to feed him and his family. The billionaire does the same but in addition he keep a substantial sum in lockers and bank deposits for the sake of his great grandchildren! They will praise him “my great grandfather was a shrewd business man. He founded a great business empire and he bequeathed the empire for his great grandchildren! If the children and grandchildren are not shrewd, they will lose it in no time! Yes, there are crooks and toots lurking in each corner of the cyber space who can cipher on other’s accounts in few minutes. Neither one can store them in underground iron vaults. Once the person hoarding such currencies and gold die, none will have clue to access the wealth and use it. These exigencies’ could be avoided, if one uses his excess wealth for removing the hunger of many children of this society. Ample service could be rendered to the poor and downtrodden in society. Then the happiness obtained through such charity makes us to enjoy the Bliss of the Soul.

Water supply to a big Metro from Sai Trust!

The mission of Sathya Saibaba to help the Poor in society!

God is really pleased when we raise our hand to help others! This is the truth Jesus and other exalted souls like Prophet Mohammad have taught to the people of the world. Hence Sathya Saibaba reiterated “Help ever; Hurt Never’. He not only preached but established FREE educational centers, FREE super specialty Hospitals offering tertiary care to all the patients throughout the year. None is charged even one rupee! There is no billing department in Sai hospitals. His hospitals have performed more than one Lakh surgeries in cardiology, urology and other disciplines to most of the rural population who are penniless and illiterate. Two such big hospitals which offer the latest treatment to the poor people and others in India are really temples of health. Many foreign dignitaries have visited his Institutes and wondered at the quality of treatment given to all segments of society absolutely free! His educational Institutes offer free education from KG to PG level in addition to MBA, MFM and M.Tech in latest computer technology. For the past twenty years, his hospitals are doing yeoman service to the underprivileged sections from remote villages. In addition, mobile medical care units are visiting the surrounding villages every week and offer immediate medical assistance to the affected. He has constructed houses for the destitute. He has provided potable drinking water facilities to the entire district from the funds of the Trust without relying on government assistance.

It is His wish that such facilities must be provided to the entire people on earth. Health, education and drinking water must be provided FREE to one and all. May all the world be Happy!

Money hoarded is real theft from society!

Do you believe that God has entrusted wealth in order to help the poor?

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