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We're All Screwed Up, Each And Every One of Us

Updated on October 31, 2012

It’s true.

There are no flawless people.

Rich. Poor. Ugly. Pretty. Fat. Slim. In-shape. Out of shape. Tall. Short.

If you’re human, you’ve got issues. Some more than others, but no one has been left behind on this one.

How does this fit with the idea that you’re perfect?


If you just relax, accept and embrace your created state, a whole raft of the problems you perceive you have will drift away.

If you learn to accept and appreciate others, an entire second raft of issues would also float away.

If you take to nurturing your self and others, still more would float away.

But alas, you’d still have issues left... because you’re human. You react to your environment. You react to how you were raised. You get wounded. Some of them heal. Others become scars. But all are part of you.

Being human means you’ve been wounded.

So stop fighting it.

Embrace it.

Laugh about it.

We’re all screwed up.

Quit pretending. When you do that, you’re the only one being fooled. Every one else sees your foibles, our issues and – surprise – they still talk with you, interact with you.

Some people even like you, befriend you, love you.

So relax. Start enjoying you, and all the other “yous” that cross your path.

Wait a minute. What about all those “bad” people, -- rapists, thieves, murderers, etc.

Fair enough.

I’m a firm believer in nurture over nature, or more accurately, the devastation that happens when we are not nurtured adequately. We are all born innocent. Babies are not born with hate in their hearts. But they are emotional sponges. They soak up the emotions surrounding them – because that’s their only basis for interacting, for surviving in the world. They have no language. They just have emotional expression.

A neglected baby is going to express itself. Sadly, that expression – crying – can be more than a little annoying and can break even the most patient among us. Reactions to incessant wailing can and do create negative reactions which then get absorbed by the baby.

Pile up enough negative energy, it’s going to have a negative impact on the baby that carries on to the developing child.

Studies have indicated the most crucial time in the development of a child is the first three years. This means, two thirds of our development takes place in an environment that is non-verbal. Emotions only.

The impressions created from these emotion-based reactions form the foundation of how we instinctively, intuitively react and interact with the world. If the major components of that foundation are the result of negative reactions, that negativity is going to express itself as a component of the behaviors and reactions the developing person exhibits when interacting with its environment and other people. These reactions continue into adulthood based on how they have been reinforced through the life experiences.

Cause and effect.

Action, reaction.

We’re actually very simple creatures. What makes us complicated are all the reactions and compensation behaviors we’ve developed through the years – the tricks and tools we’ve taught our selves or acquired to help us cope, survive.

This is all to say, we don’t live in a perfect world. We actually live in a very tough place.

But we can take corrective measures.

And one way to start is to take an honest look at who you are, accept who you are, be thankful for who you are and love who you are.


A group hug of one.


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