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Aries - What's Next for the Sign of Perpetual Action?

Updated on June 12, 2013

They Don't Need To Learn Anything. But Where Will They End Up?

As a contemplator of "Reincarnative Process", I often wonder, what certain sun signs are processing as they march through life. What is their next step on the horary wheel? Astrology has theoretical opnions on this, and it is definitely a "take" in this Ancient Art. Today, we will contemplate the inestimable Aries, the Energy Bunny of the Zodiac.

When you get to an Aries, you have to ask yourself what can such a dynamic and energy filled soul be going to next? They are relentless doers. If not accomplished, then at least active. If not productive, then at least turning the chairs over. If not loving, then at least lovers. If not smart, then at least learning. Their motor takes them all over the kaleidoscope, smashing into this and that, and still they get up with a smile on their face, a bruise on their forehead, a wistful sigh and then onward.

Between the Heartbeats

Never think that just because an Aries is "wistfully sighing" that they don't already have a vision of what their next move is. And even if they don't have a vision, at least they will make a move anyway. It is in spring time motion that all of their learning occurs. In a sense, is not nature so beautifully tuned? To create a life force that is action personified, protected by a teflon face and a vitality that never quits. Aries is special because somehow the exhaustion phase is on neutral. Oh, yes, they can collapse from exhaustion, but the collapse and recovery happen between breaths. You know, in that moment in the beating of a heart, in between pumps, you know, that pause in between "on" and "off". You know between that moment when you see them at rest, and when they are on "go".

What Kind of Life Is Next For An Aries?

I pose that Aries' next life, is contemplative, slow acting, chewing, instead of gulping, mozying instead of leaping. Beauty contemplating, instead of beauty making. To a real live Aries in the midst of its sparkling existence, this sounds like resignation. But alas, there are humans on this planet who live quieter lives, and they don't think that this is a defeat, or an "interlude".

"Look upon all you have done"; said the Older Brother to the newly arrived Aries, on the "other side". The Aries looks back and sees it's whole existence, and goes: "This is going to take some time!"

The Aries will need to take that time for the soul to catch up with the movie. Have you ever just asked a friend what has been happening in an action or crime film? Ask the quickest person on the couch, and they quickly give you the plot and what all the main characters have done, why they are motivated the way they are, and what they are going to do next. You say: "Thanks" and then you begin watching the movie. What is the detriment here? Well, you have not really watched the movie, you have just been told what about the movie. Sometimes Aries bodily and mentally powered lives can leave them with this kind of circumstance. It is not that they were not there, its just that they may have not had time to contemplate things like "meaning", "perspective", "character development".

A Brit on disability just found a cache of gold in a field with a metal detector. Its on the news. There is a metaphor here for the Aries. An Aries anciently in the 7th or 8th Century probably had something to do with hiding the gold in the open field, because he was on the run to a new conquest. That guy on disability who just had to do something could also have been an Aries! What is the lesson here? Aries has it all over most all of us. They know that the more they keep moving, the problem of "ennui" or boredom will not sleep in their bed. But also, alas, the processing of life, your impact on it, what it has done to you, how it has changed your life, how you might have changed others --- all these things tend to go by the way side in the life of the Aries.

"Yes, this is Based Upon a Multiple Life Model"

Of course, this is based upon a returning existence for the soul. If you can not accept that, or do not wish to think about it, because it is irrelevant and superstitious, then this is not for you. However, the psychological ramifications are still there. Each life lived in its own fashion, carries with it obvious psychological aspects which would be helpful or therapeutic to a given life. One Rich Actor once said, on a talk show, "You know, everyone should do, would do, therapy if they had the money and the time. Its for everyone you know." The Aries should not be offended that contemplation, processing, searching for the deeper meaning and caring about other souls is a recommendation. Every life that is worth living is also worth contemplating.

The Green Beret and Shakespeare

In a deeper sense, if you don't have anything to look back upon, then what is their to contemplate? And so, we come around again to the Aries basic approach. "I am living life, so that there will be something to contemplate!" And you know, that is true! Isn't it marvelous? The true Green Beret Aries will sit there and say: "Its all in the pattern of things, I am living my life "til hell won't have it" And again, that is true. But in the multiple life model, you have to think about what your next experience might be. The Aries creates a plot line for a good author to write about. Shakespeare said that "we are all actors on the stage, reading our dialogue, playing our part, and then we exit stage left" (Paraphrased). Aries is one of the Star Actors on Life's Stage, and they virtually guarantee and require a "next life" for contemplation.

When you lie completely exhausted some night, and you accidentally don't have something to do. Don't reach for the phone and schedule something just for the sake of action and movement. Take some time for you and your soul. Go inside for a moment and ponder the texture of your heart, map the terrain of your brain. Yeah, you could take Yoga. But then that's something to schedule and do. For a moment, just sit there, breathe in deep, and contemplate the wonder that you are. The more you do that, ironically, the more you will see how much more you could do. And that is the Catch 22 of Being You. Enjoy.

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    • Christofers Flow profile image

      Christofer French 8 years ago from Denver

      Dear GPAGE, the great thing about being an Aries is that they are intellectually alive. You can tell them God's truth and they will say, "Well, you're not God, but you still could be right." Their self esteem is usually intact, and thus they can always grow. Its great actually. The Aries life is a doing life, but it is also a growing life. My recommendations are about being more whole in this life.

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 8 years ago from California

      Chris. This is a fantastic hub! You are right about a lot of things. It has taken me a long time to "be still." My writing is all part of "that."

      From your Aries friend. GPAGE