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What Are Bindunes and Runic Formulas and Spells

Updated on March 11, 2013

What are bindrunes? And what are runic formulas? Both of these terms refer to simple magical symbols that are meant to do something - act either as talisman, or as amulet. Most probably, these symbols are as old as runes themselves. How to create and use them, you will learn in this tutorial.

At first, when I was truly a beginner, I was using the scripts and bindrunes which I have found online. Later on, with growing knowledge and experience, I begun to create my own sets of symbols. I strongly advice you not to create your own sets until you have few years of experience and better understanding of the runes. As you should already know, runes are powerful symbols, but even the symbols made for good, can influence you in negative way. It’s all about the energies, so use runes wisely.

What The Heck Is Bindrune Or Formula?

Bindrune is a symbol made of few runes merged together into one symbol. And runic formula, also known as runic script, is a set of runes that look like a word. The difference isn’t really that big, but as far as I’ve noticed, bindrunes have greater energies. Does it mean they work better? I haven’t noticed that - but they radiate with greater energies.

How To Use Bindrunes And Formulas?

There are many ways to use bindrunes and runic formulas. Often, they’re written or engraved on physical objects like knives, computers, cars. It might be a normal daily object, or ritual object. There are countless possibilities. Just:

  • Find a script - via online, or in some books about Norse runes.
  • Place it on the object - either write it or engrave it. My friend Sorty have a nice example on her blog, a formula on a candle :).

And that’s all :). But, I have few additional tips and words of advice:

  • Don’t create your own bindrunes or scripts - at least not until you gain few years of experience.
  • Don’t use too many scripts - or bindrunes; I mean that each script or bindrune have it’s own energies, and they might interfere with each other, creating very negative situations. Use one script or bindrune in given time, no more.
  • Perform divination before using the script - and before using the script or bindrune, perform a divination with runes. Learn if you really need any additional talisman or amulet, because if you don’t, then it’s better not to use them.
  • Burn the script or bindrune - when the task has been accomplished, and the bindrune or runic script isn't needed any more, burn it in fire. It won't become dangerous this way.

With these tips, you will have no problems using bindrunes and runic formulas.

Some people ask me, what's the best material that you can use for bindrunes and runic formulas. Some say wood, other think about stone, but in all these cases, there's just too much work needed to be done. Personally, I'm big fan of creating runes formulas and bindrunes on paper.

Recommended book for beginners

Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick
Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick

A simplified guidebook for those who wish to make first steps on the path of runic divination & magick.


When No Wood Available, Use Paper!

I became such paper fan when I begun studies at University and I had no access to wood or stones. So I used yellow sticky notes to create all my necessary runic scripts - I was using mainly formulas for healing cold and passing exams - well, that went well :). If you want to learn how to use paper in creation of talismans and amulets, read on.

  • First thing to do is to get the paper. As I said, the best choice is called "sticky notes" - they don't have to be yellow, but they need to be sticky. When you have a set of these, you also need something to write. A pen, or marker, or pencil or whatever you like. Then, just get the script you need (either look for it in books, or on websites, or design your own), and get to work.
  • Just fold the sticky note to create a nice looking rectangle bar and write down the script on it. You're done!

Then keep the script close to you, for example in your pocket, or in your walled and it will do the job. It's the simplest runic magick that you can perform in the time of need. But of course, it's not the end of this process.

Each Talisman or Amulet Must Be Destroyed

When the talisman or amulet isn't needed any more, and it served its purpose (or not), you can't keep it - you need to destroy it. This is one of the reasons why I don't like to use wood or stones - it's a lot more work to do in order to carve the runes, and after the job is done, it's harder to get rid of the objects - wood need to be burned, and stones need to be buried far away.

  • In order to destroy runic script or bindrune, you need to prepare a refractory vessel and a bunch of matches. Place the script in the vessel, and burn it.

That burn part is important - fire is known of utilizing negative energies, and often all the energies the object might hold. Do not hide the script, do not throw it away, just burn it. If you'll fail to do so, it's energies might still influence you in very negative way. Always burn your magical items.

That's it - it's fun, simple and fast way of creating talismans and amulets made of runes - easy to prepare, easy to use, and finally easy to destroy. If you'll need one-time runic formula, use this method of creating it.


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