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What Are The Shadow People

Updated on August 14, 2012

Shadow Person in the News

What Are The Shadow People?

What is it that people are seeing in the middle of the night? What are these strange shadow like beings that seem to move about against the darkness? For almost two decades reports of mysterious shadow people have been growing in numbers. Some will say the more sensationalism the phenomena gets the more the reports are going to grow. This is a just a law of cause and effect... but is it? Perhaps those that had experienced the phenomena before had just decided to tune it out because there was nothing to reference the experience with. But the more people are able to identify with a said phenomena the more others will piece together what it is they have experienced as well.

Rational Explanations:

So let us explore what plausible explanations there are for some reports that can show that this phenomena is just caused by someones overactive imagination...

  • Pareidolia - The minds ability to create recognizable patterns from chaos. It is possible that seeing light phenomena out of the peripheral area of the vision that a person will see something in the chaotic background of the environment that is interpreted as a person moving about, in darkness this makes even more sense.
  • Hypnogogic State (Hypnagogia) - The state of the sleep cycle where your body has been paralyzed to prevent movement during a REM sleep pattern. The hypnogogic state also called Hypnagogia is the bodies defense mechanisim that works to stop the body during dream states from moving. If this state did not exist we would all be fighting off demons or trying to fly out our windows while we slept. Hypnagogia strikes when a person has become aware of their environment but are still in the REM sleep phase. They will feel paralyzed, they will have a sense of weight on their chest or about the face making it seem hard to breath, they may have a feeling of being watched or even sat on, and they can also have waking hallucinations caused by the dream state. This documented phenomena has been with humanity all along. In the dark ages people called it the old hag syndrome where a witch was coming into the room at night and sitting on their chest.

Shadow People Drawings

Drawings of shadow people
Drawings of shadow people

Shadow People

Other Explanations

Reports of Shadow People vary from person to person. Some people report seeing figures moving in the darkness as a non-solid figure or a cloud of darkness to full on solid black figures with the shape of a person, some even report seeing glowing red eyes.

Other Explanations:

  • Cross Dimensional Trans-migration - Two universes existing side by side where two beings of separate realities cross one anther's path but can only perceive a limited amount of information about the other beings existence.
  • Ghosts - Non-living consciousness that has been imprinted on the environment. This allows a living person to act as a conduit receiver to the imprinted information that is within the environment, the brain acts like a radio tuned into the environments imprinted information of a traumatic emotionally charged event experienced by another consciousness and when received is played back and re-perceived by the witness.
  • Demonic Force - A non-physical being of lower energetic vibration which feeds upon the negative psychic emotions and energies of a person such as anger and fear.
  • The Dijin - It's been said that the Dijin were an intelligent race that once inhabited our world long before mankind's race took hold. Ancient astronaut theorist say it is possible that a race of alien beings with whom we men have a genetic connection to came to earth and imprisoned the Dijin by causing their quantum vibration to phase just outside that of what men call the physical universe. They are still able to interact and see men but men are unable to interact with the Dijin.

Shadow People

The idea that these phenomena are not being experienced by the population and are nothing but urban myth and legend should be disregarded by the sheer weight of numbers from those people who have had these experiences. To dismiss this phenomena would be wrong to all those who have had, what to them is a very real experience and often has challenged their own sense of what is real and what is not. I pose that these experiences may be a mixture of all the above ideas stated here from rational to paranormal. Please leave comments about your experiences with The Shadow People.


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