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What Atheist Means To Me!

Updated on July 15, 2017

My Background

By natural birth my name is Elijah [almighty god is I Am That I Am] Alfred [wise counselor] Alexander [defender of man], Junior [the latter] whose birth home was Mount Olive community of what is now Grambling, Louisiana. Elijah Alexander, Sr. was my daddy and a former with Annie B. his schoolteacher wife. I’m the fourth of five children of two girls followed by three boys born to them. They both were Christians [not according to Acts 11:19-26] who kept us in church so much I often say, “I was conceived in church” meaning I was cultivated into Christianity since the beginning this incarnation.

In spring of ’49 they separated with Senior returning to Baker, LA and left the five children with AB, as she was usually called. After that summer’s Revival I was baptized and the following summer we three boys went to live with him for two years. The baby and I returned in summer of ‘52 but the oldest boy went back to Baker until AB went in December and retrieved him to finished his fifth grade year, my third and the youngest first before moving to Forth Worth, TX the following August to live with AB’s preacher uncle. There she played piano for the youth choir and insisted all five of us sang in it which required attending practice once each week, Sunday School, morning and evening worship with Baptist Training Union before the evening session and often 3pm services. So, yes I was cultivated into the Baptist denomination of Christianity.

At 15 I got into a private altercation with AB and went back to Senior for a year where I got into two with him before returning to Texas. I got a Social Security Card and went half a day to school and half to work called "Distributive Education". I should have graduated from high school at 17 but ended up getting my diploma in January ’63 and worked until joining the U.S. Air Force as a aircraft mechanic of one and two engine fighters jets in November ’64 with two trips to Viet Nam before November ’69’s discharge. However, just after jet mechanic school I married the first of two wives, fathered two children, separated in ’72 and finalized our divorce in early ’73 then between September and October was “spiritually conceived” before remarrying in ’74.

During my spiritual gestating, most of three years, I became a Sunday School teacher and a preacher until “born” August 6 when I stopped working for money after eight month of travailing that began in December ‘75. I was a crawling child for nearly a year beginning late September ’76 and lasted until August ’77 when I was told by spirit “a staff is for a walking man” and stopped hick hiking to begin walking unless offered a ride. It took me to Key West Florida and back across the U.S. into Canada’s Northwest Territory before I re-crossed the U.S. into Mexico and Belize before a deportation returned me to the U.S. for continuing over 44 of the continental states that ended in Washington, DC in 2009.

Before my 1980 deportation I stopped believing in god and in 1981 I spent two and a half years in New Your City where my dress became only jean shorts open on the legs. In ‘84 I returned to Grambling where a friend saw me walking in snow and gave me the “new birth” name “NatureBoy” [living one foot in civilization and the other in the self-reproducing environment to surviving civilization’s ends] I've used ever since. Because of not believing in god I call myself an Atheist-Christian for following Isaiah’s prophecy of how to be "saved."

Jesus Was Atheist

Most Christians believe in "a creator" god but there are a few who don't, I'm one of the few not needing a creator god. Another is the person with the pseudonym "Jesus" who has revealed the same. Isaiah 7:14 through verse 22 is the prophecy Christianity uses for making him deity because of "the virgin birth" but the symbols says he was an atheist. My understanding is based on living what that prophecy say we must do, follow Jesus' example as he also commanded.

What Isaiah 7:14-15 say about the Christ’s being atheist as I read it in the KJV with symbols interpreted [bold in brackets] is as follows. "14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel [in man is god]. "15 Butter [a cow's milk man processes into food for us, not environment reproduced, civilization] and honey [from the environment’s flowers bees extract as food gathered in excess for any specie to use without harming them] shall he eat [learn the laws of], that he may know to refuse the evil [civilization], and choose the good [the environment]. "16 For before the [Christ] child shall know to refuse the evil [civilization], and choose the good [environment], the land that thou [man-in-mas] abhorrest [dreads or afraid of] shall be forsaken [by the child] of both [the two of] her [death's] kings [devil over evil and god over good]."

The way man generally believe in god, if he had participated in good and evil he would be hell bound so Jesus didn't believe in god or he would never have violated what god told man not to do, like what we believe concerning Adam. But Adam didn’t violate god's law. God didn't tell him about the tree of life only "The Tree of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil" is the tree of death was he told. He would not have known about death had he not been told about it, thus, he did what the intent was, discovered death, which is not discarnating. The tree's name is "The Knowledge" which isn't eaten by mouth but by the mind and "good and evil" are based on sense perceptions and they usually detect the reverse of what is conveyed to our minds. That makes it nothing more than man’s deciding to like and dislike. The Christ, on the other hand, took the objective approach and investigated everything with "cautious learning" [fear's definition for determining what is the appropriate use and intended purpose for everything] and discovered it is “The Tree Of Life.”

Jesus' words concerning his being deity reads and interprets: "I said I am the son of god;" "I and my father are one” [but should be zero since zero is the only whole number, the others are fractions of it]; "I am in the father and the father is in me;" "when you see me you see the father;" "I do what I see my father do" and on the cross he cried "my god, my god, why hath thou forsaken me" upon seeing his life force leaving his body. Without their context to distract us those words declare him "Emmanuel" or "in man is god" rather than “god with us” as the organized church say Emmanuel means. He healed the sick, raised the discarnated, restored sight to the blind, corrected dysfunctional limbs, calmed the sea and walked on water, which suggest he is god. He also proclaimed everyone who believe on him would be able to exceed what the record say he did and means we become god.

Why Christ Used God

The messiah used "God" for two primary reasons; 1) had he declare there is no god it would alienated him from the Jew more and 2), because he was not to proclaim direct truth or he would prevented the prophecies he hadn't fulfilled from being manifested by the second messiah.

The earth is a plane of duality where everything has an opposite for the purpose of questioning to becoming wise by understanding them. Look at the number of “judgmental adjectives” we use daily based on since perception that produces emotions and blinds us from understanding their purposes. That was the death of Adam and Eve as soon as it was touched, again, it was not discarnating as unwise man call death. Thus, the Bible’s messiah came to lay a foundation for the second.

The Bible presents two messiahs, three including Moses per Exodus 4:6-8. In Exodus Moses was told, "if they will not believe you, nor the first sign that they will hearken to the latter sign" which means after Moses comes two messiahs. There were two rocks [teachers with water being their message] signs given as Israel crossed the wilderness, a first he was to smite and a second he was to speak to but smote twice. There is a "rod" from Jesse's stem and a "branch" from his roots also and there are others in the Bible, also other religions await a messenger’s return the second messiah will be the manifestation of.


Our problem is we are lack word definitions. The scientist say our ancestors are Homo Sapiens defined as “wise man” and Genesis 1:26 & 28 suggest we are wise enough to exceed earth and everything hereon. To exceed earth and everything hereon man must have a mind "able to comprehend all things" of earth for it’s impossible to exceed anything not understood. Thus, to say man is to say god so why do we need an external creator when we are it. To say man suffices.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that thing which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” By those words creation has been eliminated therefore we have no need for a creator god. The foregoing teachings of the messiah suggest there was no creation and without it there is no need for a creator.

I took “peyote” in 1983 and was given two visions. One was a humongous ball of twine without a beginning or end. In the second everything began accelerated at a speed beyond my comprehension and I’d say, “change constant” or I would “call my first name” that restored clarity. After sobering I meditated and was revealed the twine was existence without end the times I was unable to comprehend and call my name was asking for understanding, also I discovered when I change locations clarity would come. Only after those visions did I began to piece together the understanding in my present writings.

The prophetic life where Nebuchadnezzar lived like the other animals (Daniel 4:33) and his mind [belief in god and devil, good and evil and the like] was taken from him for seven times [thousand year of transition between material to the spiritual civilizations] before its restoration shows man what is required to survive the termination of the world, humble ourselves like the other animals. The devil, god’s opposition, is cast into the lake of fire means god will also, the concept of god exists only during civilizations and not the transitions between them. Thus, being atheist and rejecting judgmental adjectives are the requirements for the end time salvation. God is also an opposite to confound man-en-mass during civilizations.

Doesn't it appear that the one called Jesus was an atheist?

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    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 4 years ago from Washington DC

      Thanks for your bias opinion, which everyone is entitled to.

    • CertifiedHandy profile image

      Chaplain Bernell Wesley 4 years ago from Jonesboro,Georgia

      "Why would Jesus use the term god you ask? For two primary reasons, 1) had he straight out declare there is no god it would alienated him from the Jew and, 2) because he was not to proclaim the direct truth which would have disallowed the prophecies he hadn't fulfilled from manifesting." So, in essence you are saying Jesus was a liar and and deceiver. Only the "Devil" could proclaim that. Besides Jesus never proclaimed to be a little "god": there is a difference between God and "god".

      You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44 ... His In Service