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Huge Benefits of being AWARE in the moment

Updated on June 4, 2017
CC Saint Clair profile image

An honest look at our personal and cultural modus operandi can generate a conscious rethinking of what, of our body-mind, is ours to adjust

A spiritually oriented satire of Marketing funnels

The spiraling, tongue in cheek, blurb below was inspired, years ago, by the principle of the rather annoying ‘Marketing Funnel’ advertising model – the basis of most sales pitches circa 2012.

The funnel model ‘plays’ with the consumer-reader on 4 levels:

  • Awareness – of the existence of a product or service
  • Interest – triggering an interest in the product
  • Desire – instilling the desire for this particular product
  • Action – doing whatever is needed to access target product

Proceed with care: the following pitch is best read with a grin :-)

Yes, indeed, proceed with care and, please, don’t skip bits, as this ‘funnel’ is deceiving in a good way.

It is a bit longer than a real funnel because it is actually peppered with real Saint-Clair content. It’s only the format that’s a bit ‘weird’.

Corner Stone Stuff

Being present in the moment is such an absolute corner-stone concept to master and yet – weirdly, such a difficult act to manage for more than a few seconds at a time that I'm forever trying to find new ways to explain it, differently, and will stop at very little, as will prove in this ‘funnel’.

I had a great time writing it along the lines of the marketing strategy used by cyber entrepreneurs called ‘the funnel’. Yes, that one, the one you love to hate: highlights, bold font, over-use of capital letters and all.

One major difference though: this blurb is simply intended to make you grin - not spend any of your hard-earned $. So, please, Read, Grin & Nod!

Emotional Neutrality

When your mind is not cluttered by a myriad thoughts from the realm of What-If and Why Not and How Come and How could I and Why didn't I and Why Me and Poor Me, your mind processes what is happening in real time a lot faster - just like your computer works faster once you’ve purged all the temp files along with the dud ones and once it’s been defragged, debugged and cycled through all the essential updates.

One of the benefits that flow on from reaching moment by moment emotional neutrality is that you will be able to handle much more efficiently whatever presents itself in real time in the moment that is truly under your feet.


Here’s How:

When you are ‘in’ the moment, you are much less likely to make mistakes, any mistakes, be they physical, mental or emotional.

Fact: YOU remember where you saved that one important file created last week.

Big time/anxiety saver

Fact: YOU remember where you left the car keys and you REMEMBER the grand-child in your care.

Big time/anxiety saver

Fact: Because YOU are AWARE of the traffic and road conditions at any given moment, your front bumper doesn’t hook up with anyone’s back bumper.

Big time/$/anxiety saver

Fact: YOU don’t sit on your glasses or on your laptop lid.

Big time/$/anxiety saver

Fact: YOU don’t get dates confused and miss events even though they were diarized.

Big time/anxiety saver

Fact: YOU don’t leave any of your digital devices on the seat next to you, then absent-mindedly walk away.

Big time/$/anxiety saver

Look at it this way: If Time = $, do the Math!


Rethink Thinking and see how much time Stepping Stones can save YOU DAILY once you master the art of being present in the moment that is under your feet!

Hear the $$$$ go ka-ching! in your piggy bank.

Ask yourself this question:

How much is ALL this time saved PLUS all these stress-free moments WORTH to me?

More $ Saved

Here’s a bonus:
Know that when you are in the moment you are mentally poised to accept the unexpected in mid-stride.

Not only that but you react as you would have preferred to have reacted.

No MORE: Oh, why did I say that?!!? Wtf ...why did I DO that?!?

When you are in the moment, you SHAPE the moment from the inside/out into a moment you will never live to REGRET.

AND because your MIND is not revving between What-Was and What-Might-Be, because it no longer speculate, about What-Ifs, when YOU are in the moment, moment after moment, YOU sleep like a baby cradled in Soul’s arms.

Say No to all manner of sleeping aids = More $ saved

Once YOU have mastered the art of being in the moment, you don't let yourself be overwhelmed by distracting, scary, useless bits of nothingness, intangible fear-mongering, assumptions and suppositions because you understand that they don’t live anywhere but inside your mind.


Need More Convincing?

Not quite ready to take my word on it?

Let Alan Watts, the man who brought Zen Buddhism to the west convince you.

In his book, The Way of Zen, he has this to say: “I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.”

And also this: “This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

No more painting your Self into a scary corner.

When you are IN THE MOMENT, there is no scary ‘tomorrow’. There is only the methodical processing of what YOU need to do right here, right now, one thing at a time, quietly, peacefully aware from the inside/out!

No more Johnny Walker- no more therapeutic marijuana - no more Ibuprofen - no more Prozac = no more emotional crutches = MORE $ saved

Let me say that differently: when YOU are in the moment, there is NO tomorrow that you can’t control because it is from this ‘right-now moment’ that stem all your other moments.

You want to plan a BRILLIANT tomorrow for yourself? Sure you do!


Say No More!

Here’s how you, too, CAN get a BIGGER share of ALL the good things YOU DESERVE:

React according to your BETTER judgement – no knee-jerks, no impulsive behavior, no tantrums in response to ANY of the myriad moments that present themselves under your feet - all brought to you on the conveyor belt of Life.

A CALM head and an OPEN HEART, a non-judgmental attitude PLUS the deep down understanding that WHAT-IS simply HAS TO BE is what you derive from the sustained practice of being in the moment.

ACTIVE Acceptance rules over resentment!

It is the Active Acceptance of WHAT-IS that makes YOU wiser. It makes YOU grow stronger. No moment will ever faze you again!

The results are quick, so brace yourself for the flurry of AMAZING-dazzling-awesome moments that will simply be drawn to you like bees to pollen.

When you are in the moment, there is NO sad sitcom playing in your head.

Say NO to unsolicited thoughts!

You Are the Master – FEEL them disappear faster than a lizard at our approach.

When you are IN THE MOMENT you are in charge of 'your' SELF.

No thought will EVER drag you along by the nose – not anymore!


Do the Math

More than a fact, here’s a GUARANTEE:
Being Aware ‘in’ the moment is the only 100% non toxic, natural way with which to combat your addiction to Worrying.

Imagine this:

No more need of retail therapy.

No more need for a chocolate binge.

NO MORE need for that brandy just before going to bed. No more reasons to be either an alcoholic or a workaholic.

Again, don’t just take my word for it - DO the MATH

Take It From Moriya

Moriya reminds us that: People go about their daily business like hungry animals. They WANT this and they desire that and still they want more than what they already have. The more they buy, the more they ingest and the hungrier they become.

People do not SEE that by ingesting without thought and hording instead of travelling light, they become stuck to their old stuff, their old habits, their old negativity and in their old preferences. It all amounts to mental and spiritual decay. No wonder year after year, they become unbearable and unbearably lost to themselves.


Your Very Own Stepping Stones

Once you’ re kitted-out with your own Stepping Stones: a purpose-built, lightweight, breezy lifestyle AWAITS you!

Yes! BEING in the Moment will save you real DOLLAR$ – if you dare!

BUT Wait! There's MORE!

Lol - I'm on a roll, dear Reader - can't stop now ;-))

Bonus #1
When you are in the moment, you are lighter on your feet BECAUSE you drink less and you eat less.

BECAUSE you are AWARE of 'what' you are drinking and of 'what' you are eating, you are also aware of the quantities you ingest.

When in the moment, you chew more - you ingest LESS.

Yes, you are your own Personal Coach!

Say goodbye to gym gear and to gym memberships. AGAIN do the Math.

Visualize the savings!!

Hear the $$$$ go ka-ching! in your piggy bank but don’t horde that money.

Reward yourself. Treat yourself to the next ‘Zen must-do’ on your bucket list!

And if you WANT more, you can have more!

Serious Question

Here’s Bonus #2

Each meal taken quietly on your own, be it while at work or at home, becomes a meditation known as Mindful Eating meditation.

As the Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, affirms, “When we are mindful, we recognize what we are picking up. When we put it into our mouth, we know what we are putting into our mouth. When we chew it, we know what we are chewing. It's very simple.”

Need still MORE convincing?

OK. Here's yet another MASSIVE extra BONUS @ no cost to you!
When you are aware and awake in your moment, you can skip meditating - altogether.

Yes, you heard right and here’s why:

Fact: when you are in the moment – you focus on what you are doing – you are ‘in’ what you are doing. The moment absorbs you.

You do what you do with integrity and with love.

You do it to the best of your REAL ability. You do it with CARE – even when it doesn’t slot in according to plan - and THAT is meditation in real time.

Alan Watts knew that Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.

Serious question: Do YOU 'really' have time to spend 15 or 30 minutes daily – let alone hours – seated in the lotus position, tracking your breath and gazing fuzzily at a candle flame?

No more $ wasted on meditation workshops, retreats and crystals. ka-ching!

Understand this

When in the moment, your awareness of the moment + your acceptance of the circumstance of the moment ARE the one-pointed focus.

Your ‘yoga’ is done in your REAL life, as it should be – not in a scene visualized inside your mind – and not in an induced state of ecstasy that disappears the moment you open your eyes.

“My meditation practice consists of observing the world immediately in front of me and I also observe the shifts within me,” says Moriya.

“The art of meditation is a way of getting into touch with reality,” echoes Alan Watts

Understand this: When you master the ART of BEING PRESENT IN THE MOMENT through a daily hop and a skip over your Stepping Stones, you say goodbye to meditations – forever.

No Words Need Be Spoken

Yes, Yes! Believe It!

Believe it and See it happen!

The AWARENESS that leads to actions from the heart and acceptance - in the moment - beats *sitting* in meditation a few minutes or even hours daily.

You see, the whole point of Walking the Talk of the Path is to DO, which is why Taoism is more known as a method of DOING life than of *sitting* in mediation, which is why the great Alan Watts, said in The Way To Liberation, If you think by sitting you can become a Buddha ...”

Which is also why the great Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy is about consciousness being the means - consciousness being the key - and consciousness being the goal in all our wakeful moments –

Consciousness HERE - not delusional spiritual escapes *out there*... to another realm or galaxy.

And, remember – just by becoming AWARE that you are not very aware - you already are on the right Path.

Reality check: just by reading this far, YOU have already begun Rethinking your Thinking.

FEEL the AWESOMENESS of THIS realization!

When you are aware and awake in your moment, you KNOW when a test of Acceptance has just presented itself to you.

When you are awake and aware in your moment, you are aware when a new situation has developed - within your family, friendship or colleague groups.
You know it is up to you to make silent peace with the person inside your heart. No words need be spoken.

Take It From Carl Rogers

When you are awake and aware in your moment, You KNOW when what is required is MUCH more than a well-intentioned ‘Come, come. It'll all be all right.’ More than a hug and a pat. More than being a good listener.

Carl Rogers, the influential American Psychologist, himself one of the founders of the humanistic approach urged, “When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving me advice, you have not done what I asked.

When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell me why I shouldn't feel that way, you are trampling on my feelings.

When I ask you to listen to me and you feel you have to do something to solve my problem, you have failed me, strange as that may seem.

Listen! All I asked was that you listen, not talk or do - just hear me.

Pass or Fail?

When you are awake AND aware in your moment, you can tell when a test of Patience is staring you in the face. You know how to side-step REGRETTABLE annoyance.
Pass or Fail this karmic test?

When you are in the moment, such a test is only a test. It is not an ordeal.
When you are awake AND aware in your moment, you recognize it when a test of Non- Separation materializes out of nowhere and is definitely IN the moment under your feet.
Pass or Fail karmic test?

When you are in the moment, such a test is only a test. It does not need to lead to escalate into bizarre complications.

Pass or Fail karmic test?

When you are in the moment, YOU do know when more than a round of drinks or candles on a cake are required of you. You KNOW that yet another non-essential, dazzling digital new toy will be a betrayal of the ‘other’.

You sense when a situation requires your active energetic empathy from the heart.

And because, when you are Awake and Aware in the moment under your feet, you are not too frazzled, not too stretched-out by ALL that's already happening in your life.
You are able to respond to this new moment in that NEW, very cool spiritual manner - from the inside/out - in a mindful/soulful manner.

Free Bonus!

When you are aware and awake in your moment, you develop a sixth sense. That, too, is a FREE bonus to YOU.

So who benefits the most for a diligent hop and a skip on the Stepping Stones?
YOU do.

Benefits are your Reward. Embark now in a Practice of Benefits!

Now is the MOMENT to top up your emotional BALANCE!

The Stepping Stones Series

Moments are like the water of a stream.

You can tighten your fist to grab a few drops at a time, but you can NEVER hold on to them. And so, when you are in the moment, your palms are open – the moments, like water from the stream, flow over you unrestrainedunblocked.

BUT WAIT, Being In Charge of Your Moment Yields EVEN more Bonuses for YOU!

Still reading, Dear Reader? Gee, you must really BE in the moment :-))

Bonus #3
When you are in the moment with a mind that is uncluttered - empty of fabricated c.r.a.p., your mind is able to notice the myriad of little messages that come from all around – including from your SOUL.

Think about it: how could you possibly hear Soul’s whisper over the whirring and the clanging clatter of colliding thoughts?
You need to be mind-still to ‘grab’ these synchronistic messages.

These faint little messages are little mirrors. They reflect your shortcomings – the attitudes you need to energetically work harder at.

They give you the opportunities to move away from the low-end of your ego and slide your thoughts Soul-side – the high end of your ego is where the Altruist YOU resides.

Bertrand Russell, the philosopher, said, “While you sit in a taxi divide your time into 3: in the first ⅓ take a look outside to see Nature and how small you are in comparison; in the second ⅓ talk with the driver so that you'll SEE someone else; in the third ⅓ you are allowed to turn your focus on yourself.”

The Secret of Stepping Stones to the Top of the World

The AMAZING Stepping Stones series, a step by step course of ACTION, is guaranteed to keep you sane and healthy, love-able, and in tune with your Higher Self, the real YOU.
When you adopt C.C.’s FREE stepping stones, you UNDERSTAND that the ‘other’ is your mirror.

The other, the one who fails to behave as you’d like, is YOU!

This ‘other’ merely reflects back at you what all along you thought was THEIR shortcomings!

Not only do you reap what you sow BUT once you understand the secret of the Stepping Stones, you come face-to face with your own thistles and your own crown-of-thorns. Sometimes, when you try hard enough, you even come nose-to- nose with your own crap.

How Awesome is this FREE bonus realization for the one who TRULY wants to find Stepping Stones to the Path?


More Rewards Come Your Way

If all of the above benefits to you are still not enough, Imagine This:

The long term result is that whatever your so-called ASPIRATIONS may be, when you are present - Awake and Aware in the moment - they are linked MORE snugly to what YOUR real Self needs in THIS lifetime rather than to the flurry of imagined What-Ifs induced by engrained life-long insecurities, yours and that of those closest to you, that attached themselves to you like a contagion.

Hard to imagine but All these benefits and MORE are contained in the Stepping Stones are yours to keep and develop forever - without spending ONE single cent!

Yes, You've read that correctly! Not one single cent!

The Stepping Stones method, distilled from the unique teachings of Moriya, works even better when your wallet is tucked away.

And as a REWARD for being here and still reading, we’ve SAVED THE BEST for last!

Active Karma

ALL of these incremental improvements DO lead to ACTIVE karmic amendments.

That might be hard to believe, but YES! YES! ABSOLUTELY, they DO!

You already know there HAS to be [and there IS more to life] than to eat, drink, sleep, spend, save, work, work some more to spend some more to save some more, get fat, get thin, get lost, lose a lover, get found, find a lover, find more and more escape routes away from reality, love conditionally – and die.

It's Real!

Life reality: you ARE your soul’s CURRENT INCARNATION.

As such, you are alive @ this very moment in a ‘body suit’ of flesh, bones and 70% fluids which is YOUR SOUL’S vehicle in THIS lifetime.

That’s only so YOU can amend ‘some’ of the karma that is yours to amend in THIS life time.

Once you are present in the moment, often enough to allow your self to be GUIDED by your soul’s whisper, it is ONLY through your thoughts, your words and a HEART-DEEP ACCEPTANCE of ALL that IS in your life that YOU BEGIN to DO this ... but more on that later.
For now, DARE to imagine all the LIFE IMPROVEMENTS possible in this lifetime!

DareTo Imagine

Imagine YOU in control of YOUR thoughts, of YOUR emotions, or YOUR actions AND of your reactions!

Imagine your NEWFOUND sense of purpose!

Imagine your NEW wellbeing!

Imagine a budding sense of contentment.

Better than that: Imagine the new YOU, bobbing along on a sea of inner calm, as you go about your NORMAL, daily occupations.

Imagine yourself hopping and skipping over the Stepping Stones! Imagine IT all ...

if YOU DARE imagine anything at all!

Hard To Stop

Phew.... like the little train who hoped s/he could-could-could make it to the top of the hill, and who ends up shouting with glee, “I knew I could! I knew I could!” as s/he reaches the top and both momentum and gravity grip ‘it’ to make it fly down hill, I know it’s hard to stop ‘creative’ momentum once past the so-called point of No Return. Anyway, as I said, earlier, writing this hype-full, ‘funnel’ satire was particularly a lot of fun.

All Jokes Aside

Seriously: isn’t it excellent to KNOW that we CAN truly achieve all of the VERY real benefits spun out in this blurb without having to spend either a penny or a cent in whichever world currency happens to be in YOUR wallet or purse?

Isn’t it great to know we can finally begin figuring out WHO this *I* and who this *me* are, through an unwavering commitment to the daily practice of being AWAKE and AWARE in the moment that is under our feet, the only moment that, in truth, exists in real time - the only moment we can shape from the inside/out?

© 2014 Carole Claude Saint-Clair


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