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What Does It Take to Become an Astrologer?

Updated on March 3, 2020

Q & A With an Expert Astrologer


With the masses taking a wider interest in astrology, they often seek out astrologers to give them insight into their own birth charts, which reveal things about their tendencies and possibly their fates. Do you consider yourself particularly keen when it comes to the world of astrology? If it's ever appealed to you to provide information to those who are interested in learning about their signs and the significance they play in their lives, take some advice from Jasmine Isadora, who is currently based in Los Angeles. Here, I sit down with her and formally interview her to understand her motivation and journey.

Q. How did you first get into astrology?

A. I got into astrology at a very young age, probably as early as elementary school. I was a big collager growing up so I had a few magazine subscriptions and always resonated with being a Sagittarius. At the time I also had a bunch of Sagittarius friends. So that's what piqued my interest initially. I would also look up compatibility between others (aka my crushes) and slowly began to learn about each sign and saw patterns in my own friendships. I will say though, compatibility is much deeper than just sun signs! By the time I got to college, I started exploring astrology deeper and learning about the entire birth chart, the significance of each planet and how our Moon and Rising signs affect us just as much as our Sun signs. Then there was no turning back!

Q. How did you know you wanted to become an astrologer?

A. Honestly, I never thought growing up that this would be a part of my career! I've wanted to be everything under the sun (I'll thank my curious Mars in Gemini super mutable chart for that), but as I've gotten older and started following the signs and my passions, astrology was the one thing keeping me up till 4 am researching and just hungry to learn and understand this language and interpretative art. As a spiritual and artistic being, astrology has given me so much clarity and insight into myself, my purpose, the collective and other people in my life and I realized its a gift I wanted to share with the world. I also have Uranus conjunct my Midheaven, which means my career is meant to be unique and innovative.

Q. What's a challenge you face as an astrologer?

A. Biggest "challenge" I would say is probably not always being taken serious and the astrology naysayers.There are also so many stereotypes regarding each sign, but in truth how each sign is expressed is dependent on so many factors in the chart as well as life experiences. Astrology is also it's own language, so explaining astrological jargon in a way that makes sense to someone who doesn't know what the terms mean is also an art in it of itself.

Q. How do you deal with skeptics?

A. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course and I respect that, but most of the people whom feel that strongly don't understand the complexity of the ancient system and think astrology is magazine horoscopes, which is the furthest thing from the truth. I typically like to give the example of the moon's effect on ocean tides and how we are impacted in a similar way with our emotions. It's all just energy after all. Astrology is also quite archetypal and includes storytelling and mysticm. Humans learn best through stories and folklore.

Q. What advice would you give someone who's interested in becoming an astrology expert?

There is so much astrological information out there, between books, endless apps and blogs, online courses, etc., so be discerning when doing your own research. Definitely learn with your own birth chart and practice with friends and family. Take a course with a teacher that resonates with you but also know that astrology is a life long study and with age comes more wisdom, insight. experience and deeper interpretations.

There will always be skeptics and obstacles no matter WHAT industry you are in. If astrology is your passion, read up on it, watch relevant videos, and even book an experience with an expert so you can get a taste of how readings go. Then go ahead and merge your love of this passion with business and get started.


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