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What Goes Bump In The Night: My True Life Experiences & Struggles Dealing With The Paranormal

Updated on March 3, 2013

Anyone who has read my writing knows I have a strong fascination with the combination of science fiction and fantasy, horror, and romance. As a writer, I believe that you should write what you know. I stand behind that wholeheartedly. A writer will usually project their thoughts, ideas, and feelings within their writing whether it be metaphorical or not. If you have ever read Stephen King's On Writing, you will see the reasons behind why he wrote a specific story. It's through a memory or an experience that has triggered it.

So where do my stories stem from? Yes, some of them are random ideas that pop up or I'm listening to a song. However, it's the elements that I write upon that are engrained already within me. Here's my experiences and struggles.

Whispers In The Night, Out Of Body Experience, and Mysterious Electrical Problems

Whispers In The Night

When I was in high school, I was almost a poster child for the church. I attended youth group weekly, went to church, and was heavily involved in the activities of my church. I also believed that I wanted to wait until marriage to start any relationship with a guy. At that time, I had felt that I wasn't ready to get married so what was the point of dating since dating, to me, meant dating to get married. I had never had a real boyfriend or got my first kiss until I was in college. However, I struggled a lot with sexual urges when I was in high school even though I believed wholeheartedly in waiting until marriage.

To not sound so crude, there are ways to deal with those urges without being with someone. I had struggled a lot with this. I took it as a personal failing against God, because I couldn't resist temptation fully. The guilt that triggered from my constant struggle wore me down and I often felt like I wasn't as I should be. I would pray for help and guidance all the time, but it still remained a huge struggle.

One night, I woke up to go the bathroom. The bathroom is right across the hall from my room. I had started to close my door at night. I would always feel like if I close my door then I was closing off what may come if I didn't. I had often felt like things were outside my room, but I had thought it was just overeactive imagination. I'd feel like there were eyes on me even though everyone had gone to bed.

I had opened the door and was crossing the hallway. If you walked down the hallway, it overlooked the family room and on the other side was the staircase leading downstairs. As I crossed to the bathroom, I heard a voice on the side with the staircase whisper in low but mocking voice, "I know what you're doing... I know what you're doing... you're going to fail."

I kept going straight into the bathroom and didn't even acknowledge the voice. I didn't want to. I did my business and walked out of the bathroom. I could still feel that thick presence lingering out there, but I walked straight into my bedroom and closed my door.

Out Of Body Experience

If you've ever heard about sleep paralysis, it's a nasty situation. It's when your mind wakes up before you, but you're body is still asleep. I had run into this situation one night as well during high school.

I had a hard time getting to sleep that night. I tried everything, but I couldn't seem to just sleep. When I finally did, I dreamed that I was looking right at my body from the foot of the bed. There were books covering the bed. My body was where it had been when I had fallen asleep. I was on my stomach. I kept drawing closer and closer until I was a few steps away from myself.

Then this vaccuum effect happened and I suddenly felt myself jerk into my body. I lurched a couple times feeling my chest constricting. All I could see was blackness. Then everything went silent. I tried to move, but I couldn't. I tried to move my arms and legs, but I felt nothing. I started panicking and asking myself, "So this is what it's like to die?"

I started feeling the pins and needles creeping up my limbs. My entire body felt sore and out of sync. When I finally forced my eyes open, I allowed myself to feel some relief. My heart was racing the entire time. I looked around the room uncertain what had just happened. I kept feeling like something was in the corner of my room looking at me.

However, they do say that an after effect of sleep paralysis is that you feel like there's something there that's not. I wonder if it's true though. If you did manage to have an OBE, you would be most likely to feel things that you usually wouldn't have felt, because you're not as closed off. Well, I grabbed my Bible and started reading. It brought me a sense of peace and relief, but I still felt like something was there.

When I finally decided to attempt to fall back asleep, I put down the Bible on the bed and turned on my side facing the wall. I closed my eyes and an image of dark gargoyle-like creature with flashing green eyes turn their head towards me as it perched on my bed right in front of my face flashed in my mind. I jerked up to a sitting position and decided I wasn't getting anymore sleep that night.

Mysterious Electrical Problems

Another time, I was hanging out in my brother's room while he was at college. The cable box and the DVD player were in his room and my parents were watching something downstairs. I decided to watch a few movies in there. I had cable in my bedroom, but I had yet to get a DVD player. There were a couple technical difficulties when the movie began to skip. I figured it had to do with the scratches on the DVD.

It was later on in the evening, but my parents hadn't gone to bed yet. I was in the midst of watching a movie when the lights began to flicker before everything went out. The lights went out. The DVD player and TV turned off. I was confused, because I heard the TV going on downstairs. So I went over and opened up the bedroom door. I was hit by harsh light from the family room. Everything else seemed to be working.

I sighed not wanting to draw any attention so I did one last switch on and off to see if the lights in my brother's room would go on. It remained pitch black in there. I didn't think much of it and I walked back down the hallway into my bedroom. I decided to just watch some TV. When I went to the bathroom much later on when my parents had gone to bed, I looked down the hallway. The light was on in my brother's bedroom.

I walked back down the hallway realized everything was back on so I turned everything off and went to the bathroom. When I came back out, I looked down the hallway again hearing noises from a TV. Everything had turned back on again in his room. I quickly turned everything back off and rushed back into my bedroom.

Side Note

I do have tarot cards as well as oracle card, but I don't use them to tell the future or make predictions of the future. I truly believe that the future changes with every choice you make. Some are very gifted with premonition, but I'm not one of them. I give and use readings as a means to helping people grow in their spiritual path by helping them evolve. Yes, I also work with crystals. I feel their vibrations and each crystal has their own metaphysical properties. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me.

Ouiji Board, Seeing Red, and Possession

Ouiji Board

I will say this once and I'll say repeatedly never mess with Ouiji boards ever. During college, I had started using tarot cards and collecting crystals. Before you go pointing and say witch! witch! witch!, I'd like to ask you to keep an open mind.

I was living in a suite-like dorm my last year of college. There were three other girls living with me. One of the girls had received a glow-in-the-dark Ouiji board. Even though I knew about the dangers of Ouiji boards, I didn't think anything would happen. I mean it was in the middle of the day. I wasn't really thinking to be honest.

Well, there was three of us in the dorm with some free time. One of the girls, I'll call her Candace, suggested trying it out. My other dormmate and very close friend I've known for years, I'll call her Diane, agreed to it. I figured why not so we put down all of the blinds and gathered around the table out in the common room area.

Candace sat across from us while Diane and I sat down next to each other. Candace set up everything. I was curious. During that time, I was curious about all spiritual matters and things so I made an exception. Once it was set up, we started asking questions waiting for the pointer to move. Nothing happened.

Then the pointer began to move. I looked at Diane, because she and I were the ones with two fingers each on the pointer. Was she moving it? She was asking me with her eyes. When we both concluded that it wasn't us, we watched the pointer begin to move towards a few letters. I don't really remember the letter honestly, but there were three of them. We had asked if someone was here with us and we got three letters. It seemed like the initials of someone.

I started seeing images and visions in my mind. There was this large house like you would in the country with extensive fields. It was strange, because I kept seeing different versions of the house as I started to get closer and closer to it. One would be an image of it how it used to be preserved and the other as it might look today.

I reached the back door of the house and the door opened. Then, it almost went on fast-forwarded images as I came to a stop at this hidden doorway leading to a staircase. It reminded of those old hidden passageways in those old houses. I started not really walking but floating up the steps towards this hidden area.

The entire time, I had been telling both Diane and Candace what I was seeing. Then I burst out in tears, because I saw this man dangling from a wooden beam with a rope tied around his neck. He was just hanging there already dead. It was daylight, because rays of light were streaming in through the windows.

Diane told me that it sounded like someone her boyfriend knew. She explained that her boyfriend I can't remember if it was his relative or a family friend that had died that way. She told me that she would ask him about it later. After that, I think we all agreed it was time to pack up the Ouiji board and pretend that nothing happened.

I was extremely drained and worn down after that. Once the blinds were put back up, light streamed into the area, but it did nothing to shake that feeling of exhaustion. Diane and I have remained close even now. I don't think we have ever brought up that episode with the Ouiji board again.

Seeing Red

That experience above isn't the reason why I say stay away from Ouiji boards. I'm sure if you watch some paranormal shows -- you know why you shouldn't. This is my true reason why you shouldn't play with Ouiji boards. When you open that type of gateway(and yes, you are! It's like an open portal now), you are giving things the ability to use that as a portal.

After that whole experience with the Ouiji board, I was sitting one morning at the table eating some food a week later. In the corner of my eye, I kept seeing this shadow pacing back and forth near by Diane's bedroom and my own bedroom. I rubbed off that eerie feeling I was beginning to get as if something was watching me. I still had classes to get to that day so I didn't really get too caught up in the strangeness.

When I came back, I was the only one at the dorm. The other three girls were gone still attending classes or hanging out with friends. I was tired. So I decided to take a nap since I was done with classes for the day. I walked into my room not even bothering to turn on the lights as I jumped into bed. I was about to fall asleep when something slipped inside of me.

Yes! Yes, I know that sounds strange. It felt like something just slid into me. All I know is that there was something foreign within me. I opened my eyes. You know in science class when you played with prisms and color filters? Well, imagine looking at everything with a dark red filter. Everything I saw was dark red. I didn't know what to do. I started praying to God, praying for help, and praying for guidance. Then I felt a massive jolt of energy spark through me and I abruptly felt like myself again.

I gasped rushing out of my bed. I flicked on the light hoping it would just go away. Even though I couldn't see it, I could feel still in the room. I started freaking out, because nobody was back yet. I was there -- all alone with this thing. I got on my laptop hoping that if I distracted myself that it would just go away.

I could still feel it on the other side of the room waiting for something. I noticed that my best guy friend was on. I chatted with him telling him exactly what had happened. He suggested that I come over. I was quick to accept that offer and I quickly headed out of the dorms.

Along the way as I walked through campus, I kept getting sharp pains in my mind and body. Then those horrible images began to appear in my mind. I kept seeing this woman with waves of dirty blond hair screaming as she was being choked. I could hear laughter echoing in my mind. I was glad when I reached my friend's dorm. I didn't want to be alone.

When I came back later on, I did feel it still in my room, but I got angry. I said, "This is my body. This my mind. You can't have it. You don't have permission. Leave."

Then it was gone. I didn't feel it anymore.


As I said, I work with crystals and I feel their vibrations. They correspond to the Chakras which are the core energy centers in your spiritual body. Yes, I know. If you have no idea what that means, that's okay. It's like a hobby I take very seriously.

Anyways, I met someone who has the same fascination with crystals. I make jewelry. Usually, you can tell by the color and the vibration of the gemstones used what this jewelry piece can help you with spiritually. Say that you want to feel loved and pretty, but you have a lot of emotional baggage. You may use colors such as pink, white, and even green. There are certain stones like rose quartz that will help you heal emotionally.

This someone, I'll call him Nick, made jewelry as well and we used to do this together. I would hang out with him and sleep over. Don't get the wrong idea. We were just friends and we have only been just friends. He let me crash on his sofa pretty much every time when I drove into into town.

Well, I had been teaching him about different crystals. The process is slow, because each crystal has a specific vibration. They range from a low vibration to a high vibration. You have to study about each crystal to make certain their properties match up with what you are using them for. Spiritually, you can work with crystals to help figure out what blocks and barriers that are within you that you need to work on.

I had told Nick not to obtain on a specific crystal. Even though, the crystal has a soft energy that can help remove negativity, I just didn't want him to be overwhelmed by the different crystals he had obtained. When I had came by, he gleefully showed me that said crystal. I questioned him on why he bought it and he told me that his guardian angel told him to do it.

I was confused, because I was under the impression I was supposed to be teaching him. So I called the bluff telling him that his guardian angel wouldn't tell him to do that, because a guardian angel is meant to guard their person not harm them. When you overload yourself with different energies (including crystals), you become drained and vulnerable. I said that whoever is talking to him isn't his guardian angel and then I called out, "Who are you then?"

It went completely silent. Nick was sitting at the chair in front of his computer. His head slowly turned me. His eyes had darkened. A creepy and evil half-smile appeared on his face. That smirk that you would see in the movies except this was real life. My heart had leapt at the transformation in his demeanor. I sat paralyzed in fear wondering if I was going to die tonight.

Nick didn't say one word. He attempted to get up, but it was as if he couldn't find his footing. I wanted to run away. I had thought about it. Just run for the door and never come back, but I thought if Nick was in there somewhere he would lose hope if I booked it. So I searched for my necklace that had a crystal trinity symbol with a cross fastened to it and prayer beads.

When I moved, Nick eyed me again then glared. He tried to get up, but he once again remained in his seat. Then something changed in Nick and I saw the presence of Nick appear again within his eyes. He looked at me frightened and exhausted.

"I'm sorry," he told me. "I-I don't know what happened."

I was going to reassure him that it was fine, but he jerked backwards while squeezing his eyes shut. When he opened his eyes, there was no trace of Nick in them anymore. I started asking whatever it was questions. It answered, but then it told me that Nick was weak and that it would win. With that, I kept praying and praying.

Nick attempted to get up again, but he couldn't. Finally, he just sagged and his body crumpled against the chair. He looked at me and I knew it was finally over. He had finally succeed in booting whatever it was out. He kept continually apologizing to me the remainder I was there, but I don't think I ever truly got over that night.

I remember he had decided to play video games afterwards. I decided to sit in the chair in front of the computer. I felt a blast of heated air that turned cold at the end, but the window wasn't open. I looked around confused wondering what had happened. I realized then that Nick's troubles were only beginning. He has been struggling with paranormal experiences as well since that night.

At one point, Nick had told me that I was the reason why he kept fighting to gain control of his body. He said when whatever it had been that was taking over his body had looked at me that he saw blinding white light surrounding me and protecting me. Nick admitted that it had wanted to kill me.

All Good Things Come To An End

These are only some of my experiences. I will most likely make a couple parts to add to these experiences I've written about. As you can see, I've made a lot of mistakes as well as left myself open. This was actually very hard to write about, because as much as people are fascinated by these sort of things, you can't help but wonder if it's real. You can't help but judge the person with these experiences as well.

Some of you may not have the same beliefs as I do and may wholeheartedly not accept them. I'm fine with that, but I'm not you and I accept that as well. I don't wish to offend anyone so if I have I do apologize. As a random note, the names of those within my experiences have been changed for their own privacy and protection.


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    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Vkwok, thanks for reading. I hope you liked it. Interesting life, yes, nicely put. Meh, better than boring, right? :)

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      I agree with you on writing being based on experiences, views, and opinions. Some of my writings, including those I don't post, hold views and opinions that I formed from people I encounter, things I've seen, and stuff I heard. You lead a very interesting life.

    • MaeMG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Yes, everything is going well now. Thank goodness! I still feel things around, but nothing has bothered me for awhile. There was one point, it was constantly there. Those experiences will come in the upcoming parts. Thanks for reading! :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Interesting experiences you have there. I hope everything is going well for you.


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