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What I Think When I Hear Revival

Updated on January 2, 2022

Revival in America


Lord God, I pray, that You our Sovereign Holy God would send revival to this great country of ours. God, I pray You send fire from heaven as Elijah prayed. God fill Your people with the Holy Spirit that we as a nation would turn back to You God. God we were founded on Your precepts on Your Holy word, instill in our hearts the love of Christ, that we show that to a country starving to hear the True word. God put us on our knees, humble our hearts before you and do not let us rest until we are so stirred God that we have to turn to You and seek to accomplish Your will. God be in our elected officials that they will be on their knees that they will be so convicted to serve you than serving the office they hold. God be with these leaders that they realize America will only prosper through You. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I pray Amen.


II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.

My friends it is time we humble ourselves and pray, it is time we seek the face of God. We have endured such atrocities and sin in our churches that we cannot lead the lost to Christ. We have made our churches a social club with dinners and family times but have left God out. Oh, sure, we pray, we ask God to bless the event, but have we asked God to forgive not just our own individual sin, but the sin of our church? Our sin, the greatest culprit to the church being strong keeps us from God's mercies. When sin abounds, we tie the very hands of God and receive not blessings because we hinder God from such. God is faithful, He wants to bestow his mercies and blessings and grace on His people, but we keep those blessings aside. It is our own filthy desires and lusts preventing God from the miraculous in our lives and churches. We need to do but one thing, humble ourselves and pray.


The radio host used to have a skit of an old man saying wake up America! It is plain and simple, wake up America. School prayer is illegal, the Ten Commandments cannot be hung in our courthouses anymore. Why? Why have we let this happen? We did not stand up; we did not use our voices. It is time for a radical change. It is time born again Christians with the power of the Holy Ghost make a stand. We need to pray when we get up in the morning, we need to keep prayer in our hearts all day and seek God's face in prayer as we go to bed at night. Constant prayer before the throne of God seeking His will in our churches.


I loosely use the term churches. It is the gathering place of God's people the Church. We are the Church, you and me, God's called out. Yes, we are in different areas assembling across this great land all seeking God's true will in our lives and the life of the Church. And we, the Church, though miles apart across America need to be of one accord. (Acts chapter 2:46 of one accord) We need to have the same mindset, that Jesus Christ is Lord and only through His Holy Spirit may we bring America back to prosperity.

Old Fashioned River Baptism



Come out from among them and be ye separate. We are in this world but not of this world. We as Christians are to stand out from the rest of the world. We have God's seal and we are to spread the Gospel. Jesus gave the great commission and that was not just to the disciples. It was not just to those around as He said it but to everyone called by His name. Go ye into ALL the world preaching and teaching in my name. Jesus said to go into all of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the world. This is why we need to be holy, why we need to stand apart from the world. So, we can and are able to take the Gospel out to the uttermost.


The Samaritans we bred from the Jews and the Babylonians. They were not fully Jewish by birth. From this, divorce in the days of Ezra was allowed to restore the lineage of the Jewish people. As a result, the Jews hated Samaritans. Remember the lady that came to Jesus? He scoffed at her; said she was a Samaritan an unclean dog. Now Jesus did not do this to ridicule her but to show His love and compassion for everyone, regardless of where they came from. How many Samaria's do we have in this country? I know every city has the places we say we would not go to no matter what. Gangs, drugs, prostitutes, guns ringing out constantly, we quiver to think of going in these places. But Jesus said to go into Samaria. We have places like that here in Southwest Ohio, Drexel, west of Dayton, and Over The Rhine in Cincinnati. Jesus said to go into Samaria, go into these areas and spread His Word. What does all this have to do with revival?


When I hear a church is holding revival services, I think of the Church getting right with God. Before we can go out into Samaria, we need to rid our lives and the Church of sin. The church needs to have a time that they confess their short comings and sin before God. We as individuals need the same, placing our own filthy lusts and fleshly desires on the altar and giving them up to God. When our local Church body is whole, complete in the grace of God, then we may work His will. NOT UNTIL THEN! I hear of revival I think of the church body humbling themselves before the throne of God and letting the cares and sin of the world go, giving it to a majestic, almighty, sovereign God. Then after we are restored one day, we can lie our crowns before the feet of Jesus and hear Him say," Well done, thy good and faithful servant." Amen, even so come Lord Jesus.


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