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Code of Life

Updated on January 9, 2015

What if your name is NO coincidence?

Your name is your first level of identity. You may have thought you have no say in it? But what if your name - your entire existence as it is - is by design?

[A] What If…

1) Your name is not a coincidence.

2) The date you were born is not a coincidence.

3) The place you were born in, raised in, graduated in, worked in, fell in love in, immigrated to… all of it is not a coincidence.

4) The challenges you face (heart-breaking stories, health issues, bad friends, injustice, discrimination, poverty, lack of sex-appeal, weight problems…) are all not a coincidence.

5) Your natural gifts and talents are not a coincidence.

What if it is all by design? What if all of it is meant to form the real YOU, your true-self/spirit?

[B] What If…

You & I & everybody else have the same purpose for our existence…

1) Know, feel, & be connected to God/The Source of creation.

2) Know, feel, & be connected to your true-self/spirit.

3) Work together & contribute to create global miracles that benefit humanity.

If you still feel lost, will it be:

- In trying to align your true-self/spirit with your purpose? Or

- In trying to find a new purpose and a new meaning in life?

[C] What If…

1) All your dreams are fated to be manifested at the PERFECT TIMING in your life, provided that you keep working on them.

2) All your challenges are meant to develop your character and add beauty, wisdom, confidence, compassion, courage, strength, and eloquence to it.

3) Your natural gifts are your tools to survive and overcome adversity, sadness & challenges.

Will you practice hatred? Will you feel betrayed? Will you be fearful of challenges, knowing that the monster looms bigger when we fear him? Will you invest in knowing and enriching your natural gifts & talents? Will you panic over a dream that looks distant & out of reach? Will you worry about the “How” & the “When” of your dream? Will you rush the time and press for your dream to manifest faster or will you invest your energy in learning more and doing more, knowing the luck is when the opportunity meets the hard work?

[D] What If…

1) There is no competition and your only way to feel joyful is not by being better than your fellow humans but by being the best person that you can possibly be.

2) You are born to feel happy & joyful.

3) You can picture God/The Source of your creation as your happy, joyful & loving companion.

Will you still worry and feel agitated?

[E] What If…

1) Every creative idea, innovative approach, artistic talent is in reality the result/outcome of a co-creation effort between you and God/The Source of creation. God, being the unlimited source of all creativity, talent, genius, and miracles. You, being connected to God and to your true-self/spirit.

2) There is nothing that you are not equipped to do, or handle, or cope with.

3) All you need to regain your emotional strength over a trauma in your life is to lean against a tree, close your palms on its tender leaves, look intently & deeply at the sky, and picture putting yourself together with your troubles in God’s hands, then breathing slowly in & out for 20 – 30 minutes.

Will you fear any scarcity? Will you fear that anyone may steal your ideas? Will you fear you may run short? Will you feel inferior or incapable?

[F] What If…

1) You are not meant to change anybody, not even your loved-ones, but to love & accept them the way they are and try to communicate with them in a way that demonstrates your love & care for them.

2) You are meant to be the channel that God/The Source of creation empowers to influence some people in a certain direction that HE wants for them.

3) Everything that ever happened to you and everything that will ever happen to you is for your best interest.

Will you feel angry? Will you feel frustrated? Will you feel a victim or an executioner? Will you seek peace or will you be living from peace?

What if the essence of your life isn’t how much you acquire but rather how happy you really are? Think TODAY, what makes you HAPPY?

© 2015 Amel Abouelhassan


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