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What Is Chance, What Is Luck & How to Be Lucky

Updated on January 9, 2013

What Is Chance, What Is Luck & How to Be Lucky

Chance is defined as “a possibility of something happening”. You can illustrate this through these sentences, “there is a chance of winning the lottery” or “there is little chance of you passing the examination”. Although there is no obvious intention, the events occur. Chance is something to do by accident without intention and an uncertain outcome.

If you are, a student of science then the nature of luck and how it operates may be something strange. There are people who believe that they are lucky on certain days of the week and unlucky on certain other days.

How Can You Perceive Chance & Luck?

The source of our universe is logic and it is in complete variance with the concept of chance. Luck is beyond one’s control and it is often perceived as a matter of random chance and is attributed to faith. Let us look at the various aspects of chance so that we are able to understand it better.

  • Events that do not fit our expectations or pre-conceived notions of how things should be are often classified as chance. They are completely opposite to the concept of logic. Luck, bad luck, chance are all notions where we fail to establish a logical connection between the events that have occurred and the information that is already stored in our memory.
  • Things that are obscure and unknown are often classified as chance due to our subjective perception about them. The concept has more to do with our ignorance or lack of understanding of things that are beyond the normal convention.
  • The concept of chance is due to the lack of knowledge that human beings have about certain things in life. You may be surprised to know that nothing happens without a reason in our universe and there is nothing accidental about a sequence of events. Logics, physics and mathematics operate the various aspects of the universe and Systems Outlook can help you understand this easily.
  • A popular belief among people is that there is no logic to the events, irrespective of how or why they occur. Due to this, we come to believe that there is no logic in our existence and this creates an illusion of things in our mind that we often attribute to chance or luck.
  • There is a cause and effect connection between events but most people fail to realize this, as they do not have a holistic perception about things. Events that happen in your day-to-day life have a connection with your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts.

People often believe that they live only in the physical visible reality, this thinking prevents them from identifying the cause and effect attributes of an event. Therefore, instead of understanding the logic they imply that a particular event happened due to random possibility, chance or luck.


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