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What Is It To You That I Am A Fool For Jesus The Christ...

Updated on December 16, 2010

What Is It To You That I am A fool For Jesus The Christ...

There are times, when watching our news, one would think that that those of us who believe in the Divinity of the Christ, especially if we hold a traditional view of the tenets of Christianity… that we are ogres. We live in a world now where ‘good’ is ‘bad’ and verse versa as predicted in the respective Biblical books of Isaiah and Malachi. Case in point, the ACLU has sent out missives warning the Tennessee schooling authority, of basically, to admonish the children not to be too overtly Christian by saying, Merry Christmas in their seasonal interactions. The ACLU’s reasoning is that other children, who are not of the Christian faith, would feel slight and perhaps compelled to say the dreaded phrase. But I digress, if you believe in Christ Jesus, especially if one works in so called intellectual vocations, you are looked upon as if you are an idiot. There are times I have to pause and recognize that some of those… calling names and branding others ‘idiots’… are less educated than the Christians.

Years ago, I was watching Sixty Minutes, when the great Mike Wallace was questioning Bob Woodward about a book he had written about then President George Bush, the younger. Woodward told Mike Wallace that when he asked the president did he rely on his father, a former president, for advice … the younger Bush said he asked his Father in heaven. The look on Mike Wallace’s face, because supposedly President Bush had given a ‘shout-out’ to Jesus, was as if the fame reporter had smelled filth - now be honest, had Woodward conveyed the same story about say, the King of Saudi Arabia invoking and giving ‘props’ to Allah, there would have been reverence or may be even genuflection on the part of Mike Wallace.

It is opened season on Christians – under the banner of satire, you can say and cast all manner of aspersions on them... but, of course, Blacks, Jews, Women, Muslims, and homosexuals/lesbians are off limits. In England and Canada, if a preacher proselytizes that homosexuality is sinful… he is deemed to have engaged in ‘hate speech.’ I wonder when my grandma taught me not to covet, steal, bear false witness, fornicate, engage in adultery… can those of us who have partaken in those sins sue grandma or the traditional Christian preachers who admonished us against such behavior? Those of us who are fools for Jesus, or moreover, idiot savants, take heart that the very Christ predicted thousands of years ago, that we would be mocked and hated for His name’s sake. Merry Christmas!



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    • yolanda yvette profile image

      yolanda yvette 

      7 years ago

      Everything you've said is the truth. It's sickening really.

      Even more sickening, to me, is how easily those of us who profess Christ are willing to keep quiet when it comes to standing up to the issues you've presented here.

      Thank you for putting it out there just as it is. Write on.


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