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What Is So Offensive About the song "God Bless America"?

Updated on June 12, 2012

A Beautiful Song Replaced!

I don't understand how anybody can see this song as offensive. It honors our country that men and women have sacrificed their life for. If people are offended by this great nation under God then heaven help us all. This country was founded on Christian principles and if you find that offensive then why stay? Obviously, this country is the land of the free and the land of the brave and we should have the freedom to say "God bless America" with pride and conviction. We shouldn't have to run and hide. We should be allowed to express our faith in God without worrying about offending someone. We should be able to pray in schools too. It's not hurting anyone. We should have the freedom to express our faith in God and if you find it offensive, I'm sure there is a country run by a dictator somewhere else that will take you with open arms. America shouldn't be forced to squelch their love for God.

Can We Put an End to This Madness?

Since when did America start throwing around the "offensive" nonsense and why are they given so much power? We can't say this or we can't do that because we might offend someone. I want to know who these offended people are. Where does this minority exist that is so up in arms? There are a lot of offensive things in this world, but this song "God bless America" is not one of them. It's a wholesome and beautiful song. If you don't like it then don't listen to it. How a principal could choose to replace "God bless America" with a Justin Bieber song is beyond me. It's unbelievable judgment done with very poor taste. Read the link below for the full story.

A Perfect Song To Honor Our Country!

This Song Was Used In Place of It...

Wrong on So Many Levels.

What was the principal thinking? How on earth does she find "God bless America" offensive? Meanwhile, you have a pop star singing a song that has nothing to do with loving our great country. It's all about teenage crushes. How is that appropriate for 5-year-olds? I don't understand the principal's logic.

God is not the problem. The problem is the minority of people that our great country is catering to and I would really like to know how they came to the conclusion that this song might be offensive. There will always be something or someone that you find offensive, but God is not one of them.

As a country, we need to stop being offended at every little thing. I think we are taking this insanity to a whole new level. When you think about all the evil things taking place in this world, and then you have someone claiming that this song might "offend" someone is off the top. What is the great fear? That someone might worship God. Is that such a bad thing? Will people lose sleep over the song? Will they not be able to eat dinner? Will it make them cry? Maybe they should spend some time on the front lines defending our great country. That might make them really cry.

Our country was built on "God We Trust" and I don't think there is one offensive thing about it at all. If you find this song offensive, please tell me why you feel that way. Thank you.


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    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      God Bless America! May he have mercy on those who hunger for His guidance.

      What is truly offensive is what the Bankers and their hirelings, Obama, Bush and the rest, have done to America.

      They've been trashing the Constitution and running up a massive debt in order to crash the country. Why? Banker take-over and the New World Order. Part of that takeover is to discredit truth (like the Bible) -- to make it unpopular and to ridicule it.

      One Rockefeller already made it known that their plan is to have us all microchipped for ID, control and financial coercion. Ultimately, we won't be able to buy or sell anything without it. This is Revelation 13's mark of the beast -- the mark of Mammon.

      It's starting to look as though the bankers were behind 9/11, down through their chain of command into CIA, military, White House, etc. Al Qaeda was originally a CIA operation against the Russians in Afghanistan. Could it be it stayed CIA all the way into the present?

      Science and engineering tell us that steel-frame buildings do not collapse at free-fall acceleration through the path of greatest resistance and into their own footprint without controlled demolition -- tons of explosives. And Al Qaeda did not have weeks of unrestricted access in 3 of the most secure buildings in America. But the CIA did. They had offices in WTC7. And 2 Bush family members were on the board of directors of the security company which oversaw security for the World Trade Center in the years leading up to 9/11.

      We're being played for suckers by those who have become experts at lying. They fear the light of exposure. They fear the light of truth.

      That's why they've used their Corporate Party media to ridicule and marginalize Dr. Ron Paul in his bid for the presidency. When he was a close 2nd in Maine, despite massive fraud, the media mentioned #1, #3 and #4. Ron who?

      Even if we elect Dr. Paul president, we still need to prepare for the coming storm. The signs of Revelation are upon us.

      The heavenly Father wants His children back. Those children look just like their Father and He's not Homo sapiens.

    • baronhertzog profile image

      baronhertzog 5 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Those few people that are offended claim the typical 'separation of church and state' argument. They think any mention of God somehow violates the Constitution. But they don't realize the 1st Amendment only applies to Congress making a law. The citizens can practice however they want and indeed, God Bless America is a beautiful song that characterizes this country perfectly.


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