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What Is More Important To You Than Anything Else?

Updated on September 10, 2013

"It is important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come."

Dalai Lama

Ask yourself this question...

It is challenging to make sure you are focusing on the part of your life that is most important. But do you know what is more important to you than anything else? During a lifetime of asking others this question, I realized that people, generally, are not living their lives from what is most important to them. This is partly due to people's ignorance of the answer to this question in their own lives.

I have asked literally thousands of people this question - "What is more important to you than anything else?" I have yet to come across a person who knew the answer, immediately, the first time I asked them. Most people I have asked have taken just over two minutes to answer it. Can you see the problem with this? If we don't know what is most important to us individually we are choosing everything in our lives from what limits us, that would be things like choosing from fear, from what we are resisting and probably also from what we hope is or is not true.

The problem with words is that they make people think they know themselves. We think that because we can describe thousands of situations and terms it means we know ourselves. But, if you do not have the answer to the above question right on the tip of your tongue, you have no idea who you are. If a person does not know who they are, their life zips before their eyes never knowing the real depth of their spirit. They are like a ball in a pin-ball machine, bouncing off every situation in their lives in reaction to what is happening outside themselves.

Every concern I have ever heard come across someone's lips comes from their ignorance about what is most important to them. This includes me. When I am viewing my concerns in my head it is because I have forgotten who I am and what is most important to me. Peace of mind is the most important thing to me. I cannot ignore that fact for long without placing myself in misery. I know that the only place peace of mind is available to me is in the present, and not just in the presence of anything, but in the presence of who I really am. Who we all really are, are divine creatures. We are the sons and daughters of the stars. We all came from the evolution of this magnificent universe. We are the inheritors of it. We live in the most spectacular of possibilities. How extraordinary it is to have consciousness. I feel like Consciouness is our source, just the knowledge that we are alive and have choices and decisions to make about the quality of our lives says to me that a mind and heart energy is flowing through each of us.

If the answer has eluded you - keep asking.

No one who has ever been on this planet is going to be here forever. At least, no one I know of has been here since the beginning. If you do not know what is most important to you, keep asking yourself until you do because who you are is inside the answer. We all have dreams of a life well-lived at some point in our existence. We may learn to live the dream or we may not, but whether each of us does, it will be up to us and no one else.

May you be blessed with exquisite visions...




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