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What Is Wrong With The Churches Today?

Updated on January 12, 2016

Listening to Jesus is the Biggest Challenge

Hello Hubbers,

Will Christianity survive? Will we turn back to what our Founding Fathers gave us, One Nation Under God ? Or will we continue to lose all our blessings because we have lost our way, Leviticus 26:1-2, Dueteronomy 28 & 29? Is religious confusion responsible for our dilemma? Do the churches really preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ or have they become lukewarm? If they are not then why not? They do listen to Jesus Christ don't they? There are three major reasons why this nation is the way it is today because of what the Churches teach us! Are you ready to find out what they are?

Well, there is something very wrong with the Churches today! You can tell because so many of them have a different message that they say is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we take a look at these differences we will find that some are Seventh Day Sabbath Keepers, that also keep God's Holy Days in Leviticus 23. Then there are Seventh Day Churches that do not keep the Holy Days. As we look around we see Churches that keep the Day of the Sun or Sunday. As their custom is they also keep Christmas and Easter. There are some that keep no Day and say any day is okay to keep. There are some that believe in only one God and some that say two or even some that teach about three Gods. This sounds like a lot of religious confusion to me? One scholar says this and another one says something else.

I'm no scholar, but in my own personal research I have found only one right place to start ! That if we study the Words of Jesus Christ very carefully, He is the greatest Scholar and Prophet of All, we will get the right answers. This is the number "One" major reason the churches are in confusion and have so many things wrong with them. They do not listen and believe what Jesus taught for us to follow! if we carefully study Jesus' words like the Bereans, Acts 17:10-12, we will get the right answers. Remember everything Jesus said is the "Gospel" and if we find things that some misinterpret then we must stick with Jesus teachings. So lets take a look at what the Messiah said and set as examples for us to follow even today. After all Jesus said we can know the Truth and the Truth can set us free from Satan's deceptions, John 8:31-32, 40-44. Right away we can see that Jesus confronts the Devil's false teaching by the misguided Pharisees.

If you turn to Matthew 5:17-18 > Here Jesus tells us that God's Laws are not done away, These are the same Laws given to the ancient Israelites on Mt. Sinai. They are still in effect today. He did not do away with any of them, including the Seventh Day Sabbath on the Cross. He said, "Heaven and earth would have to pass away first." Heaven and earth are still here! So why do some today think that Jesus did away with the Seventh Day Sabbath and God's Holy Days? Why don't they listen to Jesus? After all the Days are coming when Yeshua the Christ will restore all things back to where He set them, starting at His return in the Millennium, Matthew 17:11-12, Acts 1:6-8. Revelation 20:1-6, Hebrews 10:15-23. See my link to "Too Long in The Sun" and find out how the Days where changed, Daniel 7:23-25;11:36-45.

The second misconception that some churches teach is that the Holy Spirit is not a person or member of the Godhead. Or that the Holy Spirit is some type of mysterious Holy Ghost or another male member of the Godhead? To Deny the Holy Spirit as God would be to break the First Commandment, Exodus 20:1-2, The Holy Spirit is a member of the Elohim Family because as the One who became Jesus tells us so and so did the apostle Peter, Genesis 1:2, John 3:3-8,16-17, Acts 5:3-4.

Some churches have some weird teachings about the Holy Spirit and we will get into this as we move along. If anyone has any comments to make let me hear from you. Jesus had much to say about the Holy Spirit's personal relationship with us. So we will see what else Jesus had to say about the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John. We must realize first that Jesus must have spoken in the Hebrew language and not Greek or English, though Greek was the universal language. It is only through the misinterpetations of men that we see the Holy Spirit as a male "he" or a nuetered it, "pnuema". In the Old Testament the Spirit is a Feminine person or Mother- Ruach HaKadosh, Genesis 1:2, a Mother Eagle - and Dueteronomy 32:11, Proverbs 1:8-23 - as Mother Wisdom, Isaiah 11:2.

The Holy Spirit did not undergo a sex change in the New Testament. This is why Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truths John 16:13. She spends 24/7 watching over and teaching the ones God the Father has called to salvation. Jesus spoke these truths so you need to check them out for yourself. Jesus was speaking about two other Beings in John 14:1-14, He tells us about the Father and goes on to tell us about the Comforter or Mother in verses 15-18, 25-26. I count two here besides Jesus. How many do you count? This is very easy and elementary yet some have a problem with what Jesus said and taught here and is a mystery to them. So if anyone has a problem with what Jesus taught please let me know? I may have missed something here about these other Two Beings of the Godhead.

It is very strange that most of the scholars and religious people who read the Bible seem to understand the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Father. However, the the One that seems hardest to understand is The Holy Spirit? Why is the Spirit such a mystery to many who claim to follow Jesus Christ, after all He did re-intoduce both the Father and the Holy Spirit very clearly to us in His Gospel messages through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Especially the book of John. Jesus pointed out that His unique relationship with the Church is a mystery to many but it should not be to those that have been carefull to investigate who the Holy Spirit is in the Old Testament and New Testament. God has been quite clear about revealing the Spirit's relationship to both Israel of the past and Christians today. In the "Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words," the Spirit is known as a Female in the Old Testament. Many other Bible Commentaries seem to agree here but when we get to the New Testament The Spirit is either given a sex change to become a "he" person. Others will try to make you believe that the Spirit is a "pnuema" or an "it" a non-person or power of God the Father. Jesus Christ never taught any such foolishness. It is no wonder so many so called "Christian Churches" find themselves in the great dilemma of understanding the Godhead and face many problems in the Church because of their misunderstandings. The Holy Spirit has Her own power and might, Zechariah 4:6.

How do those that receive the Holy Spirit after being baptized expect to receive gifts and ministries like the early New Testament Church did, 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, 28-31? Jesus Christ gave us a promise that those that listened to Her would receive gifts, John 14:12-13. It is a wonder to me to see so many struggling today with their sins and bad health when they should be walking in the Spirit praying, working miracles of healing, and prophesying for God. The churches need to re-examine themselves to see if they are in the truth, 2 Corinthians 13:5. Jesus revealed many things to us about the Holy Spirit in the New testament. Could it be they have not paid close attention to His words? They should have but they seem to caught up in things that neither Jesus nor the Holy Spirit taught that we should follow? The Churches seem to be teaching the doctrines of men, Matthew 15:7-9 > "Hypocrites! Well, did Isaiah prophesy about you saying: 'These people draw near to Me with their mouths. And honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrine the commandments of men.' " Today many are following a "paganized christianity" foistered on us by Constantine the great emperor of Roman, in 321 A.D. Also most 7th Day Churches have the vain teachings of the Cathars handed down to them from the new Cathars - Freemasons from the Adventist movement in 1844. Freemasons are Gnostic Dualist but they can also be Gnostic Trinitarians like the SDA .

Why is it so hard for religious scholars and church leaders to recognize the work of the Holy Spirit as a Motherly work? The very fact that scriptures states in Matthew 1:18-23: In these verses we find the clues that should open our eyes to just who the Spirit is. I know it will be hard for some men to picture the Spirit as a bonified member of the God family but this is only part of the whole story told in these verses. In Matthew 1:18 > It says Mary was found with child of the Holy Spirit. In verse 20, it says correctly that Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit in Mary's womb. This is simple enough, at least It should be. Wives and mothers conceive children in their wombs by husbands who become fathers that begat or impregnate their wives with their sperm or seed. This is how our Heavenly Father begat his sperm or seed Jesus Christ (Jesus transfomed himself in a minute sperm, Strongs Concordance NT# 4890). The Father gave His sperm to the Holy Spirit who placed Jesus in Mary's womb and nine months later God among us was born of a human female, Luke 1:35. John 3:16. Jesus had no physical father but a Spirit Father who so loved us that now the way to redemption could be open for many more sons and daughter to be born of the Father by accepting the "Seed" of our Heavenly Father and being conceived into Their birthing center the Church, the place where the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKadosh - Mother will complete our borning at Christ 's return, 2 Corinthians 6:17-18, Isaiah 66: 7-13. In this first phase of salvation of being grafted into the Family of God, Matthew 1:22-23, John 3:8,16-17, Romans 11:25-28; 10:12-13; 11:5,17-19,22-23,26-27. This is simple enough and should be taught today. Somewhere along the way since 31 A.D., we humans have missed this very unique understanding.

Its like I have said already in this hub, the Holy Spirit had a female personality in the Old Testament and still does now. Jesus did not have two fathers. One Father and one Mother made a baby named Immanuel or Jesus the Christ, God among us. How about that, it seems so simple and elementary, yet so many seem to miss the purpose and intent of this miracle from God to us. Shame on us all! But Thanks to God we can have this new relationship forever. Once more we are able to eat again from the tree of life from our Holy Mother God. Now, again in these last days of human mismanagement of the earth we are being readied by Ruach HaKadosh to fulfill the first part of God's plan for salvation when Christ returns on the Day of the Last Trumpet, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and Leviticus 23:24, 1 Corinthians 15:51-54, Joel chapters 2&3, Micah 4:1-4, Zechariah 14:1-9.

We should listen to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They speak to us through the written Words of the Bible. You do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to understand God's purpose for you. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will quide us into all truths, John 16:13. The work is of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and is still going on today as the world rushes on into its last chance for peace on earth at the hands of men, Jeremiah 17:9. Will you survive? Don't worry God will save us not by our own might, nor by His power, but by Ruach HaKadosh's and the mind of Christ in us, Zechariah 4:6, I Corinthians 2:11-16, Isaiah 11:2-5, Philippians 2:5. An interesting book you should read to gain a better understanding of the Holy Spirit is; "IS IT OKAY TO CALL GOD "MOTHER", Considering the Feminine face of God, by Pastor Paul R. Smith. You can find a copy on my link to Christians For Biblical Equality at: or ...

So the "Second Major mistake" along with the First One of not listening to Jesus Christ is not understanding the Holy Spirit and not listening to inspired Christian writers in the New Testament who were moved by the Spirit to witness to us in New Testament Scripture, 2 Timothy 3:14-17, "But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." It is very important to have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us in order to be able to understand prophecy and scripture, 2 Peter 1:19-21; 1 Corinthians 1:18-31.

Those that reject the Holy Spirit as a person have a real problem of not receiving Her gifts when they are needed to advance the Word of God in power and faith. Listen to what the Holy Spirit says to unbelievers who harden their hearts to Her Teachings and who reject Her Motherly nature, Therefore as the Holy Spirit says, "Today, if you will hear His voice (listening to what Christ teaches us about the Spirit, John 3:3-8), Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, in the day of trial in the wilderness, where your fathers tested Me, tried Me, and saw my works forty years. Therefore I was angry with that generation (Jesus is also very angry with this generation of those that claim to be His ministers but do not recognize the Spirit Ruach HaKadosh as our spiritual Mother and Feminine Member of the Elohim - Godhead), And said, 'They always go astray in their heart, and they have not known my ways ( their unbelief is near to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit), So I swore in MY wrath, they shall not enter My rest, Hebrews 3:7-11.

Those that think the Holy Spirit is a non-person or some kind of ghostly spirit or another male person need to beware, lest there be in any of them an evil heart of unbelief that keeps them apart from the living God - Ruach Ha Kadosh, Hebrews 3:12. The question here is not hardening your hearts against the Holy Spirit and grieving Her so that you do not receive Her gifts to aid you in the ministry of all believers in Christ Jesus, Acts 7:51, 1 Peter 2:4-10, 1 Corinthians 12:1-3, 4-12, Proverbs 8:10-12,35-36. We need to exhort one another daily to seek the right truths provided to us by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, "But exhort one another daily while it is called "Today," lest any of you be hardened through the decietfulness of sin and lose your blessings because of unbelief and rebellion. We are not to let any man or woman take away our crowns of eternal life, Revelation 3:11.

There are those who would rather believe in the teachings of Dr. Arius' disciples (fourth century A.D. Unitarians and Semi-Arians or Binitarians) that the Holy Spirit is not a Divine Being and member equal to the Father and Jesus Christ in the Godhead.This false teaching still exists today in many 7th Day Churches. Some are caught in this deception of the Cathars today, these members will have to face the Great Tribulation because they do not realize how blind and naked and vulnerable they are because of such foolishness, Revelation 12:17. Along with opening your hearing, and listening, repentance is needed, when Jesus comes knocking at the door of our spiritual hearts, Revelation 3:14-20, Acts 2:38.

If you want gifts from the Spirit you have this promise from Jesus and Her as She witnesses to us all in Hebrews 10:5-17 > Therefore, when He came into the world, He said, "Sacrifice and offering You (The Father) did not desire, but a body You have prepared for Me. In burnt offerings and sacrifice for sin You have no pleasure. Then I said, " behold I have come- In the volume of of the Book it is written of Me - To do Your will O' God." So you have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all, verse "10". For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified, verse "14." But the Holy Spirit also witnesses to us; for after 'She' said before, "This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the Lord: I will put my Laws into their hearts (Romans 8:1-2), and in their minds I will write them, then adds, "there sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more," verses 15-17, see :Jeremiah 31:31-34, Ezekiel 37:21-27." Repetition is good for the soul so pay attention to the Spirit as She Flo's in and out of us. If you listen you will become extremely happy with amazing Grace, John 7:38, Isaiah 55:10-13!

What a Friend we have in Jesus and what a 'Mother' we have in the Holy Spirit Ruach Ha Kadosh, John 3:3-8,16-17. Do you see your calling sisters and brothers. God the Father, so loved us that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Immanuel, so we can be born of Ruach HaKadosh as the daughters and sons of God the Father forever, 2 Corinthians 6:17-18! Listen to Jesus! Listen to the Spirit of Grace and you will receive the faith to please God, Hebrews 11:6.

The Holy Spirit of Grace spoke through Peter to the rulers of the House of Judah and so can we speak to rulers as God sends us out to do His Work through witnessing, Acts 1:6-8, Acts 2:17-22, Acts 5:32, Matthew 28:19-20. The Holy Spirit spoke to Phillip, Acts 8:29. To Peter in Acts 10:19, Acts 11:12, Acts 13:2, Acts 21:4. Why do some deny these personal conversations with the disciples of Christ? Believe God and the Spirit will speak to you and through you also, as She moves among us as She did in Peter and Paul and all the disciple to where the Gospel needs to be preached, Acts 13:4-46, Acts 16:3-9, Romans 8:14-16. So we have this great witness from the past that the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKadosh moves among us through Her Grace and faith, Therefore we need to take heed to listen to her thoughts and words and inspiration to get the work done, 1 Corinthians 2:4-12, Hebrew 11:6-39.

If some will deny that the Holy Spirit is a personal Being then why did the apostle Paul write such an awesome Chapter in Romans 8 about this wonderful Mother Being, Ruach HaKadosh. Its hard to see a family with sons and daughters as children of our heavenly Father without a heavenly Mother. Two male fathers( Holy Spirit is not a male, Genesis 1:2) or one Father and no mother, do not make a family and this would be contrary to what family stands for - one father and one mother, Romans 1:18-24. Genesis 1:26-27, picture one male and one female made in the image of the Elohim Family. The word here for God in Genesis 1 is Elohim and can allow for both male and female Gods, Genesis 1:1-2. In the Peshitta Hebrew Romans 8:16, can read and mean, "She the Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God." Of course She does because the Holy Spirit as our Mother borns us again into the spiritual family of God, John 3:3-8.

So we can see that men and women starting in Genesis 1 & 2 were created as equals to represent our Heavenly Parents in Genesis 1:1-2, 26-27. But the sad thing is this relationship would become temporarily lost for 4,000 years until Christ would come and fulfill Genesis 3:15. Until then men and women drifted further and further away from this unique relationship with the Godhead. Christ restored this relationship but humans still preferred to listen to Satan's deceptions, Revelation 12:9. It would take another 2,000 years until Christ returns to permanentlly restore our unique male/female relationships with God the Father and the Holy Spirit-Ruach HaKadosh forever, 2 Corinthians 6:16-18.

Now we come to the third major problem of what is wrong with the churches today. It is their continual abuse of woman in basically misogynistic societies that puts women as second class citizens at the mercy of godless men who claim they know God, and as "Christians" teach their own versions of gender relations, in the churches, that are contrary to what Jesus taught, Matthew 15:6-9. But the prophecy in Genesis 3:15 predicted that a son born of woman, along with forgiveness of sin, would come to put in motion the restoration of male and female relationships back to the original format in Genesis 1 and 2.

Jesus Christ came and did His part as the begotten Son of God the Father, conceived of the Holy Spirit in the womb of a human female and born as a human to restore all things according to prophecy which is being fulfilled now in these last days of human misrule and the subjugation of women by Satan, by ungodly men that never seem to listen to Jesus Christ. I will be making references from a very inspiring book written by Susan C. Hyatt, "IN THE SPIRIT WE'RE EQUAL," - The Spirit. the Bible, and Women; a Revival Perspective. This is a well researched book that I have found to be most helpful in putting women in there place in the Church, the Home and Society. That is, right beside men in Christ's priesthood of all believers, 1 Peter 2:1-10. If you would like a copy check out my link to Christians For Biblical Equality at: .

For the first four thousand years of humans on earth women have been subject to men to the point that they were considered lower then slaves and children. Now, this is no way to treat one half of humanity made in the image of God. But we must realize that when Adam and Eve sinned they became subject to their new god Satan the devil, John 8:38,41,44. And though this would only last 6,000 years it seems as if it could go on forever. But it will not because we have a Savior in Jesus Christ Who will restore things and make this planet the Home of God Almighty, Revelation 21:1-4, Isaiah 66:7-13, 22-23, forever!

It is interesting to note that there was a young woman by the name of Johanna Wormelo who lived in South Africa. She married a young minister by the name of L.E. Brandt a Dutch Reform Church minister. She had a vision on her mother's deathbed in which she was anoited with the gift of prophecy In 1927. She visited the USA and was recognized for her gifts of prophecy and healings. She wrote a book after she returned to South Africa titled, "The Paraclete - or Coming World Mother." Which she published to annnounce the coming of God the Mother. She stated that at first the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be on women and then on men.

Men were to busy with their own churches and teachings to listen to her. Her teaching ended up in the New Age Movement. She believed in the Fatherhood of God and the Motherhood of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ as their Son and our Elder Brother. Of course this teaching ended up in the New Age Movement and this is where you willl find many women in goddess worship and witchcraft. This is all very sad but just the same whether men listen or not, the Holy Spirit is now working with such as God the Father calls to His Church through Jesus Christ in Biblical Equality. The Church is that place were the Holy Spirit dwells, 1 Corinthians 3:16-17; 12:4-13 and not in any New Age movement that has a different spirit which is not the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKadosh, but the spirit of demons and the devil, Revalation 12:9, 18:2.

So it is important to get things right because we live in day when the Spirit is being poured out. and thousands of women are being awakened in a new way. If the Bible says it, this should be the way we would want it. The belief system for Christian women has been shaped by the traditional teachings of the institutional church and not Jesus Christ, who they claim as their founder. These teachings have been strongly patriarchal, saying that under the headship, covering, or control of men, women have, at best, been "honored" as second class citizens in the churches of God. In other words men have elevated themselve over women and women have been either marginalized or patronized. This is not what Jesus Christ taught in Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 2:23-25. This is Idolatry! You should read what Jesus said about this attitude of men in, Matthew 19:3-9. It was not his idea that men would treat women so.

The reaction of women to all this misogyny or hatered of women as equals with men is that some women have rejected the church as irrelevant, but they have not rejected Jesus Christ of Scripture. There are those women who like the Bereans study Scripture to find out what Jesus taught about women, Acts 17:10-12. You can find that they also study Gods words from Jesus Christ to be approved of God, 2 Timothy 2:15-16; 3:14-16. A good place to find women of this character is Christians for Biblical Equality. If you need help to find a church that teaches Jesus' Egalitarian principles write and ask for directions where to find one or you may be able to start your own CBE Chapter which coud easily be the start of your own House Church. Check my link to them.

Their are other women that have rejected both the church and Jesus Christ, turning instead to secular feminism, witchcraft, and various other forms of paganism. Eastern cults, and New Age practices in their efforts to satisfy their spiritual needs, and in some cases, simply to have control of their own lives. These seem like very radical females but in reality their motivation is to get away from the abusive and hurtful practices of dominating men who marginalize women because of their gender, Matthew 15:6-9. Remember Christ came to change this dreadful patriarchal teaching from Satan and will soon return to put gender relationships back to the way it should be, Genesis 3:15, Matthew 28:18-20, Revelation 22:7,12-13,17.

Many women have accepted marginalization by the church as their fate as women. They live in the shadow of some "so called great men," their husbands or some other designated man. From them they derive their identity and purpose in life. In the words of Mrs. J. Fowler Willing, writing in 1898, ring true even today. She charges that the average Christian women "contends herself with shining like the moon, with borrowed splendor, as mother, sister, or wife of the great so and so." She continues, "She has left her talents in its napkin while she has been obeying the world's dictum by helping to make the most of his."

Still their are other women who openly subscribe to the idea of male domination/female subjugation. Privately, however, they either become hopelessly depressed through lack of personal control of their lives by becoming skillful manipulators. By this behavior, however, they deny the position they profess! One well known woman minister recently told Susan Hyatt, that it is all a game and that she is just playing the game to get ahead. Well, this game is actually a war perpetraed by the Devil on human kind, and especially on women to keep us divided. According to Scripture women and men are to be subject to one another in Christ, Ephesians 5:21. For we are members of his body, of his flesh and of his bones. for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and is joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she respects her husband. (I purposely left out the word reverence in this last verse in the King James version because only God is to be called "Reverent or Father or Master.", Matthew 23:7- 12.

The God of the Bible does not consider one gender over the other, see: Galatians 3:28-29. We are all one in Christ Jesus in His Egalitarian ministry of all believers. The gifts and calling to ministry are given to us by the Holy Spirit - Ruach Ha Kadosh by accepting Jesus Christ's teachings on gender, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, Ephesians 4:1-20. Learn from Christ who has sent Ruach HaKadosh to each one of us, John 14:16-17; 15:26; 16:13-14. With the Holy Spirit living in you, Romans 8:16, you become one of God's daughters and Jesus and the Father will also come and live in you, John 14:23. This is so awesome that both women and men can have the mind of God, Philippians 2:15. This mind of Jesus Christ is the mind of His Father and Mother. Proverbs 1:8-9, Isaiah 11:2.

It is important that we get this right because in both pagan and Christian cultures women suffer in ways men do not. On the basis of male domination / female subjugation, they are used , misused, and abused simply because they are women. The abuse among Christians should not be at all if men are listening to Christ. There have been more women murdered in domestic violence in America than slain on the battlefield. Statistics show that battering, incest, and other abuses occur in the same percentage of Christian homes as is found in the general population. Abuse may be physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, or a combination of all these. All are destructive, devastating, and demoralizing. Why should this be in both Christian activities and Christian educational environments because of prejudice against women?

The prevailing theology in most churches is that women are to submit graciously to men who are to exercise authorative headship over them. This produces bad fruit which is problematic, unbiblical, and destructive. This fruit is bad and does not resemble in anyway the fruits of the Spirit in any respect, Galatians 5:22-23. If we belong to Christ then male misogyny has no place in the Church of God. But it does exist because men have not listened to Christ's teachings but have become conceited, provoking and envying womens natural abilities to fulfill these fruits of the Spirit better then men do. These fruits of the Spirit are feminine traits of our Mother God, Ruach HaKadosh. It is harder for some reason for men to fulfill these traits and that reason is why men cast aside Christ's teaching to placate their own human egos. If we Live in the Spirit we are to walk in the Spirit, verses 24-26.

Jesus is the real friend of women and His good fruit was born by Him as he went about doing good. He showed men and women how to relate to one another. and though Jesus lived in a "man's world," he often went against it and the patriarchal cultures of his day by treating women as persons equal with men. The Gospel writers show us that Jesus countered the male egos of his day. He never portrays any negative attitudes towards women. Never does he prescribe any subservient roles in keeping with the culture of that day. His personalism extended to women is a constitutive part of the Gospel, and the good news of Jesus.

Jesus did not treat women as man's property, but as persons of great value. He spoke to them even though it was prohibited in that culture. When he spoke to them he used tenderness and compassion, thereby demonstrating the great respect God places on women. He taught equality in marriage and that women are not the property of men. Jesus rejected this double standard. He clearly demonstrated that men and women were to have the same rights and responsibilies in their relationships with each other, Mark 10:2-12, Matthew 19:3. This is the way He created our original parents, Adam and Eve to behave towards one another. So we are to continue to treat woman as equals, Ephesians 5:21, and love them as men would love themselves, Ephesians 5:24-33.

Jesus projected God in the image of women as mothers and wives deliberately to counter the teachings of the scribes and Pharisee, who were very abusive towards women, Matthew 23:17; Luke 13:34; 15:8-10. Jesus rejected the "woman's role" and did not restrict them from learning from him in Luke 8:19-21. Jesus demolished this idea that men had only the status to to be taught about the things of God, He included women, Luke 10:38-42.

After Christ's resurrection He included one woman, Mary Magdalene as the first women Apostle, John 10:10-18, Matthew 20:9-17. This woman is the first one of many that he reveals Himself too. He specifically appoints her to this position. Many religious people, iincluding many theologians read right over these verses. But they are a very important part of His teachings that includes woman in His priesthood of all believers 1 Peter 2:4-10. Jesus teachings were revolutionary to both the Roman and Jewish courts of law in that day. Women were not allowed to testify or give evidence in those courts. By appearing to Mary, Jesus cut through any remnants of distain and predjudice by male disciples towards His female disciples. He was also teaching women about their responsibilities to teach and preach the Gospel, Acts 2:17-18, 1 Corinthians 11:4.

Jesus was a friend of women. He vigorously promoted their dignity and equality in both terms of value and function, He left us his example. It is our responsibility to emulate his attitudes and actions as Christian followers of Christ! The evidence of the first generation of believers did reflect Christ's teachings despite the pressures of a patriarchal world. The believers of that early Church demonstrated a remarkable tendency towards equaity. It was obvious in daily life, decision making, salvation, Spirit baptism, ministry, business and marriage. Both men and women kept the pattern of Jesus' egalitarian teachings. Both men and women participated in prayer and decision making in the Upper room in Acts1:13-26.

The Holy Spirit confirmed this Egalitarian pattern on the Day of Pentecost, women were equal recipients of the Pentecostal out pouring. Equality was an essential characteristic of the Church at its beginning. God's purpose for women and His empowerment of women from that Day was equality in every respect with his empowerment of men, Acts 2:1-4, 17-18. Women were redeemed to the same degree as men with all the benefits, requirements, and ramifications belonging to both equally. Women experienced salvation and Spirit baptism, and were proclaiming the gospel. They were also persecuted and imprisoned with the men, Acts 5:14, Acts 8:3-4,12;9:1-2;22:4.

It can easily be said that on the Day of Pentecost, God (Father, Son and Mother) made a procalamation when the Spirit was poured out without regard to gender. The Apostle Paul's central egalitarian procalamation in Galatians 3:28 > There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus. In Christ, God the Father removed the hierarchical distinctives that had arisen in regard to race, social class, and gender. No more male chain of command dominating principles passed down from Adam, Genesis 3:16. Now, women were allowed to participate and be empowered by the Spirit, women were to function as equals with men, Genesis 3:15, Matthew 28:17-20, Acts 2:17-18, Galatians 3:28.

A consistent theme from Genesis to Revelation is the self- revelation of God motivated by divine desire to establish a love relationship with all humans. This revelation began at Creation, climaxed in the Incarnation, or first coming of Jesus Christ, and continues through the Holy Spirit Ruach HaKadosh - Momma, John 3:3-8,16-17. Christian life today is ministry in which we function with God in His on going attempts to establish relationship with people to whom we are ministering too. Because God is love, ministry is characterized by compassionate courage and commitment. and because God is faithful, ministry proceeds from us by faith. Out of this dynamic union in men and women from God flows Spirit empowered action of Father and Mother-Love. It is our directed initiative toward people on God's behalf. This is called ministry.

The basic New Testament pattern of leadership and ministry was set by Jesus Christ. It is one of service not dominence. It is not to reflect any Jewish Kabbalah or pagan patterns of dominance, Mark 10:41-45, Matthew 20:25-28; Luke 22:24-27. Yes, Jesus' pattern of leadership includes men and women of faith filled with the Spirit of Grace, the Holy Spirit. Jesus instituted no offices, and taught that discipline within the body was the responsibility of the entire community of believers as they are led by the Holy Spirit, Matthew 10:15-20,1 Corinthians 5:13; 14:37-38, 2 Thessalonians 3:14-15. Though there may be different administration of the ministry only Christ is the serving leader of the Church. God deals with each follower of Christ on a one to one Parent child relationships, Romans 8:16, 2 Corinthians 6:17-18.

Women were co-laborers with Paul the apostle in the ministry, 1 Corinthians 16:16,19; Romans 16:1-16; Philippians 4:2-3. Women functioned as Pastors and teachers in the House Churches that were essential to the Church of God in the NT, Acts 12:12, Colossians 4:15, Acts 18:18-28. They also functioned as Prophets, Acts 21:8-9 and are to prophesy with men, 1 Corinthians 11:4-5; 14:3-4, 26,31. And as apostles like Junia, Romans 16:7. There was to be mutuality in marriage in that men and women must submit to one another in Christ Jesus as part of servant leadership, Ephesians 5:21-33. The New Testament was not written to men only but to their better half, women. The truth remains in the Bible though it is tainted by attempts of men to try and hide behind the patriarchal interpretations of translators who mis-interpret because of their own chauvanistic bias.

Jesus was a friend of women, and so is Ruach HaKadosh our Holy Spirit Mother. Like Jesus, the Spirit vigorously promotes the dignity and equality of women in terms of value and function through faith. Why some men would still perpetrate any hierarchical chain of command leadership patterns of just plain female submission to men is un-inspired by the Holy Spirit. How do they expect a great revival if half of Christ's ministry is not allowed to preach , prophesy or teach the word of God. This should not be so? The warning to men who teach such arrogant nonsense is the Great Tribulation and correction from God that some men may not survive, Matthew 7:21-23, Revelation 3:14-22.

So how did this change come about? How did this change from the Egalitarian Church of God of equality that Jesus founded by shedding His blood for, turn back to a male hierarchy and the misogynistic teaching against women re-appeared, 1 Timothy 2:11-15, 1 Corinthians 14:34-35? How come so few seem to understand what went wrong in the following centuries since 31 A.D.? Does history leave a trail of deceit for us to follow? You can be sure these changes did not come from Jesus or the Holy Spirit, John 14:18. These changes came from men who hate women just as the Devil does, Genesis 3:1-4. More lies more deceit more problems for theTrue Church of God were predicted by Jesus that would continually plague His Church until he returns to save it and the world from total destruction at the hands of deceitful men inspired by Satan, Matthew 24:19-23; Revelation 12:9.

The good news is Christ never left His Church but the bad news is that other churches came about with a different Jesus that the apostle Paul warned us about in 2 Corinthians 11:1-6. The apostle Peter was already warning Christ's true disciples about false teachers coming with twisted doctrines and stories who were corrupting even the Apostle Paul's words to their own destruction, 2 Peter 2:1-3; 3:14-18. This began with the beginning of the institutional churches of men. Until this time God's Churches were made up of House Churches that had many responsible women working in them as leaders. These women were apostles, prophetesses, evangelist, preachers, elders with gifts and ministries from the Holy Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, 27-30. We need ladies like these today! Are you one? Come and find out at: ?

It was in the latter half of the second century when the trend away from Spirit-life and biblical equality began to happen. The manifest presence was replaced by doctrines of unconverted men through institutionalism and patriarchy again. This diminished the the status of women as leaders in the House Churches of God. This was bad news for women and the "Work" of God,( I'm still reading from Susan Hyatt's well written book, "In the Spirit We Are Equal").

Institutionalism is an emphasis on organizations at the expense of certain factors. It is a mode of organization whereby human control displaced the leadership of the Holy Spirit. In the early Church institutionalism crept in at the expense of Spirit Life. This trend inforced the ruling class distinction between clergy and laity in the church governing structure. These developments of men came up with formulas to justify the absence of Spiritual power in the church and the secondary status of women. This was not from God and would cause the True Church problems down through the ages through the deceitful workings of men who claimed their authority from the word of God. However, as we shall see it was only the workings of hypocritical men who's desire was to elevate their own egos, Matthew 15:7-9, 2 Peter 3:15-16.

God never meant for any clergy - laity relationships in the Church. With the giving of the life giving Holy Spirit we are to have a one on one relationship with the members of the Godhead. God the Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit have taken us under their arms for close family support. No need for any chain of command here. You can go directly to God the Father in prayer for any problem or reason if not just to thank Him for letting you become like them.

This matter of clergy/laity is just another device by humans to usurp any perfect personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Can you picture such men with jealous ego's wanting to act as go betweens for us between Yahweh and them. Yet many have been fooled by these phoney shepherds. It wasn't to long after the early Christian Church was founded that men once more tried to pull the wool over the peoples eyes as coverings of their faith. It started in about the end of the second century. The old pagan idea of institutionalism once again raised it ugly head. One of its symptons was the dividing Christians into two classes: the ruling class called clergy and a subservient class called laity. This is a misuse of two NT terms which were consistently used to refer to all the people of God. All Christians are both 'the called ones" and the "people of God." But the institutional trend seems to have prevailed and this move by men defined clergy as the "called ones" who ruled over the laity as "the masses."

By the third century, the political, clergical ruling class replaced the charismatic leadership of the Spirit. The clergy gradually assumed all the ministerial responsibilities of the church, and a distinct priesthood like the priesthood of the Old testament took root in the outward forms of offices of men, to replace gifts and ministrys given by the Holy Spirit directly to called members. And with this quenching of the Holy Spirit came the simultaneous stifling and subordination of women and gifts from the Spirit of God. With the ministry no longer rooted in a personal relationship with God this caused women to be pushed aside. Here once again the Creators words and teachings are ignored. Here once again the marginalization and subjugation of female members is given to more abuses from men who assumed that they were better than women. These men usurped their pagan hierarchical ways against the new foundation of Jesus Christ's egalitarian group of called out ones. I would not want to be one of these tares or men when Christ returns. They then will have to answer to Him, Matthew 13:24-39!

This is one of the major reasons today why so many churches that claim to follow Christ will find themselves either betraying Christians or will find themselves in the Great Tribulation because of these doctrines of men, Matthew 24:4-5, 9-12, 21-22; Matthew 15:7-9. Doctrines that continually abuse women and cut them off from their calling of prophesying and preaching for God the Gospel of peace. Its no wonder why Christ calls these men blind guides to the sheep, Luke 6:39 > Can the blind lead the blind? Matthew 23:12-16 > .......Woe to you, you blind guides...

Along with the faulty foundational renewal of institutional paganism came teaching from the pagan Greco - Roman philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Once more the traditions of men invade the work of God. In this case Christ's teachings are substituted and replaced by pagan cultures who only profess his name. Here is were an attitude was codified about females by a misogynistic prejudice against women that Dr. Arthur Verral, a noted classical scholar, identified as "the radical disease of which, more than anything else, ancient civilizations perished."

Socrates and Aristotle influenced the development of thought among early church leaders. Socrates often referred to women as "the weaker sex" and declared that "being born a woman is divine punishment since a woman is half-way between a man and an animal. He formalized the idea that women are inferior to men and are to be treated as such. This is a far cry from what God created in Genesis 2:21-25 and Genesis 1:26-31. Aristoles classic statement reads or breeds the twisted reasoning of pagan men, Proverbs 14:12, Jeremiah 17:9. Here it is: "Of household management we have seen that there are three parts - one is the rule of the master over slaves, which has been discussed already, another of father, and the third of a husband. A husband and father, we saw, rules over the wife and children, both free, but the rule differs, the rule over his children being royal, over his wife a constitutional rule. For although there may be exceptions to the order of nature, the male is by nature fitter for command than the female, just as the elder and full grown is superior to the younger and more immature."

What can you expect from demented men like these pagans philosophers. It is a known fact that these three philosophers were Greek homosexuals who preferred other men as their sexual partners rather than the female. A good book to aquire and read is "Greek Homosexuality" by K.J. Dover which can be found on The Apostle Paul had much to say about the Roman and Greek civilization of his day in Romans 1:24-28. The attitudes of the so -- called "church fathers" were molded by these pagan ideas about women and how Scripture has been twisted about male/female relationships from them. You need a copy of Susan Hyatt's book , "In The Spirit We're Equal," to read for yourselves all the nasty things men said about the other half of God's creation. These so called "christians men" are still blaming Eve and women for the "Fall" of Adam, when God puts the blame directly on Adam for misleading Eve and not backing her up, Romans 5:12-17, Genesis 3:2. Also read the important book "Beyond Sex Roles," by Gilbert Bilezekian to find out just what Adam did or did not do to keep Eve from sinning. You can get a copy from .

It was the so - called "church fathers" who laid the foundation of orthodox theology. (I thought Jesus Christ laid the foundation for the Church on Pentecost 31 A.D., by the Holy Spirit?) These so-called men of their "god" did it from the perspectives of Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy. They interpreted the writings of Paul through the eyes of pagans who lived five hundred years before Jesus and Paul. This problem intensified when Thomas Aquinas systemized Roman theology using Aristotelian philosophy. This is how the male superiority/female inferiority, male rulership/and female subjugation, male dominance/female silence formula was established in what is called the root system of the so - called "orthodox theology." These sexist ideas permeate their theology and provide a misogynous starting point for what they think is biblical interpretation even among so- called spirit - oriented believers. What a bunch of out and out lies. It is no wonder Jesus will have to put most male leaders who say they are Christian and those that follow them into the Great Tribulation, Revelation 3:14-22. They are teaching doctrines of men again, it would have been better to believe Jesus and the Holy Spirit's teachings, Matthew 15:7-9. John 14:6,25.

Life in the Middle Ages was very difficult for women because of the institutional and Greek philosophers twisted teachings against them. They were valued only as "wombs" and "workers'" and objects of male gradification in a patriarchal world. Under the worse conditions women did their best to serve God. Even in the Roman Church, Catholic priest had to give up their wives because of the edict made by Pope Gregory the Vll, that they were to follow celibacy. This meant that their wives were made slaves or later became part of the Nuns Order. Many women of the Waldensians were persecuted and denounced as "witches." Many were put to death on the "whims" that they might be witches. Many millions died and many cities in Europe and Spain had very few women left alive. This was all due to the "Witches Hammer of 1486." and the Spanish Inquisition that devastated the Waldensian Christians and even the non - christian women's population.

The thinking of men who shaped medieval theology and practice was hostile to women and the charismatic activity of the Holy Spirit. The men of that time had a chain-of-being perspective which purposed that men were of higher substance and greater value than women. This is very strange reasoning since God's word says Adam was not complete until Eve was created, Genesis 2:18,21-24, and they became one flesh. The fact of the Middle Ages that men viewed women as evil and inferior to men in every way show the work of the devil in male patriarchy. So it was and still is in most so-called Christian Churches the pattern of male supremacy and female subjugation was firmly secured as a theological premise. This was Biblical interpretation and theology warped by a medieval church that had merged pagan philosophy, misogyny and a hierarchical world view that is very unbiblical and unchristian. This is how paganism and the teachings of more pagans have interpreted the Bible today. It is not from Christ or the Holy Spirit but rather the rejection of God's real work in God's Church as set by Jesus for us today, Revelation 22:12,16-21.

Teachings such as the works of Platonicism gave birth to Stoicism, Dualistic Gnosticism, Trinitarian Gnosticism, and even some Messianic teachings are inherited works from the Illuminati and New Age and Noahide teachings that shut out women from their rightful place in God's plan for salvation. It is no wonder that Christ will have to personally come back and restore his Egalitarian teachings to a very deceived world. We must be careful how we treat the Holy Spirit because even in the Apostle Paul's day there were Jewish proselytes who twisted Scripture from the first nine books of Genesis to try and lure Christians away from the Truths that Paul and Timothy taught regarding women and the Holy Spirit, 1 Timothy 1:3-7, 1Thessolonians 1:3-10; 2:1-9.

Some of these false teachings had to do with Eve being created first and Adam coming from her. A very twisted teaching to deceive the unwary unto another heresy of men. The teaching of Eve worship gained its new roots from the the Temple of Artimus or Dianah in Ephesus and Corinth because of the false teachings of Jewish proselytes or Gnostics and men like Simon Magus known as the first Gnostic who tried to buy the Holy Spirit as a power from God., Acts 10,13,8-24. The Cathars and Albigensians of the Middle Ages taught these Gnostic teachings from Simon Magus. A good book to read from Christians for Biblical Equality is, "I Suffer. Not A Woman" written by both Richard Clark and Catherine Clark Kroeger. Check CBE'S link and get your own copy.

Gnosticism is simply an offshoot of the Jewish Kabbalah and Platonicism. You will find their teachings in Maryology and New Age goddess worship. Satan never stops trying to deceive us with his counterfeits. Goddess worship goes all the way back to Nimrod and Semiramis, Osiris and Isis of Babylonian and Egyptian fame to Greek and Roman pagan teachings of the Babylonian Mystery Religion of Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots or Jezebel of our day pictured in Revelation 17:5 and 18:1-5. So you need to be on your guard to Satan's wiles to lead you off away from Ruach HaKadosh to another spirit of Gnostic or "Maryology" worship. A must read is the very well written and researched book by Catherine Clark Kroeger and her husband Richard Clark Kroeger titled, "I SUFFER NOT A WOMAN' - Rethinking 1Timothy 2:11-15 In Light of Ancient Evidence." Catherine and Richard are both well trained Christian scholars and archaeologist who spent many years researching Greek manuscripes for the truth about what Paul and Timothy encountered in God's Church in Greece. You can find a copy on my link to Christians For Biblical Equality @ .

It is like I have mentioned, the New Age Maryology has come to pass and the goddess has arrived. No longer is it Big Brother Watching you, now it is, "Big Sister is Watching You. Though it seems that men are still leading the nations there are some very powerful women behind them. If you do not believe me find or order a copy of "Big Sister Is Watching You" by Texe Marrs, Living Truth Publishers, 1708 Patterson Road - Austin, Texas. The Devil' s Hellcats are here and they are already preparing to take our nation to a new low. Matriarchy doesn't work any better than patriarchy. We need Jesus Christ and his coming Egalitarian world of equality, peace and harmony. There is no other way, John 14:6-7! We need our Holy Everlasting Father an Our Everlasting Mother - Ruach Ha Kadosh, Revelation 21:1-4, Galatians 4:26, Isaiah 66:7-13. Jesus Christ will return and bring this about soon. Draw near to God and God will draw near to you, James 4:7-10. Seek you first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and the door to salvation will be opened to you, Matthew 6:33. Ask, seek and knock and that "Way" will be opened to you, Matthew 7:7-8.

There did come a time when women once again received recognition as a force to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we continue along in Susan C. Hyatt's book, "In The Spirit We're Equal," we will find that although the period during the Reformation was still a time of darkness and women remained at the botttom of a hierarchal chain of command, a flicker of light was shown from the Anabaptist. But it wasn't until the Holy Spirit raised up the "Religious Society of Friends." George Fox is given credit for its foundation but this biblical egalitarian movement had many women serving alongside the men in its ministry. Their preachers were called the "First Publishers of Truth." and they referred to themselves as "Children of Light," They were also known as the "Quakers"

These Spirit oriented, revival people demonstrated a biblically- based, egalitarian life style that was revoluntionary for their day. Here, Quaker women interpreted the Scriptures and preached. Quaker men and women were equal partners in marriage. This egalitarian life style had a high degree of biblical literacy and bore much fruit because they were dependant on the Holy Spirit for strength. They had no star performers even though some give a lot of credit to George Fox who inspired its style which he was taught by his mother and father who were Presbyterian Puritans.

This is very interesting because in our day a young Quaker trained lady named Catherine Clark Kroeger married, Richard Clark Kroeger a Presbyterian minister. Catherine along with her husband Richard and Alvira Michelsen founded "Christians for Bibical Equality' in 1987. There is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit is still working here today. I would not be surprised that this little group of women and men with its strong contingent of scholars are laying the ground work for the Philadelphia Church of God mentioned in Revelations 3:7-13. Time will tell because their fruits are very good even though they are small in number they are persistent with Christ's egalitarian work of equality, mutuality and harmony.

The Friends Church has had a large impact on our society here in the USA. They were among the first to champion the abolition of salvery, prison reform, the eight hour five day work week and many other achievements such as closing down saloons and rescuing women from abusive husbands, wife beaters and closing down the many brotherals and helping this nation to become a more Christian oriented nation. Thank God for these Holy Spirit inspired people, without them this nation would have become a nation of drunken wife beaters obsessed with sex in a very patriarchical society. Thanks to the Women's ChristianTemperance Union, women eventually would gain even the right to vote.

Another interesting point is reference to Count Zinzendorf the German Theologian who brought the teachings of Jon Huss to America. He and his flock of Marovians settled in Germantown, Pennsylvania which is now a suburd of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He may have been a 7th Day Christian credited with bringing the teaching about "Our Holy Spirit Mother," to the New World. This is very interesting since there were many Quakers living in Germantown who associated with them. One of the teaching that seems to have come down through the Quakers is this eye opening teaching from these humble God fearing Christians about Mother Ruach.

We found the book, "The Kingdom of the Cults," written by the late Walter Martin, who was a critic of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, WCG. Walter Martin quoted Herbert Armstrong as saying that the Woman mentioned in Revelation 12:1 is the Holy Spirit. Mr Armstrong was raised by his Quaker parents and no doubt retained this teaching for awhile. However, somewhere along the way he must have forgotten this understanding and went along with the Semi - Arian, Binitarian teachings of dualistic men in the Church of God Seventh Day. If he had taught this at one time he must have recognized the Triunity of the Godhead. Maybe if he had still taught it the Church that he was inspired by God through his wife to raise up, would still be intact today as the Egalitarian Church of God. Instead it became another male hierarchy that was dualistic, that crashed and splintered after he died. Though HWA helped to restore the 7th Day Sabbath and God's Holydays, he left out the most important part - Ruach HaKadosh - Momma. He was one of those that taught that the Holy Spirit is only the power of God and not a Person. He should have re-checked out this important Scripture in , Zechariah 4:5-7 > Then the angel who talked with me answered and said to me. "Do you know what these are?" So he answered and said to me: "This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabal: 'Not by might nor by power but by 'My Spirit,' says the Lord of hosts.'" "Who are you, O' great mountain? before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of Grace, Grace to it!"

Grace is the undeserved pardon of our sins from God the Father so we can receive the Holy Spirit's indwelling in us, Romans 8:1-4. Actually Grace can be considered the Holy Spirit. How easy this is to understand when you listen with attention to Jesus Christ, John 3:3-8,16-17, Matthew 28:19, John 14:16-17,26; 15:26; 16:13-14,16-22. Truly listening to Jesus Christ is our greatest challenge because the present god of this world has some very captivating distractions laid out to continually snare us and confuse us if we are not careful. He has his army of demons and human tares to deceive anyone that will listen to their slick twisted reasoning. We do continually have to wrestle not only against our flesh and blood in day to day problems but with the ruler of darkness, Ephesians 6:12. We need to keep centered on Jesus narrow way, Matthew 7:13-20.

Satan has so many false wide tracks to lead us away from the narrow true way of Jesus Christ but we must not give up. Even the apostle Paul had to continually strive with his own human nature to keep from sinning, Romans 7:14-23 & "24-25" > O' wretched man that I am! who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God - through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Hub? Many men and women still need to be grafted into the coming redeemed New Christian Israel. The Master Potter wants to graft in many new vessels of mercy for His glory. He is not just calling Jews of the House of Judah, but the Gentiles of whom many are of the remnant of the House of Israel who are now seeking the way of God as Christians, Romans 9:21-33. If God is calling you now, come and join Christ's "Egalitarian Way" at: , You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, John 8:32!

So, What is wrong with the Churches Today? They have not been listening to Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Very few have God's Word perfectly. Equality is needed! The answer is to strive harder to be like the Bereans of Acts 17:10-11. Women and men need to listen closer to what the Holy Spirit teaches us through the very words of Jesus Christ and you can be saved from some very hard times, John 14:6-7;15:16-17, Revelation 3:7-13;12:14.

What is needed now is a super revival to stir up the hearts of those that believe in the return of our Savior Jesus the Christ. With so many denominations and non-denominations. and everything else in between like House Churches and Living Room Churches. We should expect the greatest rival to come from the religious groups like Christians for Biblical Equality, who should be in the forefront of this great experience of witnessing for Christ. Many claim Jesus Christ as their coming Redeemer, its time to put away our differences and listen to Jesus and give our best to our Master.

This is that unique time in history just before the Great Tribulation and before Christ returns, Matthew 24:21-22. Now is a good time to qualify as God's elect or for those that need more perfection through the Great Tribulation, Revelation 3:7-13, 14-21; Revelation 7:1-9. As the Holy Spirit hovers over her full nest of bright shining golden eaglet eggs ready to hatch into the restored Kingdom of God on the earth, Genesis 1:2, Isaiah 40:28-31, Revelations 20:4. Are you ready? You need to get ready! Jesus says he is coming soon, Revelations 22:12-14.

The Lionswhelp


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    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Hey Jim,

      What Do you mean a mixed agenda? Take a good look at what Paul taught in 2 Corinthians 6:17-18. It does say we shall be His Sons and Daughters. Even as His family of children, Romans 8:16, Jeremiah 31:1, 8-9. God has female angels, Zechariah 5:9 and so we will be his sons and daughters forever. Atfer all we are the Bride of Jesus Christ - Revelation 19:7. It's their Blue print not mind.

      Actually that bent agenda against women comes from the Roman Church's pagan Greek philosophers, that they refer too so much. You need to catch up on Paul's writings you seem to have missed something.

    • profile image

      Jim Cancel 

      5 years ago

      Wow lions whelp, you are a very informed and enlightened Christian with a mixed motives as to spreading the gospel and teaching God's Word. When someone has a bent or agenda toward asserting female representation in the Word they generally have a catholic background, is this so for you? Jesus himself makes it very clear that in heaven there is neither male or female -in speaking to the Saducees. When our Lord instructed the disciples how to pray He taught them to say as you know, "Our Father who......". Is it not enough for you to know that when you get to heaven you shall not be a man or a woman but shall be as an angel praising God as Jesus said we would be? I worry that your mixed agenda will diminish the good you could do as to the error of the American church and it,s departure from the original blueprint outlined in Acts and the Pauline gospels. In any event as Paul said "whether in pretense or in truth I rejoice that Christ is preached".

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I find it amazing. Jesus Christ's teaching was about 80% focused on the Kingdom of God. And as long as this hub is I would think you would have mentioned it a least once. Taken into account that without the Holy Spirit we wouldn't know how God's Kingdom works. THAT'S RELIGION FOR YOU.

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago


      Thank you

    • abbaelijah profile image

      Abba Elijah aka elijagod 

      7 years ago from Abuja - Nigeria

      wow! that was a hub with great length

      Thanks God bless you

    • Terishere profile image


      7 years ago

      Your wife is lucky to have had such an open-minded husband, and does not allow "ego" and pride to rule you.

      It is the male ego which will not allow the female to be elevated to equal status with the male.

      Christ liberated all, but many seem to think women were excluded..

      I can't wait for things to be set right when Christ returns!

      God bless and have a great day!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you Terri!

      Would you believe that I was once fooled by the false concepts about women. My wife found Christians for Biblical Equality for me and I was more then willing to change once the puzzle about who women were made in the image ofwas confirmed. I already understood about the Holy Spirit's Motherly role - Genesis 1:2 Ruach HaKadosh and just needed to be reassured. I needed to be fine tuned by the Holy Spirit at CBE. Thank God for Jesus Christ, he will return shortly and clear up the understanding of who women are and get rid of male patriarchy forever! Have a nic day!

    • Terishere profile image


      7 years ago

      Lionswhelp, very interesting article! You are correct about the word "submit" not being in the older Greek Manuscripts. That word was added by man.

      Also, women did enjoy the same freedoms as men after Christ's ministry, up until the second century. After that, man took it away. Those responsible in the church, as leaders, had a very dim view of women. Some didn't even think women had souls, and some thought women weren't fully human until they married.

      The church's view of women, I believe, has helped to cause misogynist attitudes among men. Many women have suffered abuses because of this thinking, that man is superior and women are inferior. Even in the secular world, it has bleed over, centuries back, and many women today still deal with it. Especially within marriages, where as the "man" is the head, meaning authority, though that is not what the word means in the Greek, it has been taught as such. Many women, even those who believe in "submission" the way it's taught in most churches, lead depressed lives, for their life, many times is not about them, they are ignored as far as what they want for their life.

      Not all men are like that, but I've seen many...where the man controls and the woman follows. What kind of life is that? No one would want to be treated in such a way, and it is not the way Christ treated women. He treated them as equals. Plain and simple.....

      Great hub!


    • Terishere profile image


      7 years ago

      Lionswhelp, very interesting article! You are correct about the word "submit" not being in the older Greek Manuscripts. That word was added by man.

      Also, women did enjoy the same freedoms as men after Christ's ministry, up until the second century. After that, man took it away. Those responsible in the church, as leaders, had a very dim view of women. Some didn't even think women had souls, and some thought women weren't fully human until they married.

      The church's view of women, I believe, has helped to cause misogynist attitudes among men. Many women have suffered abuses because of this thinking, that man is superior and women are inferior. Even in the secular world, it has bleed over, centuries back, and many women today still deal with it. Especially within marriages, where as the "man" is the head, meaning authority, though that is not what the word means in the Greek, it has been taught as such. Many women, even those who believe in "submission" the way it's taught in most churches, lead depressed lives, for their life, many times is not about them, they are ignored as far as what they want for their life.

      Not all men are like that, but I've seen many...where the man controls and the woman follows. What kind of life is that? No one would want to be treated in such a way, and it is not the way Christ treated women. He treated them as equals. Plain and simple.....

      Great hub!


    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Oh, by the way prophetic insight, neither Hebrews nor the Greeks used gender pronouns in their languages. The "he" words are ole King James inventions. You don't seem to have to much insight on these things do you?

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Prophetic Insight,

      After readng over your reaponse again I'm even more sure that you are one of those dualistic misogynistic platonic, kaballistic Gnostics. You think that the Father is the Holy Spirit than think again its Yehovah the Father Genesis 1:1, Ruach the Spirit Mother,Genesis 1:2 and The Word Genesis 1:26, Jesus christ who did the speaking, John 1:1-3. I guess you haven't noticed lately that this is a man's world run by Satan and men with women as their sex slaves. We are now at the brink of destroying ourselves but a person like you is still blaming women. Just like Adam you are sinning with your eyes wide open and blaming women for all the problems men have instituted here on earth since Adam failed to support his very dear wife who was deceived.

      The Greeks were one big homosexual nation who's men preferred other men as their sex partners. Yeah and they really preferred young boys. Have you heard of any men lately that like to do this? Its no wonder they had a hard time recognizing the Holy Spirit as a woman because they looked on women as being less than human and slaves. Don't worry this world is at its near end. Jesus will return soon and restore his Egalitarian nation of men and women working together in Oneness made each in their image of God the Father and Ruach HaKodesh Holy Spirit Mother.Amen.

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Well, Prophetic Insight,

      You and James friend are both wrong. Try reading more of my Hub and you will see that not only did Jesus Christ call Ruach HaKodesh our Mother, John 3:3-8,16-17 so did Count Zinzendorf the Morovian Theologian from Germany who brought this teaching to the Quakers in 1741 to Germantown, Pennsylivania, America. Also,check out my link From my Messianic Brother Moshe Koniuchowsky below for some more insight on who the Holy Spirit is.

      Don't forget to check your Bible dictionary? Try Vines Complete Expositoy Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words. I find this very interesting from the point that the Greeks use "pnuema" and the "he" word for the Holy Spirit. The only ones that would have done that would be the followers of Dr. Arius' Dualistic Semi-Arian disciples who were more than likely Gnostics. No Trinitarian like Athanasius would have gone along with such poor scholarship. Why they even put it in Vines or any other dictionary seems silly to me. Even the Old Catholic Church and Martin Luther taught the Motherhood about the Holy Spirit. Shame on you! The only ones that are demonic are people who try to twist the words of Jesus Christ to hide the truths that come from Jesus Christ's mouth, John 14:6, Genesis 1:2. How about you?

      Jesus is the one who will do the judging on who blasphemes The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ's Egalitarian Church which you call feministic with both men and women serving together where the Holy Spirit Ruach HaKodesh dwells, Revelation 22:12. Get a new life. Take you foot out of your mouth.

    • Prophetic Insight profile image

      Christopher Enoch 

      7 years ago

      James' friend is correct. Assuming the Holy Spirit is a female because of the feminine noun "ruach" is a complete misunderstanding of the use of gender in the Hebrew language.

      In the SAME passages that you quote above, Jesus said, speaking of the Holy Spirit,

      "when HE has come, HE will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment" John 16:8

      And again Jesus says the Holy Spirit is a HE in this passage:

      John 16:13 "However, when HE, the Spirit of truth, has come, HE will guide you into all truth; for HE will not speak on His own authority, but whatever HE hears He will speak; and HE will tell you things to come.

      14 HE will glorify Me, for HE will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.

      15 All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that HE will take of Mine and declare it to you."

      God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit said, "Let US make MAN in OUR image". Man is made in the image of God.

      The Father of Jesus was the Holy Spirit. Did the Father, Himself come down from Heaven to conceive in Mary? The HOLY SPIRIT came upon Mary and Fathered Jesus. Do you think that two females can produce a child? The most MASCULINE person in the universe came upon Mary to conceive the most wonderful MAN in the universe - Jesus.

      Injustice is rampant in our society. Our Courts are full of horror stories. Our cities are full of horror stories. Our nation is full of horror stories. The Internet is saturated with horror stories. What horror stories? The horror stories of fathers who have been dealt with unjustly by the courts and by society. Many fathers cannot take the injustice. Many fathers commit suicide because they have believe they have no other way out.

      I have personally witnessed countless fathers who live in hell on earth because of this. Who is responsible for all this injustice. There is one demon. One demon is the cause of this injustice - It's name - "Feminism".

      Approximately 4000 babies are slaughtered ruthlessly every day. Is this Godly? Of course NOT! We are living in the most barbaric, blood thirsty, and evil age there has ever been. Who is responsible for this? One demon. One demon is the cause of all this mass murder. It's name - "Feminism".

      That's not to mention the culture of homosexuality, and the demise of the family as we know it.

      The feminizing of God is the doctrine of this demon. It is to be renounced at all costs. Jesus is my witness. The Holy Spirit, Himself is my witness. This demon is causing the demise of this nation. And it is getting its greatest support from none other than those who call themselves "Christian". I can hear the laughter of Satan.

    • BobbiRant profile image


      8 years ago from New York

      Here, here and Amen to this hub.

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thank you Mike for the beautiful music. It is amazing Grace.

      The two most important verses mentioned in the Bible are in John 3:3-8 & 16-17. Jesus spoke to Nicodemus in the parent language of the Bible, Hebrew. What was declared to Nicodemus at night should be shouted from the house tops to all the world. But it didn't take long for the teachings of men to go astray, Matthew 15:7-9. I have found a whole bunch of web pages declaring who Ruach Ha Kodesh is. Check out the word Holy Spirit on the Internet and it will surprise you how many Jews and some Christians understand this beautiful Spirit. Don't let the term wind distract you.Remember both Jesus and our Heavenly Father are also Holy Spirits and wind. The word Elohim can mean a group of Gods or Family of both males and females.

      The same with the word Yahweh.

      It is also interesting that in the Life Application Bible in Genesis 1:2- That the Spirit here is mentioned as a Mother Eagle hovering over Her empty nest. This nest is getting very full now and the Godhead is getting ready to hatch a whole bunch of new eagles, Isaiah 40:9-17,26-31,Dueteronomy 32:11, when Christ returns, Revelation 22:17, Isaiah 66:7-13, Galatians 4:26, Exodus 19:3-4, Revelation 12:13-14.

      St. Athanasuis's Creed is one of the most beautiful creeds ever written about the Godhead. All are God all are equal in the positions that they take up in the Family of God. Jesus Christ takes it very personal when people grieve the Holy Spirit, Ruach Elohim or Ha Kodesh by not recognizing her work, Romans 8 & 1 Corinthians 12. This is a major reason why so many will find themselves in the Great Tribulation, Matthew 24:21-22, Jeremiah 30:6-9. Revelation 3:14-22.

      All I can say is come Lord Jesus come, because the Holy Spirit, Ruach Elohim or Ha Kodesh is waiting with Her daughter the Church to born us all and give us new super bodies that will never die, Revelation 22:12-13,17,20-21.

      The lionswhelp

    • Make  Money profile image

      Make Money 

      9 years ago from Ontario

      You know lionswhelp I did a Google search for Ruach and found many Hebrew web sites that describe Ruach as wind or the breath of God or the Spirit of God. Here's a beautiful song that is sung in both Hebrew and English titled

      "Bo, Ruach Elohim (Come, Spirit of God)"

      God bless


    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      So James,

      Is your friend saying Yahovah, Yahshua, and Ruach are verbs that became nouns. That Jesus is not a noun and Ruach Ha Kodesh is not a noun and our Heavenly Father is not a noun?

      Hmmm, since all three are spirit does this mean they have no business being in the family business where there is at least one parent- Father, one parent Mother, and one Son who are nouns? One became a male Redeemer for human kind? Is your friend saying there is no hope in a God who loves family and that we are not nouns but verbs and do not really exist as male and female in their image, Genesis 1:27?

      The Hebrew language seems kind of confusing. It must be very hard for institutional scholars to understand just who God is. I'm glad that I do not have to rack my brains trying to understand what men try to say about God. It is God's love in us that reveals who,what and why they created us in their image of male and female,1 Corinthians 2:9. But it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God has revealed them unto us by His Spirit (noun- Ruach HaKodesh): for the Spirit (noun) searches all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man noweth the things of man, save the spirit of man in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God(noun). Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God: that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God, 1 Cor.2:10-12; John 16:13.

      The Greeks seemed able to speak of God the Holy Spirit as a noun or mother wisdom as a she, Sophia. Hey, maybe Hebrew was to hard for the Israelites to understand, maybe this is why they could not keep the Law of God, Romans 8:1-4. Of course it takes the Holy Spirit in us to understand God's language in the Spirit and not the flesh, Romans 8:5-21.

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Dear Someonewhoknows,

      Like most people new to the Bible it takes some work to find the truths we need. Some need helps like Bible concordances or Bible dictionaries, or Greek and Hebrew Lexigons. I've been at it for over forty-four years. When I became a Christian I followed what my Church taught. Sometimes it may have been the Church correspondance course to help lead you along the way. It should not stop here though, personal Bible study helps one to check out what your church is teaching you. We need to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:10-12. Here is where your growth comes in, as the Holy Spirit leads you into more truths.

      We've been blessed here in the USA with Computers to help us do more research on different subjects like how come the "he" word is used so much in the Bible that you might think the Word of God is for males only. What happened to the "she" word. Well, since Genesis 3:1-16 women have been taking a bad rap for mens sins, Romans 5:12-14. At one time the "he" word was more gender inclusive and did include women but today it needs to be pointed out that God does include women as vital to their egalitarian ministry.

      It is because Bible translations like the King James are so full of the "he" word that many fall into the trap that only men are more like God,see my Hub - Are Only Men Allowed to Be Like God. This is the major problem with those that think that women must be subordinate to men all the time fallacy. Ephesians 5:21, says we are to be subject to one another in Jesus Christ. The next verse is were many men go to show that women must submit to men always. Problem here in this verse "22" does not exist in the original Greek. It is a made up verse by men to contradict what the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write in verse "21". King James did not like women very much and put women on notice that he would give them a very hard time. A real male chauvanistic misogynistic guy. Many of the Greeks were like this also. They preferred men as their sexual equals. Especially young boys. If you have the time check out the book "Greek Homosexuality" by K.J. Dover on Amazon or Ebay from MJF Books. There is a lot of this going on in the churches that claim to be "Christian."

      Most of this problem has seeped down to use through these very same "Christian" churches via the Greek philosophers Socretes, Plato and Aristotle, along with Gnostic dualism and trinities that surpress the female, even the Holy Spirit- Ruach HaKodesh Mother is surpressed by men. It is no wonder that most so called "Christian Churches" are about to be tested in the Great Tribulation, Matthew 24:21-22. Revelation 3:14-22.

      If you really want some help I would suggest contacting Christians For Biblical Equality @: Check through their literature and you can find ,many interesting books written by both male and female scholars that can set you on the right track. Several books that I have mentioned on my Hubs, like "In the Spirit We're Equal," "Beyond Sex Roles","Ten Lies the Church Tells Women", "I SUFFER NOT A WOMEN" have been very helpful. Hey, you can learn from women that are led and inspired by the Holy Spirit as well as men!

      Satan's role to divide and mislead us will come to a fullstop when Jesus the Christ returns and fully restores his Egalitarian ministry of equality, mutuality and harmony among the genders, Galatians 3:28-29. This is when women will finally be put in their place, right beside the men.The "she" word will be right there beside the "he" word.

      The lionswhelp

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago


      Yes, even in German the word for male is herr. And of course God is neither male nor female unless they wish to be of one gender or the other to represent their relationships to us in their present family of Three, one Father, one Son, one Holy Spirit(Ruach Ha Kodesh- Mother)Mat. 28:19, Ephesians 4:4-6: . Both the words Elohim or Yahweh can be male or female God's. Ruach is female in the OT as a member of Elohim and can also be as Yahweh. This is how they wish to be addressed in both the OT & NT Family roles. Jesus spoke to Nicodemas in the Hebrew Aramaic about Ruach HaKodesh- female Mother, Genesis 1:2; Proverbs 1:23 . There were no NT writings in Greek at this time. I prefer to stick with Jesus testimony since he was there in the beginning, John 1:1-3.

      From what I have researched it seems there was a problem from the Platonic, Stoic, Gnostic teachings about women as being inferior humans. I'm sure that this has had an effect on why some will address the Godhead as male only. If some prefer to call the Holy Spirit "he"or a "pneuma," thats their choice. But from what I have seen most of the problems in the Church stem from rejecting Jesus Christ's egalitarian teachings of servant leadership and have gone right back to patriarchy, Genesis 3:15, Matthew 19:3-6, Matthew 20:25-28. For some reason Jesus has something against some of His Church and wants them to council with him about their Laodicean attitude. Not having the members of the Godhead right could be the main reason for their attitudes in many 7th Day Churches that follow dualism, Revelation 3:15-18;12:17.

      Your friend should try Christians for Biblical Equality to get a deeper perspective of the Godhead. There are plenty of scholars like N.T. Wright or Cathy Kroeger at CBE that would be happy to converse with him. He can reach CBE at: .

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      9 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I have a question about the idea that the word God is only male and in no way can be representative of the female gender.

      When we refer to the human race we often use the word men,or man when we are including women,yet we don't mention women,it is assumed to include women.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      "your friend is right about the feminine noun "ruach", but he completely misunderstands the idea of gender in language. A table is feminine. Water is feminine. Does that mean that tables and water are female. Of course not. Because the Spanish word for window is feminine, are windows female? Gender in language is not the equivalent of gender in reality. Besides, in Hebrew the nouns are derived from verbs and verbs are neither male or female."

      This is the comment from my friend who reads, writes and speaks Hebrew.

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Hello James,

      I assume nothing it is just a general thing that we all need to do. Why do you assume he doesn't ?  Everyone needs to be continually renewed in the faith by the Spirit of Wisdom day by day. Of course now there are the ones that are very institutionalized and they may not think so. Besides Mother Wisdom wants her children to ask her so that if they do so they can learn from her, Proverbs 1:20-26 > Wisdom crieth without; she utters her voice in the streets: She crieth in the chief place of the concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she utters her voice saying, how long, ye simple ones will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my "spirit" unto you, I will make known my words to you. Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; but ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at youir calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh..... verse 33 > but whoso hearkeneth to me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

      Did you know that when the Greek translators copied the Old Testament that they called Mother Wisdom - Sophia? This is very strange I wonder how come in the New Testment the Greek translators try to make out Mother Wisdom Ruach HaKodesh to be an 'he' or a 'pnuema' -nueter? It could be that the Greeks had a great dislike for anything female? It makes you wonder what the translators were thinking?This is very interesting to me . Does your friend have any answers? I would like to hear them?

      Here are some web pages from the Internet that I think can be of help to you: - This one is from a Seventh Day Church that seems to be dualistic or maybe Unitarian. These are what are called Binitarian  or Semi-Arians. Sounds convincing but leads to a dead end and a fatal crash program of male hierarchical churches, Revelations 3:14-22. I used to belong to one at one time.

      Keep the faith,

      The Lionswhelp

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      How do you know my friend needs more wisdom—I haven't even asked him yet but you assume he will disagree? Maybe he will side with you. We'll see :)

    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Yes, John 3:3-8, John 14:16-17,26; 15:26; 16:7-9, > Jesus said so in the Hebrew language! In the Hebrew Ruach OT, see Vine's Completes Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words page 594, and you will see that the Aramaic word is Feminine, the same words that our Lord spoke for Ruach. Jesus did not give the Holy Spirit a sex change, Hebrews 13:8 - men may try but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to day,and for ever, Malachi 3:6 - For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of jacob you are not consumed. Your friend is free to believe what he likes, Hebrew scholars do not impress me if they do not listen to Jesus Christ.  Check out my link to Count Zinzendorf also get hold of the book "Holy Spirit Mother: Because Gods Is Family," by Walesia Robinson Cates M.D., Try  Amazon.Com for a copy. i'm  not the only one that believes this many  from the Friends Church, Quakers do also and some Hebrew Messianics teach this point and are very egalitarian for example if you use the Peshitta Hebrew which is a form of Aramaic Romans 8:16 can be read; "She the Spirit bears witness with with our spirit that we are the children of God.". I was shown this many years ago by the Spirit through discernment. It was not something I cooked up all by myself. As a matter of fact I was headed in a diffetent direction to go do a different type of serving service. I have seen the fruits but it can be difficult to understand what Jesus said with out discernment. It is their gift to me,  I followed through on this revelation and still find it to be true today. Like I said your friend may have seven doctorates but the Spirit teaches these thing to people that do not need seven doctorates to believe what Jesus Christ teaches, 1 Corinthians 1:20-31, 2:9 - 16, Matthew 10:1-6. To have the mind of Christ is to believe what He and the Holy Spirit teach, Philippians 2:5. You can believe me or not believe me but I believe Jesus the Christ because the Spirit wants me too, Romans 8:1.

      Youer friend should ask for more wisdom to discern the things of the Spirit. It is the Spirit of God that inspires me to speak of these things. God the Father has promised to keep Jesus near to me when needed to show that Ruach Ha Kodesh is exactly Who Jesus Said She is. I am sad to say some who laughed at what I have said about the Spirit are no longer present in this world, even some of my very dear friends. Jesus takes the Holy Spirit very serious. So do I! There are no hard feelings toward your friend or you. Believe Jesus because no one can come to the Father through the Holy Spirit except through Him, John 14:6-7. I'm just another human passing on what I have learned from Them, no scholar here.  Ask for more wisdom to understand, James 1:5-6 - If any of you lack wisdom ( Isaiah 11:2, Proverbs 1:20-23, John 16:7-13) let him ask God, that giveth to all men and women liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given them. Oh,I amost forgot the verse or verses are in Joel 2:28-29 and Acts 2:17-18, NT. The word for the Spirit here in the OT is ruwach - Strong Concordance #7307 but Vines Dictionary is clearer. The same Female Person, of the Elohim Godhead over and over again in the OT and the NT. Believe Jesus!

      The Lionswhelp

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      I have a good friend locally who can read, and write, and speak Hebrew and Greek. He has seven doctorates including from Oxford in Theology. Can you tell me one verse of Scripture from the New Testament where the Holy Spirit is female? If the answer is no and I think it is, having read the New Testament about 30 times personally—exactly what single verse in the Old Testament says the Holy Spirit that was sent on the day of Pentecost is female?


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