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What Kind of Muslim Are You?

Updated on September 25, 2017

We perceive that things will be evil for us as Muslims. This is why it becomes very important for us to connect to Allah. This is to avoid being in those category of people that Allah describes as those who have lost both in this world and next.

The German city-state of Hamburg plans to officially recognize Muslim holidays and improve Islam courses in schools. Many of the measures are already standard practice, but the agreement with Muslim groups is still viewed as a positive signal.
The German city-state of Hamburg plans to officially recognize Muslim holidays and improve Islam courses in schools. Many of the measures are already standard practice, but the agreement with Muslim groups is still viewed as a positive signal. | Source

Inspiration from the incident of Hijra

I have an ancient love story; this story is appropriate for this time and for the times to come. During the time of the Prophet(pbuh), they were very few people who accepted Islam. But these few people understood that there would be trials and tribulations because of their faith. One of them was a woman who embraced Islam with her husband. Both their families at the time were in Makkah. Because of extreme trials faced by the believers, they were forced to migrate to Abyssinia, now known as modern Ethiopia. When they migrated to Abyssinia, they came to know that two great personalities, Umar RA and Hamza RA had accepted Islam. The king of Abyssinia was a wise and just ruler; he sheltered the oppressed immigrants and even protected them from the troops which were sent to escort them back to Makkah. The news of two great persons accepting Islam encouraged them to go back to Makkah in the hope of getting some relief from the oppressors. By the time they reached Makkah, the two leaders had already left for Abyssinia; and the situation was getting worse in Makkah. The believers were left helpless as well as fearful for their lives. Of these believers, the trials faced by a great woman named Hind, also known as Umm Salamah (RA), needs special mention. She faced three great trials in Makkah due to her belief in Allah. The first trial was the persecution faced by her own blood relatives. She was oppressed beaten and tortured by the hands of her own family, just because she was a Muslim. Abu Salama, her husband fled back to Madina in the wake of the worsening trials. She was torn apart between her family and husband. This was the second great trial faced by her. Her family pressurized her to go back to her old faith; which when analyzed was the easiest way out from her difficulties. But she chose to remain firm on her faith. She felt helpless at times, she used cry her heart out on the mountains. During one of such times her cousin heard her cries and asked her of the reason of her pain. She narrated her whole story. He went to her family and rebuked them for what they had done to her. After the mercy of Allah the family of Umm Salamah granted her child and she was allowed to go back to her husband.

Lets analyze the situation for a moment. It was her immense sacrifices that contributed to her strong faith. She did not leave her faith although in the beginning it was the reason for her agony and pain. The difficulties with faith always bring ease. These trials of the people in the past are a lesson for us to pray to Allah to bring firmness in our faiths. The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) used to pray in prostration to Allah the most High to make his belief strong in Islam.

With trials comes ease

Looking at the third test of Umm Salamah, she was with her young injured son, covered a difficult journey on foot. When she reached a place called Tan'eem, she ran into a non Muslim, who was later appointed from the families with whom the keys of Ka'aba was entrusted. He asked her what her affair was. Upon knowing her trials, he ensured her to drop her safely to Madina. Journey to Madina was a twelve day journey. His mannerisms with her during the journey was on the epitome of nobleness. Whenever Umm Salamah used to get down from the camel he used to walk away, and when she used to climb he continued the journey.

When she reached Madina, she was finally with her husband, her child and her family. Her husband had fought in the battle of Badr and Uhud, because of which he suffered an internal injury which was soon to become fatal. Umm Salamah was extremely grieved on this fact. She approached him and said "O Abu Salamh! a woman who does not get married in this world after her husband dies will be reunited with him in Jannah. I will not marry anyone after you!" Abu Salamah, may Allah be pleased with him, speaks in the most beautiful way "O Allah, bless her with a better person who will comfort her and does not make her sad nor oppresses her."

With these words, after a few days,her husband passed away after succumbing to his injuries. The whole world of Umm Salamah came crashing to her. In this period she thought her life was finished with no hope left. But being a strong woman with faith that she was, she remembered her husband's last words. He said that whoever does istinja, i.e says "Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon allahumma fi musibati wa akhlufli khairum minha" which translates as " O Allah grant me relief from this affliction and grant me something which is better than this." will be granted ease with the grace of Allah.

With this came good things for her, Subhan Allah. Abu Bakr (RA) came and proposed to her. She refused his proposal, as she loved her husband very much and was not over the grief of his untimely death. Then the Prophet (pbuh) himself came and proposed to her. She refused initially, but then the Prophet (pbuh) reminded her of her husband's last words "O Allah grant her a better person than me..." And who else can be a better person than our own beloved Prophet (pbuh)?

The Prophet (pbuh) and Umm Salamah (RA) were eventually married and rest of her life was better than her trials faced by her in the past. Alhamdulillah!

Looking back into retrospection

Allah says in the Quran that "From mankind there will be people who will worship Allah on a verge. If any good should befall them they would say Alhamdulillah; but if any calamity would befall them, they would turn, or rather fall back on their faces..."

Nothing can be more explicit than this. Ask yourself this question, are you worshiping Allah, practicing Islam when its convenient, or are you practicing Islam as the only means of salvation?

We perceive that things will be evil for us as Muslims. This is why it becomes very important for us to connect to Allah. This is to avoid being in those category of people that Allah describes as those who have lost both in this world and next.

In order to achieve this, it is important to pray. Pray as a form of detachment from this world; atleast 5 times a day. What would that detachment 5 times a day do to you? It will help you desire the good fruits of faith, the desire to follow Allah and his Prophet (pbuh). Prayer prevents a Muslim from overcoming by his or her desires of this world; to make the believer realize that if he or she did not pray he/she would have surely been misguided.


What is our Responsibility?

Recognize first that trials and tribulations will continue. We should look at our responsibilities before our rights. Fulfilling our responsibility fulfills someone's else's rights. Take lessons from righteous people in the past. They served Allah by serving people, including non Muslims who hate Islam.

More than tangible its the intangible that matters. The caliph of Islam, Umar (RA), while taking night rounds of his city, came upon a poor woman's house and noticed that she was boiling water while her children sat crying. Upon inquiry she said that she was boiling water to trick the children that food was being cooked so that they would sleep hungry. Umar (RA) was moved by this and he himself cooked food for that destitute woman till she and her children slept peacefully.

There are innumerable examples from history which can be emulated in today's world to serve humanity and thus represent the true spirit of Islam. Get involved in humanitarian deeds to promote Islam by your conduct. Buy your actions. Do not allow your Islamic name to get involved into anti social activities. Participate in social gatherings. Reach out to people in need. Make your conduct so beautiful that you should be happy should your conduct be presented before the Almighty.

And last but not the least, remember Allah and Allah will remember you.


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