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What Price Honor?

Updated on May 2, 2019

The Price Tag for Honor

In a recent news brief, the National Rifle Association traveled to a Confederate Monument to place a wreath to honor the "war" dead.

Should they have? So, the question is this: Where was the honor of the Confederacy when they sent poor farm boys to fight in a war to keep states' rights for rich plantation owners to keep, buy and sell free slave labor?

Where was the honor when 900,000 of these young boys ended up dead from war injuries, lack of proper medical attention and various diseases?

Where was the honor for Robert E. Lee who was charged with treason and then released when General Lee said in his papers he wanted the Confederate Flag FURLED and kept in a museum and his Confederates of the present totally disrespect his wishes? And worse, use that flag to intimidate and display their racism and bigotry.

Where is the honor when the Stars and Bars today is a symbol of KKK rallies of the past and now White Nationalists?

For generations, these Confederates have tried to claim the Civil War they still haven't the honor to admit they lost, was ONLY about states' rights.

Yet, they never do explain why 5 of their Confederate disgruntled soldiers plotted to kill Lincoln and his cabinet. Where is the honor in that?

Where was the honor in a coward Confederate soldier assassinating the most loved president in US history as soon as he signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves?

They talk about their honor they wear like so many stars on their Confederate uniforms in one breath and show more hypocrisy when they cannot get it through their heads that their part in the Civil War is not going to ever be erased.

Where was the honor in fighting to secede from the Union so rich, powerful plantation owners could continue to live high and mighty ONLY due to free labor?

Now, that word "honor" has been further neutralized by enablers of ludicrous and recognizably enabling attitudes and behaviors.

We who know what honor is and what it isn't know we can never allow the dishonorable to continue to push their hateful agendas.

We know that honor means looking into one's own soul for answers to reverse hate. We who know honor know honor cannot be bought or sold for any price.

Either you have it or you don't.

Honor is that enigmatic maxim that has seen most Americans through our darkest hours. Honor is what we all saw on that terrible day on 9/11..Honorable men and women who knowingly walked into incinerated buildings seeking survivors.

Honor are our men and women in the military who don't just fight war but leave the best examples of what being an honorable American really means.

Dishonor is men and women who hide behind a phony flag that has NO meaning other than putting it above the Stars and Stripes so many honorable men and women still fight for.

Dishonorable people are always full of themselves. They strut and swagger, boast and brag on their own vacant, vapid issues and accomplishments.

But, when the hardest decisions must be made and no decisions look good, the dishonorable flee like rats on a sinking ship.

The time to show honor is when you hear lie after lie after lie and stand up to the liar.

The time to show your honor is when you courageously refuse to allow violent haters to try to spew their hate all over the country.

Honor is dutifully making sure you use your Constitutional right to vote and choose only those candidates you know are good for ALL Americans and not just the privileged few.

The privileged few are more and more showing they are not honorable people we can trust.

If they can't be trusted not to enrich themselves without bankrupting the rest of the country, Where is the HONOR in that?


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