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What To Do With Psychics Who Break the Law

Updated on August 12, 2020
Scylla profile image

Scylla is a psychic who is working on learning the differences between clairaudience and clairvoyance, etc.

The Law Applies to Everybody

What Happens When A Psychic Breaks the Law

This is uncharted territory in the 21st century. Psychic ability is something that is now easier to talk about, not to mention use. This is because psychic talent is something that more people are out of the broom closet about. The broom closet has been opened now. Many have come out of it, in particular those who practice witchcraft. Witchcraft takes the psychic very seriously. This is why we take our knowledge and book learning seriously as well. The thing is, we know what we are capable of in modern times, seeing as I have full access to self-knowledge without anybody's denial complex getting in my way. Also-not only does psychic talent run in the family, but also the mental illness that can be present because it is intertwined with the psychic.

More and more people are discovering their empathic nature. A sociopath can be empathic as well. What I think about often enough is, what happens when a psychic can break the law? Like Pusher on the X-Files. Got any cerulean blue? Robert Patrick Modell is a man who is capable of pushing people around with his thoughts. I can do something similar, so can my family. But anyway, long have I thought about this because we psychics do not have a governing board or a code of conduct, which governs the way we use our talents. Why is that?

Psychics Are Occasionally Wrong

Nobody ever thought of how to make one. It is reasonable to assume that we need better ethical guidelines. This is why psychics like Sylvia Browne started Novus Spiritus, maybe. I've read many of her books and because she was a native of my hometown, her books are in our libraries, all over the place. She was a psychic who knew what she was talking about. I assumed otherwise while she was alive. After she died, it was a shock. I was floored and had trouble with it for a while.

Public psychics are the sorts of people who may be wrong on occasion, it is why I fear being public about it. Many people can say they are an empath now because more knowledge about empathy is made public. It used to be mighty hard to get information about it but now, you can find it online or in a book you find online. Knowledge is power. The more you know about something, the more knowledge you get about it. People know what they know about things. It depends on where you get your knowledge from, is it a reputable source?

Psychics who fraud people are not my favorite types of psychic because some of them who do not feel massive pain when using their abilities, do not understand what my life is like. They do not know that walking into a hospital freaks me out. They don't know about how much I avoid the ER in the present, as well as urgent care if only to not have to be around sick people or anybody who might have COVID. The best way to survive COVID is to stay away from people, and not hang out with them unless you are wearing a mask.

But anyway, psychics with mental illness exist. Being a psychic with a mental illness is possible. I say read the Psychic Energy Codex if you don't believe, me, by Michelle Belanger. The premise of this article is that psychics can break the law as well. There are plenty of psychics with sociopathy out there.

They are truly dangerous people who can fake empathy. There are "psychics" out there who are not real psychics. The ones with a storefront, I wonder at their legitimacy. My idea for a social network for psychics is a new one I have published under another name. The thing is, psychics exist. Some break the law. I feel that hypnotizing them into not using their powers on people is necessary. The self-control of emotions is necessary when wielding any number of psychic talents. I have experience telekinesis, the moving of objects with energy, and psychokinesis, the bending of metal, and matter with energy.

What Happens to A Psychic Who Misuses Their Talent?

Psychic talent can all too frequently be misused. It happens. It does happen and modern-day police officers are helpless, as in the X-Files episode, Pusher, when he cause a police officer to not see a truck, a cerulean blue truck, which in turn causes a collision, and he escapes when the officer unlocks him from his handcuffs. He is a tricky beast with the cops.

So I wonder how to deal with psychics that break the law? They make life difficult for the rest of us. Babylon 5, another TV show from the 1990s, had a premise that psychics were forced to shut off their abilities using a drug of some kind that dulled their talent. Yes, they were effectively forced into being a normal person. Earth people had the most diversity from all religions when the station had a conference in season 1, episode 5, The Parliament of Dreams. Earth humans have a long line of religious people standing there in the cargo bay,, and this episode is covered on the Wiki, I'm sure they had a long line of possible religions beyond the ones Sinclair was introducing Ambassador Delenn to. The thing is, we earth humans are very diverse people who appreciate our diversity. We really do, we try.

Why Psychics Do What They Do

This article arises out of my thought experiment, how does anybody deal with psychics who break the law, who think they are above the law. The answer is hypnosis so that they get it through their heads that they have to shut off their talents for a while. As in, convincing someone they don't have it. This would go a long way to helping me shut it off so as not to have it on as much. Yes, I'm a frustrated psychic, who knows I only get a break from it if I sleep, have stable blood sugars while sleeping, feel like my stress is manageable, have a part-time job that supplements my income, and if I feel taken care of. I need to find myself a safe roommate, not anybody random though, it is someone I have to relatively know so that we can agree on stuff.

I'm trying to find jobs here, or at least sources of income. I emailed my old high school to see if I can get the ball rolling for that. I have business ideas and nonprofit ideas, and one idea is to work as an actual psychic healer, and/or reader. I have multiple kinds of ideas on how to make money, so psychic isn't the only one as I write. Some people rely on that as their only source of income since they know the rest of you don’t always have insight into yourselves. This is why ordinary folk go to see psychics. I understand why, and even us psychics lack insight into ourselves. Had I not gone to the gym on March 7th, 2016, I would not have injured my left knee by fracturing my tibia. I also dislocated my entire left kneecap. I should have listened to my body that day but I didn't. So let that be a lesson, not even psychics like me who can read for themselves know a lot about their own future.


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