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What About the Children's Soul?

Updated on February 10, 2015

God Rest Her Soul

I would like to tell you a story in this hub. It is my story of being an uninformed child, teenager and young adult concerning God. This points to a time in life while growing up when some parents didn’t discuss a variety of issues such as sex, and protection and all the taboo things that go with it. It points to the breakdown of the family and being raised by one parent. This happened 42 years and many moons ago.I am a middle child, so to speak and I never received the sit down speeches about sex growing up. In fact, I have never heard sex mentioned in my household on any level. There is a link at the end that details the effects of what a spiritual and soul miscarriage does to a family structure, it is the mess that God turned into a message. This broke my heart then but now heals my heart to even remember, and I continue to heal from it. It is now ointment.

I became pregnant in 1971 while in high school at the tender age of 16, about to turn 17 in a couple more months. When my boyfriend and I had to tell my mother, and she said to me, you are not going to have an abortion. I didn’t even know what an abortion was, nor did I ask her. Months passed and in January 1972 I was rushed to the hospital at six months pregnant, because my water had broken. I can remember lying on this cot in the hospital on the outside of the delivery room, as labor pains increased and gradually placed me on the delivery table. You mothers know those screams of continuous pains.

I can remember just about ripping the nurse’s hand off who was right beside the bed. The doctor was an Indian doctor who delivered the 2 lb and 13 ounce baby girl, I saw the whole thing through a mirror above me, I heard her cry and that was the last time I saw her alive. They took her and had to put her in the incubator. Not soon after giving birth I was taken to my room and dozed off to sleep. When I awakened my boyfriend and my mother were there. A little while passed and as we were talking about the current event, in walked the doctor and told me the baby had not survived and had died. I was devastated. Days went by I would just cry and ask why my child. At the time there was nothing else that could be done, it was 1972. There came a point where I had to go to the morgue and I saw the lifeless shell of what was left.

There was an organization named St. Vincent DePaul, a charity organization that buried the remains of children for $50.00. We took them up on their gracious offer. I bought her a white dress and hat and they provided the little coffin and also buried her at the cemetery. There was closure for this segment of my life and as time went on the pain got easier to bear.

This incident is what is called a miscarriage, yet the child was born or brought to the birth and lived for 18 hours. This is a story of a child coming to birth, yet is miscarried and dies. In retrospect, this story is helping me to write this hub from an experiential place. Here is where I understand what it looks like to give birth to a child and yet miscarry it. To miscarry is to give birth prematurely before the fetus can't survive or it can mean to go wrong and be unsuccessful. Most mothers bring their children to the full birth without incident and have healthy infants. Yet the full scope of raising children is not a full disclosure unless the marriage and parenting is under the divine direction and order of God.

Parenting without the disclosure of all the facts of what God has purposed and planned for all the lives involved is a miscarriage of divine purpose. There is a pyramid so to speak and a flow chart that must be observed and obeyed for children not to be spiritually miscarried. Parents who grow up not knowing the Bible and the things of God will more than likely miscarry their children's soul, as did mine. As mentioned in my story of the miscarriage, that was a physical miscarriage, not a spiritual one that drops the soul off in a secular school of thought because my child died. I would have to confess that I was in no position or awareness of how not to miscarry her spirit and soul, had she lived. I was uninformed and ignorant, I didn't have any principles and precepts to shape or guide a spiritual life, not even my own. What did I really have to teach her, but the way the world operates. But you mothers and fathers have so much more information available to you today. Please be careful with your children's soul, or any soul for that matter. These days are aligning themselves with the soon return of Jesus Christ and the value you place on your soul and your children's soul is of the utmost importance.

The school system opted out and took prayer out of the schools and neither is the Bible taught or wanted there. What chance does the spirit and soul of children have, if the home and the school is void of judgment and has become a reprobate place.

Parents are given and entrusted with parental charge over their children in many capacities and not only for their bodies; in spirit, soul, and body. The makeup of children consist of more than just a body in which care for all of their physical needs are met. They have a spirit, soul and body. The miscarriage occurs when parents do not know this or they fail to act upon it. They do not include nor consider what the child needs spiritually to produce a healthy soul. A soul equipped to combat and fight foes with biblical information realizing that God created the soul. The Bible is where we receive all of our true values. it is a book of patterns and principles which form and shape our value system and gives us what we should consider valuable information. We are being taught what God values so that we can implement these values into our lives. We are learning organizational traits which help us to qualify what is valuable. In the world system the thing most esteemed is money and how to obtain more.

Jesus asked His disciples this question and we are all asked it as well. "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul" (Matthew 16:26 KJV). The New Living Translation put it this way. And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul. Is anything worth more than your soul? If your soul is not anchored in God, you may miscarry your children's soul. There is always the mercy, grace and love of God in operation and He catches fallen souls and restores them. Amazing grace shall always be my song of praise because it was grace that brought my liberty, I don't know why He came to love me so but He looked beyond all my faults and saw my need. He knew I needed Him, He knows that we all need Him. He caught my fallen soul and is continually restoring it. Jesus values every soul, He shed His blood to redeem us from sin. God loves you and wants you to value a soul.

The soul of a child is no different than an adult, it just operates on a child's level. A child has an intellect which school is given the high seat in providing all of its education; a child has an imagination that today is full of videos, television and other witty inventions; they have emotions which need to be considered before separation and divorce is the finally; they have reasoning which may tell them mom and dad doesn't love me because; they have a conscience which needs good information to guide and make good decisions; and they have a memory which remembers pain.

Children possess a soul that needs spiritual nurturing and guidance to offset all bad behavioral patterns and characteristics in cue and to be enabled to judge between good and bad ones. The conscience is the judicial center in the soul. They need a healthy conscience to make good decisions, but they also need a standard and paradigm to serve as a compass that guides them. There is so much chaos in the world and they need God and His guidelines for successful living. They need to know about Jesus Christ and all that He wrought for them at Calvary. They need to and deserve to be familiar with the Bible, and they need to know where they are going to spend eternity. Will it be with God or hell? If they are at least told and have a working idea they can ultimately use their free will to decide. This doesn't mean they will accept this path but it does mean that you gave them an option and they will have to ultimately choose the way they will go. Standards produce structure.

Marriage is honorable in all and a chamber of marriage is undefiled. We must however look at marriage from God’s point of view and from the place of divine order and not from our own and what we have embraced concerning it. It goes without saying that only God can grant the unction to function in this relationship. God created the institution of marriage and only He would have the governing power over it. There are no and, if or buts about it. The plan of God involved exclusivity and courtship where the two get to know each other without touching or engaging in any type of physical interaction, making this relationship an exclusive one and without incidents that would occur otherwise. The foundation of marriage is idealistic and the ideals that are given really should be kept by both individuals. It is God who designed the union and the blueprint spells out virginity for both. That’s the ideal of marriage. In the ideal is a coded path.

The fall brought with it not only birth into a sinful world, but it brought with it the fall from the marital success which God purposed. The first two creatures the Bible gives us details concerning. Adam walked with God before Eve came on the scene fellowshipping with Him. Here we have the ideal up and running until an order from God is given. In His benevolence He invites the garden dwellers to eat of every tree in the garden, but of one tree He commanded them not to eat. You may reason if I were there I wouldn’t have done that, but would have obeyed God. Wishful thinking, I don’t think any man or woman would have done any different than them. The only one I truly know would have succeeded is Jesus Christ the sinless one. Sin was no match for Him then and is no match for Him now or never. Jesus defeated sin, but sin nearly killed us all, because the wages of sin is death. Adam and Eve died spiritually, yet we alive physically. Adam and Eve were responsible for the miscarriage of their spirits. Their spirits and souls no longer knew God the way they did before the fall and sin crept in. Here is a look at what a trespass looks like. It entails not respecting boundaries. Neither Adam nor Eve respected the boundaries God set, both disobeyed and not only brought sin into the world, but miscarried the lives of their children as well. Cain slew Abel which brought about the first murder. Why? because they weren't willing to see things God's way after conversing with an already fallen creature who did not desire God's way either.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil delivered just that, knowledge of good and evil. Can you imagine just having the knowledge to do evil? Imagine every thought, intent, motive, desire, deed, imagination, reasoning, and emotion that comes out of you just plain evil continuously. Can you see the mercy of God through the knowledge of good and having the free will to choose good over evil? What propels us to choose the aspect of the knowledge of good? The Godhead, of course! It is possible to choose what we perceive is good over evil along the pathway of life. But how do we qualify good but by with the Word of God.

I was thinking a couple of nights ago prior to falling asleep about how only the divine order of God over marriage and our parents is truly applicable. Within marriage God placed order and structure and followed it up that marriages should reap all the benefits therein. Outside of God’s ordinances and will lie great dangers. Within His framework there is safety and protection for both husband and wife. The dangers that await and assail and are anti this precious union are the temptations of fornications, adultery, and homosexuality’s. His Word has His will inscribed and principles to defray characteristics and depravity concerning each one. Yet most of us get trapped in these life styles without blinking an eye, because of sin and we open up Pandora's box figuratively speaking.

Parenting is supposed to come forth out of marriage; this is God’s design for marriage and parenting. Parenting is in a fallen state without God whether you choose marriage, fornication or adultery. The two individuals can produce a child or bring it to the birth, yet it can be miscarried throughout life. Consider for a moment, giving birth to a son or daughter and bypassing the purpose of God in how to raise a child correctly and that decision will eventually affect their soul. When a child reaches an age that it can comprehend right from wrong, it is the parents responsibility and roll to draw from God. When parents take it upon themselves, not to give their children the Word of God or lead them where they can learn about God you are miscarrying that child’s soul. Unknowingly or unconsciously of course, because they were miscarried after birth themselves.

Children are a product of their parents. If your parents make an effort to teach you from God’s Word and thus saith the Lord, you in turn will do the same thing, mirroring your parents. If parents do not teach their children what God requires of them, it is because their spirits and souls have and are being miscarried. There is a flowchart for the union between man and woman. It is God, His Word, His Son, His Spirit and all that is comprehensible towards good behaviors and characteristics that please God. Then there is the husband, wife, and children. The history of both husband and wife is crucial in seeing first the spiritual and soul needs of their children. Whose responsibility is it anyway? Is it The Church, school or village or the parent’s role firsthand? Jesus said, if you being evil know how to give good things to your children, how much more does God. Yes God needs to be in every equation and aspect of marriage and parenting. The inference is that parents know how to give good things to their children, but why do they believe God is not one of the gifts to give a every child. Show them the way to live from God’s perspective seeing that if they are of age they should at least know where they are going to spend eternity.

To bring a child to birth but during the process of time to miscarry their soul is dangerous. I speak from an experiential place. I was not raised in a Christian home, nor did I know who God was until I was 25 years old. Jesus was not a household name. From about 10 years old I developed what was a wayward nature which I know can see in retrospect was the breakdown of my family. I am the product of separation between both parents. I was raised by my mother. Although I believe with the resources and all that she had to offer, that she did her best under the circumstances. This information is not being given to air out dirty laundry but to explain how miscarriages after birth takes place can happen. Even if there are two parents functioning prosperously in the structure of marriage/parenting doesn’t mean they will not or have not miscarried their children souls by not directing them towards God.

Prisons are full to capacity of miscarried souls, souls that do not know what God has to say about their deeds. The graves are also full of miscarried souls by parents who never gave their soul a second thought before birth or after.

It is a dangerous game to play of giving birth and not considering the full cost. Full cost involves factoring in the child’s spiritual condition and being aware that when they come to a certain age where they can understand, it is up to the parent to help them to understand or you are miscarrying a human being’s life, even though you produced a healthy child physically, their holistic health is in your hands. Miscarriage of the spirit and soul is what produces a society of rebellion on every home front. In every nation, land, country and region there are wars and rumors of war because the spirit and soul of men and women have been mismanaged, misled and miscarried.

Thank God that there is intercessory prayer going on throughout this world every second of every day, that presents the fallen spirits and souls of men, women, boys and girls to God every day. In hope that He would intercept every evil maneuver, interfere and get their attention, interrupt riotous living. Why? because those who intercede have come into the knowledge of the truth of what the fallen spirits and souls of men and women mean to God and the price that Jesus paid on the cross for them. How? We were all once sinners without hope. Those who intercede know the battle they are in and there is warfare being conducted for the spirits and souls of mankind 24/7. Intercessory prayer warriors are those spiritual parental spirits who legally and lawfully enter the parenting equation to pray God's will be done for all miscarried children, young and old. You would have to understand the value of a fallen spirit coming to know Christ and being born again and a lost soul finding its way home to God. The home they never were allowed to know about, because, sin is a crook.

There are those who go into the prisons and preach and teach the gospel to all who have been incarcerated due to being disobedient as well as miscarried through life. I know of a woman, everyone calls her Mother Wright who is 101 years old and she has no children of her own. Nevertheless she is still active going into prisons and preaching the good news. She is loved by many who were once in prison and believed the gospel she and her co-workers in the faith brought them. She picked up the spiritual parental mantle which once belonged to their parents to lead them to God and now wears it as a prayer warrior and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Parents drop the ball and fumble souls, but God has an army who are praying in a spiritual parental mantle for miscarried souls. Bless God!

The judicial system doesn’t have the answer to spiritual miscarriages, or the fumbling of souls no more than the ability to reform apart from God; only those who will direct and lead them to God and His Christ. The world was fighting abortion and winning might I add, while miscarriage of souls was waging war. But only those who know every person must answer this question now? Where will you choose to spend eternity? It is a choice only you can make. God gave us free will, and when we use it to choose Him and His righteousness, then we are using our own right to choose.

If you are a parent, I lovingly beseech you to watch what you are doing and be aware that you do not miscarry life, spiritual and soul life.

Those who are miscarried will even try to carry justice and miscarry justice. Example being slavery….. All of those who wanted slaves didn’t know God. Here is healing ointment, Jesus asking the Heavenly Father as He hung beaten and bloody. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. In today’s lingo or to paraphrase it forgive them because they are ignorant. Ignorance means they do not know. Slave owners that where miscarried were spiritually and soul dead, and miscarried their children. Do you think they were taught about a loving and kind God as a child or were they taught hatred? Sin is a miscarriage and will produce a miscarriage every time. Jesus Christ is the only ointment for miscarriage and only God can heal a miscarriage of souls.

Habakkuk 2:1-3, "I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry".


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    • mabelhenry profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

      Hi Becky: I hope that you enjoyed your day off. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. All of us have a story and testimony. Now we are living epistles. I had a mess that God turned into a message and I a hoping and praying that it can provide healing and be ointment for anyone. The youth today have so many challenges to face and they need to know that Jesus loved them and died for them while they are traveling from childhood to adulthood. See ya soon!

    • profile image

      Becky Goodrich 

      4 years ago

      Dear Mabel, thank you for sharing your very touching story. It was very moving and my heart goes out to any young lady going through such a trauma. And really only a baby yourself. I also had suffering of a similar kind as a young person, but different circumstances. Ignorance is a curse, to be sure. I agree that there is healing through the sharing of our testimony and it gives life to those who read it. Again, well done and thank you for sharing dear friend.

    • mabelhenry profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

      Hi Dana Tate: I understand totally. I don't know your age group, but sex was the most avoided subject known. The sad part is to find out on the outside of the home, and there was no mention of it in school either. God's Word tells us that people perish for lack of knowledge. Yes, generational curses are being broken every second of the day. Hallelujah! God is sanctifying us by His truth, His Word is truth. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts concerning this hub. It is just praying time for all souls to know God. Enjoy the rest of the week.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      4 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      I also grew up in a home where sex was never talked about. I wasn't even talked to about " a woman's cycle" I made a lot of bad choices as a young adult due to non-understanding. I was talking with a cousin the other day and we now understand that our parent's weren't raised in a home where they were educated of things ' a woman should know'. Our grandmother did not talk with them about these things and the cycle repeated itself with our generation. Thankfully with the change of times, that is a cycle that has been broken. Thank you for sharing yourself with us sister Mabel. I truly believe that understanding we are not alone in the things we go through; is a big part of healing old wounds.

    • mabelhenry profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

      Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

    • kimbrewaa profile image


      4 years ago

      Beautiful! Thanks for sharing :) voted up and awesome.


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