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What Was the Mothman?

Updated on December 16, 2016

A mythical being who allegedly terrorized the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia for thirteen months from November, 1966 until December 1967, the mothman is still a hot subject in popular culture. The mothman was supposedly behind many supernatural events, including the fall of the town's Silver Bridge which resulted in the deaths of forty-six people.

But what exactly was the mothman? Was he truly a mythical creature with supernatural powers, or was he a just a figment of everyone's imagination? Did he really have powers to collapse a bridge that spanned the length of the Ohio River? Or was it all just coincidence? Let's take a look at the various options:

    That's right. Some claim the mothman was a story made up by locals to gain more tourism for the sleepy little town. Tourism is big business, and it's understandable why the townspeople would have made up such a tale.
    Some attributed the mothman's red glowing eyes and supernatural feats to the fact that he was something not of this earth. That's right, a regular alien creature. This would explain why anyone who made direct contact with the creature suffered bleeding from their eyes and ears, severe headaches, and creepy hallucinations.
    Some believe the mothman was some type of creature related to the occult. Was the mothman nothing more than a poltergeist or some other kind of spook that haunted the poor townsfolk?
    This bird, native to the American midwest. Nearly half a million of these avian creatures migrate every year. The bird is described as tall as a human with a massive wing span and glowing red eyes. Guess what! That's an accurate description of the mothman, too! Could people have merely seen a bird that got lost from the rest of its migratory flock? Hmm....

In the 2002 movie, the Mothman Prophecies, the main character held a telephone conversation with the mothman. During that conversation he asked the creature, "What do you look like?" The creature replied, "It depends on who's looking." That's as good an answer as any, and maybe it's the best answer of all.

Let's hear your thoughts!

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  • Michael J Rapp profile image

    Michael J Rapp 5 years ago from United States

    Interesting. I've heard of this, and I think I've seen the movie, though I don't remember much about it. So many unexplained happenings in the world.