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What are the ten commandments? Why Does God Care about us? For what purpose did God give them to Moses?

Updated on September 3, 2012

What are the ten commandments?

 First I will answer this questions. They are found throughout the Bible in different forms and places. The only spot they are all together and laid out as all 10 is in Exodus chapter 20 when Moses gets the ten commandments on stone tablets. God gave him these stone tablets and commandments to help the people come closer to Christ.

1. Thou shall have no other gods before me.

2. Thou shall observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

3. Thou shall not take the Lords name in vain.

4. Thou shall not make a graven image or idol.

5. Honor thy father and mother.

6. Thou shall not kill.

7. Thou shall not steal.

8. Thou shall not commit adultery.

9. Thou shall not bear false witness against a neighbor.

10 Thou shall not covet others belongings.

Moses Receiving the ten Commandments

Didn't Moses get other commandments?

 Yes, Moses originally received other higher laws from God. However, when he came down from the mount the first time Aaron and the people were worshipping a golden calf which is agaisnt God's laws. At this point Moses was inspired to break those tablets and to go retrieve the ten that are currently in the Bible. There is one church however that believes that those laws still exist as higher laws. They are put in such a way as not even thinking about commiting adultery, don't even consider murdering someone. There is not a concrete list of the higher ten commandments but they did exist and from what I have seen the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have a fairly good idea what they were about. It is recorded they were given those laws from God when it was first restored but they could not live them just as the people of Moses. Therefore those laws were taken away. Just as in the Bible.

Why did God choose to give us the ten Commandments?

 This is a question that over thousands of years has become complicated without any real reason to be. We all know that God loves everyone. It is a well known fact of Christianity, no matter what religion. We know God is our loving heavenly father. It is important to note this because we need to see that God is not just a master puppeteer who controls the world for fun and wants to see how much he can put us through or how much we will do before we question. He is our loving God and has given us challenges and such, including the ten commandments for our own good. The commandments he gives us may seem restrictive but in reality they are liberating. If you kill someone are you not bound down by that and lose your freedom, even if you do not go to jail and suffer the punishment of man do you not feel guilty forever with no way to repay such a debt? Doe sit then not make sense that God would do his best to try to help you avoid such a pitfall? I would challenge you to go through all 10 previously listed commandments and see if there is one that is restrictive without God having a good reason for us to live it?

Are the ten commandments of God?

Did God give Moses the ten commandments for our benefit or detriment?

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Are there more commandments?

 Yes, there are more then 10. There are the 'ten commandments' but there are also other commandments. God commands us to be baptised, to endure to the end, to be industrial, to be a benefit to society, to multiply and replenish the earth, to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. there are many more and as you study them you will see how each is for our benefit! God gives us commandments to help us not him! His goal is to help us become better and closer to him and Jesus Chirst!


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    • profile image

      bella swan 4 years ago

      Its a really good site

    • profile image

      WalksWithGod 4 years ago

      Moses first brought down instructions from God, though the people were in violation of the instructions and have lived so long by the rules and lifestyle of Egypt that they could not & would not follow the instructions, Moses went back up the mountain and brought back down the Ten Commandments which God knew the people were also unable to obey, and the people set statute upon statute, ordinance upon ordinance on top of the Ten Commandments as a way to control others out of their fear & insecurity, this is called legalism. When Jesus was tried in court of this fictitious legalism he was silent to show he knew it was a "pretend system" made up by man to control and it was not of God.

      God is Law, yet man's rules are legalism.

      God punished those who could not obey him by given the Ten Commandments.

      Today all governments, corporations, states, cities & town (even schools & churches) rule by their man made statutes, ordinances and rules which is all pretend, it is fictitious legalism created by man & satan.


      ment= mental

      =mind control

      People have punished themselves by letting themselves be falsely led because they could not walk with God- (obeying God), but would rather follow the fictitious legalism of the world.

      The first instruction in the Bible is in Genesis 1:29, which I have seen very few obey because they live by traditions and by death and not of God.

      Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

      (the word meat means food; it does not mean the flesh of a carcus)

      So if you have the strength and wisdom to obey God, you must obey all his instructions and commandments for if you disobey any one of them then you are as guilty as disobeying all of them. And please don't profane the Sabbath by ignoring it, learn to respect God by fasting on the Sabbath on every Friday sunset to Saturday sunset).

      Jesus did not come to destroy the Law or give you a license to sin (covered by grace does not null the Law)

      The world today is as it was in the days of Noah, be as Noah and walk with God.

      And do not fear or live by fear.

    • lionsbru profile image

      lionsbru 5 years ago from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

      You might wish to correct the tablets' image. It's backwards! This is not likely obvious to many readers, since "The Ten Commandments" made the historically more correct decision to use Paleo-Hebrew script, but for those who do, the writing is total nonsense!

    • Routledge profile image

      Routledge 5 years ago

      I think you are right. We consider it an inhibition. It is truly liberating. We miss that a lot.

    • profile image

      nkeng walters penn 5 years ago

      yes i do believe the ten commandments was for our benefits to us the servants of ?GOD? because it is written in it thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not commit adultery just to name a few. so i believe this all is to help protect us the followers of Jesus Christ.

    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      When parents tell their children not to do certain things they often feel it is a punishment. Like not playing with fire or climbing trees kids think the parent is trying to spoil their fun. Actually the parent is trying to protect them.

    • Jisblessed profile image

      Jisblessed 8 years ago

      Yes, I believe its to help us to know Him through Christ